Breaking: It’s Official, Exciting and Unbelievable. Seeing it for the First Time!!

Morning Folks!!

Everyone is in a rush. There is not enough hours in the day for some. Your time is accounted for from the minute you get up until you crash at night. You keep repeating the process. That squeezes out quiet thinking time.

I spend hours a day thinking. That is my #1 job. I am blessed that I have the time to think. But I constructed that blessing when I was 20. I might have to drive from El Paso to Los Angeles for example. 1200 miles. There was no Sirius radio back then so had a case of 8 tracks. Plenty of time to think. LA to San Fran......400 miles and more time to think. San Fran to Portland and Seattle.....more time to think. Seattle to Denver a load more time to think. Denver to Kansas City and St. Louis And so on. Loads of time.

It gave me time to figure out some of the simple equations of life. Thinking and planning not only save time it helps to insure success. My #1 job is to look for all the pitfalls and see if they are deal breakers or is there a work around. So I think about it. I sleep on it. I forget about it and then come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. It could take even weeks or months. But it is hard and deep thinking figuring out a way forward. Figuring out things before they become a problem.

So if you are in 'Go mode' all the time how are you really setting aside the time you really need to think?

With that said let me tell you what happened today. For the very first time I felt the 'Winds' from my 20 year plan. Don't laugh. Serious stuff.

We have entered the gravitational orbit of what I have seen since 1995. Look back at all my years of writing. Never once have I said that. Matter of fact, it just happened. I just saw it, felt it and realized it this morning and I came running to this keyboard. I can't explain it to you. I had this feeling only one other time in my life and it was the day I drove through the end of the rainbow that I posted about in 2009 during one of these trips in about 1980.

Wow, that was INTENSE!

But I had to share this moment with you. The universe has turned the corner and they are headed our way and we have turned the corner and we are heading their way!!! Time is the ONLY thing that separates us and while we are not in the eye of the hurricane we have entered the gravitational pull of the hurricane I see. I do see evidence of thunder and clouds and we are entering that orbit of winds that I knew would happen and this baby is right on time! PINCH ME!!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “Breaking: It’s Official, Exciting and Unbelievable. Seeing it for the First Time!!

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I remember replying to that post, and thinking I needed to continue to pay attention to someone so fearlessly open. I can only guess what your vision showed you this morning, what a RUSH !


    You can find heaven on earth
    You can find hell on earth
    Build the path to your destiny
    Visualize the future
    Mind control holds the key
    Stand next to the doors of God
    One day the doors will open for you

  3. Krishna Nalamothu

    Rick is one of the best brains I encountered in my life. I first came to know about this blog around September, 2011 (so late). But, what I learnt over last 15-16 months helped me to save hundreds of dollars.
    Biggest lesson I learnt was importance of sales. I never saw a person so openly stick to his principles and vision.

  4. bert

    Rick, I love your enthusiasm and candor but maybe a little less coffee …
    That said, I do agree with you it’s now time Madison Ave and the advertising exec’s came to realize direct and qualified traffic to specific domain names is the straightest line from supplier to customer. Either generic and specific domain names or easily remembered brandables are the way to go and in the long run are probably the most cost effective way to market. 2013 should be a great year for sales and probably more so for open-end leases. We have 3 domains in your JointVentures portfolio and are looking forward to seeing some action.
    Thanks again for all the positive energy and thank the stars you can now do all your thinking on a beach or deck, in your house coat instead of in an old Ford cruising down the interstate.

  5. Danny Welsh

    Time to think and plan is hugely important for anyone that wants more than mediocre results in business.
    My own formula is a little different than Rick’s, who says his #1 job every day is to think for a few hours, but there’s a similar focus I put on time to just THINK.
    My formula for being creative and thinking things through for the next step in business situations calls for extreme bursts of activity for weeks at a time implementing what the next step is that’s already known. That fits my nature of being an”always-on” kind of entrepreneur.
    To maintain balance and get that important time to really THINK, I like a stretch of doing nothing but relax. Naturally, I may think about what will be the priority in that next business activity burst, but I don’t DO anything about it.
    Two ways of doing things, but either could work for others I think.
    All I know is that the last 6 weeks of frenetic activity have made me look forward to my 5 day”relax and recharge” cabin trip next week in the mountains. But you can bet your last dollar I’ll have a pen and paper handy to jot ideas down as they come. ;)
    Danny Welsh

  6. eh

    What you envisioned years ago, is now reality, its like a dream come true, crystallization.
    You can now say, that you have been to both ends of the rainbow…
    this is the end with the pot of gold, what you saw in the 80s was only the beginning of the rainbow.
    I can feel your radiation and enthusiasm.


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