It’s Called”Shaking the Bushes”

Morning Folks!!

2013 is the year WE will make things happen. WE will shake things up. WE will take back our own destiny. WE will do great things in 2013. We are going to 'Shake the Bushes' and that means put FEAR in the market. FEAR that it won't be business as usual. FEAR that the comfortable road could have some turbulence. FEAR that YOUR success will not help their success.

In every industry there are folks preparing and trying to disrupt business as usual. Put a sense of urgency in the equation. Make a bold and daring move that their industry will recognize and reward them for. Shaking things up. Shaking those bushes. And when you do that you would be amazed what shakes out. Opportunity! Opportunity is what shakes out of those trees when you rattle those bushes. FEAR likely drives some business out of the woodwork.

Fear comes in many forms. For some fear is a call to action. For others fear means go hide under your desk. But either way fear causes a reaction and a reaction is what you need to do business. To move the needle. To shake the fruit out of the tree that is ripe and who knew until fear enters the equation.

Like I stated before, 2013 won't be boring. There will be big change and those that are gullible and easily swayed will be confused. But there is no need to be confused or even fearful. We fear what we don't know. But if you do know then you can turn fear into power and opportunity. 2013 is such a year.

We will see utter collapse at points and we will also see a new breed in every industry coming to the game with a different angle, a different view, a different way to play the same game.

2013, good or bad, who cares? We are stuck with it and we should do great things to look back on. This is a period of great opportunity because there are talented folks sitting on the sidelines with no jobs and some cases no careers any more. They have a clear and more contemporary view of things and that just may turn out to be a very good thing.

This is a time to recruit an ARMY of great talent and worth and have them all do big things. Passionate folks looking for an avenue to direct that passion. What does this have to do with domaining? More than you may ever know! Something we can come back someday to discuss after the fact.

But from here on out it is about getting one 18 wheeler over the crest of the mountaintop with the help of like minded folks that understand the concept.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

20 thoughts on “It’s Called”Shaking the Bushes”

  1. BillW

    Not only applies to domaining…but good words for us with brick and mortar businesses too! Thanks for your posts Rick and a happy and prosperous new year to all.

  2. Max

    Finally, this is SPEAKING. And do not be afraid of anyone.
    Now all must ACT!
    Remove your machines from all the companies that are in partnership with Google!
    Find leesses, find developers, find everyione/everything else!
    This is a WAR! Everyone who has some good domains has been at war for almost ten years!
    Don’t be Scroogled!!!
    Have not you be Scroogled enough yet?!?
    Fear. fear, fear…. No one writes, no one talks, no one acts against Google….
    Come on!

  3. Max

    “removee your machines from all …”
    Sorry, domains :)
    (domain would be good machines, but on that adv.platforms they are exactly like in a box, useless)

  4. Poor Uncle

    “This is a period of great opportunity because there are talented folks sitting on the sidelines with no jobs and some cases no careers any more…” Hahaha…you are a funny man.

  5. Anunt

    You dot com bag holders better be scared…
    Google is going to change the internet…
    The Internet will change in 2014…
    So, end of 2013 is when PANIC happens…
    Domains become worthless…they will be valued according to their earnings and not according to their premium name!!!

  6. Scott Alliy

    Interesting article about the end of the Dotcom era released by Baron’s. Sensational headline aside it is good to see an old money source getting on the GTLD domain wagon. Stay tuned… This game is not over in fact it is beginning anew. Except those who have been paying attention should be in a great position to recognize and capitalize on huge opportunities that will soon present themselves to all domain investors.

  7. Patrick Hipskind

    I think you are shorting a bull market. The .com has been the gold standard in domain names for two decades, and will continue to be the gold standard. Google will not be able to change that even if it is one of the objectives of their strategic plan.
    New product and service launches have a failure rate of 40% (Crawford & Di Benedetto, New Products Management). Only two of every five small firms founded survive six or more years, but few achieve growth during the first four years (Timmons & Spinelli, New Venture Creation).
    Although a few of the new gTLDs may be successful, like .shop and .music, many of them will be dead on arrival or soon thereafter. The .com extension dominates the first five pages of any keyword search result on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That is not going to change anytime soon.

  8. Joao

    .shop has a trend among pre-registrations, but i see no value in it. It was the same with .mobi, a cool extension, with meaning, wide open, but it is easy to create the url…as it was easy to create and so on.
    It has to go beyond coolness, awareness, restrictions or trends. It has to create the habit. That is the hardest thing to turn around, and for that even a ccTLD is better.

  9. BillW

    @Anunt…if you think domains names are going away, have a read full article by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on line below. Here is a snippet that summarizes:
    QUOTE: As for those lengthy addresses, he says they’re here to stay. They provide a certain amount of security. “We need them for trust,” he says. “You need to check the domain name to make sure you’re where you want to be.” And, well, those addresses are what make the web the web.
    “The URL will be the last thing to change,” he says, “because that’s the thing that ties it all together.”

  10. Max

    I understand of course the general meaning of the word”game”, the reason why you used the word game. All is a game, life is a game…..but this is NOT a game.
    Type-in against google is not a game, it is a war to the death and the blood is (y)our, in case you had not been noticed it in all these years.

  11. typein

    *** Type-in: myth or not? ***
    You say that traffic from Google makes us all slaves to Google, and that in an instant Google can move you around in their search results and destroy your business.
    Great point, I get that.
    And you say that typein traffic is the holy grail, as you are a slave to no one, it is reliable, safe and arrives everyday. In fact it is so infallible, that you can strike multi million dollar deals on the back of it.
    But the thing is, how true is that? In 20 years I have never felt the need to randomly type in a URL into the browser. And In 20 years I have only ever seen other people do it by mistake, when it fact they were meaning to type into the search bar. It’s obvious; why else would sane people do that.
    The infallible typein traffic you talk about, it’s error traffic really. It’s traffic that mostly comes from browsers such as Safari (via mac, iphone, ipad etc) – it’s called auto-complete, and its where browsers like Safari automatically puts a “.com” on the end of a word you type in the URL bar, and then takes you straight to that page.
    And the real message in all this, just like the Google slavery, you are actually a slave to Apple, as one day, just like Firefox did, they could change this free traffic and your infallible traffic will evaporate, and be replaced with a page of sponsored (probably Google) search results.
    I post this anonymously, simply because I am saying what everyone else is thinking, but do not say as it goes against the herd.
    So I ask you, approve this comment, and back up your claims with traffic data that shows this traffic is not error traffic. Because at the end of the day, if I’m buying into a deal because of the traffic, I would want to know the prospective customers arrived out of choice, instead of by mistake, as no sale will happen to those guys, and as we know its all about the sale.

  12. Rick Schwartz

    There is some random traffic in type ins. 75% is pure UNLESS you spam the search engines which is pointless and only screws up the traffic.
    My proof is my $30 MILLION in earnings.
    My proof is the BILLIONS that have been paid for that specific traffic over the years.
    My proof was 1998-2003 when Dean Shannon would not let anyone even get near me to discuss my traffic.
    The proof is watching 1800 .whatevers trying to duplicate what we already did.
    Ain’t enough hours in my day to even start.
    Let me be clear, PURE type in traffic is the most targeted, most valuable traffic you can get for any specific item. No search traffic. Nothing but PURE type ins.
    And remember this is not the only medium that gets type ins.
    My 800 numbers get type ins.
    Lastly, rev share and lead gen…..type ins blow the doors off it all.
    Search clossing rates are 1 in 800, 1 in 8000, or even 1 in 80,000 or more. Type ins, 1 in 100, 1 in 50, 1 in 10, 1 in 5.
    SALES are what is the proof and everything else is bullshit!
    So there you are.
    Probalem is only 350-1000 acually have domains with typein and 100,000++++++ whiners and know nothings.
    Sorry you don’t type things in. Sorry how you can’t even fathom that millions that do.
    When you see John Jones………..

  13. typein

    you dodged the question.
    I’m not questioning if you’ve made money so far out of typein (error traffic). I’m asking you why being a slave to Apple is any different to being a slave to Google?
    To repeat, because Apple will one day cut off your free error traffic, and all those deals made on typein traffic promises.. awkward.

  14. Rick Schwartz

    Ya know…..
    This is the same BS argument I have been having with the ignorant and misinformed for over 20 years.
    Same as my vanity 800 numbers that nobody believed.
    They had to PAY for ME to get paid. So that completely invalidates what you say and beleive. You are just wrong.
    Same with most years on the net. If they did not make money I did not make money.
    If you have to have your nose up Googles ass for the rest of your life, I pity you!

  15. Rick Schwartz

    Lastly, they have all been trying to HIJACK user intent since the day I got online. No way.
    You can’t cage in people. They are smarter than that. They go out of the system. Off the grid.
    They know they are getting crap results and THAT is what drives folks to type stuff in.
    I seldom type things in randomly myself. But to IGNORE the BILLIONS that do……waht would you call ignoring all those people when 75% of them are much more qualified than you personally understand.
    Last thing….I wrote the book on type ins. I am the first to ever talk publicly about them. Maybe the first to make 7 figures with them. I live and breathe that sector because I understand it.
    You have to be anon because you have no credibility. You have nothing to base your bullshit on other than ignorance. Your ignorance can NEVER be cured! You can’t cure a ghost.
    Look, it pains me that so many domainers like you own more pigeon shit than any other commodity. It pains me that you can’t even have the confidence in your words to post your name.
    Because you are wrong and you are invisible and a man that won’t put his name behind his words is no man at all. Or lady.
    You can come here 100 times and post the same crap and it won’t mean anything.
    Typeins are GOLD and I am really soory that this stage of your life you don’t know shit from gold.
    Worst part…comment approved. I refuted everything you said and I KNOW since you are nameless that not any of it will do a bit of good.
    So now I guess we find out. I don’t think you are stupid. Just ignorant. In a few minutes I think we will have clarity either way.

  16. Rick Schwartz

    btw, when there are 1800 new extensions using the .com version of a domain name……THEN you will be right. THEN there will be quite a bit of”Error” traffic. But if you sell the same thing, who cares? The error is still a benefit if it turns into a sale. SALE has to be at the end of the quations because SALE is the only things that counts.

  17. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Some people need to undertstand that GOOGLE cares nothing for companies BRANDS, rather they destroy them, by information homogenization, i.e. smoke and screens, and SEO manipulation of the very true meaning of language. BRANDING will live on long after these tactics are gone. Your Virtual Business Foundations BRAND is an Eternal Symbol that weathers all storms of dissinformation, and remains a perpetual advertising machine with high high emotional recall responses from consumers.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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