Real Estate Developer Turns $1 Million Investment Into $150 Million

Mornng Folks!!

THIS is what it is all about. This is the parallel I have followed. This is the parallel I won't abandon. This is it and why something so simple is so hard for MOST to get their heads around. Been happening for a THOUSAND years!!!

This guy made a 150X return in 33 years by saying
'No' a lot!
But my most recent sale was much more than 150X.
Now I would much rather have his larger sale with more dollars.
But with that said, the last domain I sold was $150,000 with
a cost of $70 and took about 14 years.

THAT is the parallel. I got a little over 2000X. But I still like his DOLLARS a bit better.

M equation is better and I can duplicate many, many, many times. Plus the domain earned in excess of $25,000 over the course of 14 years.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “Real Estate Developer Turns $1 Million Investment Into $150 Million

  1. Jeff Schneider

    I have, coincidentaly been saying NO for fourteen years as well. I have had many suitors and none of them had your vision.
    Saying NO is saying you will never have to be sorry, if you own a signficant Virtual Business Foundation.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. UFO

    This reminds me of a store owner that I helped doing some refurbishments on when I was at Uni. (Nb: I’ve said this story before… a while back)
    He was quite self made and streetwise. He mentioned when I was helping out that a big developer was interested in buying out the whole block of shops and doing a big development. He said,”He’d hang on till he was the last freeholder and then ask a fortune”.
    Time went by, I finished Uni travelled the world etc etc, and then I returned to my home town and while my sister and husband were taking me on a trip around I noticed that the whole block of shops where I’d helped out were gone. I exclaimed,”all the shops are gone and there’s that big new development”…. to which my sisters husband said,”yes, there was one last shop that and guy asked for so much the development was nearly cancelled, he cost them a fortune!”.
    I’ve never laughed so much ever… just brilliant, the small guy hits a home run. Remember, when you’re selling and the buyer is committed to buying, the ball is in your court. Different things have different values to different people for different reasons.

  3. Timothy Manning

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    Have a great day ahead…..!


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