There are only 35 Questions to Ask about .Whatever and I’ll Ask Them Right Here!

Afternoon Folks!!

If you know the right questions, then you not only know the right answers but you may also know the outcome. So let me show you how simple it is to figure it out.

So we have 1800 .whatevers coming to market.

Question #1...What happens if they are all a success?

Question #2...What happens if they are fail?

Question #3...What happens when some succeed and some fail?

Question #4...How many will succeed and how many will fail?

Question #5...Which ones will succeed?

Question #6...How long will that success take to be known and achieve?

Question #7...How many of the 7 billion people will go there?

Question #8...How many of the 7 Billion will be confused?

Question #9...How many new .com millionaires will be made by the .counterpart?

Question #10...How much more will a great domain name be worth regardless of extension?

Question #11...How much will it affect the overall landscape of things in the next 12 months?

Question #12...How much will it affect the overall landscape over the next 2 years? 5 Years? 10 Years?

Question #13...Are there any examples already out there that could give insight?

Question #14...What are the other similar examples and how long have they been around?

Question #15...Which of those have been successful?

Question #16...Which of those have failed?

Question #17...How many predicted success at the beigining?

Question #18...How many enjoy success today?

Question #19...Do you know the difference between a successful registry and a successful domain investment?

Question #20...How many NON .com domains have fetched over $1 Million? $750,000? $500,000?

Question #21...How many .com domains have fetched over $1 Million? $750,000? $500,000?

Question #22...What exactly is the NEED, WANT, DESIRE that is actually being demanded by the consumer?

Question #23...What is the NEED, WANT, DESIRE from those wanting to market .whatever and why exactly is the consumer going to respond and embrace?

Question #24...Is 800 synonymous with the phone? Is .com synonymous with the Internet?

Question #25...If .TV can not breakout in some 15 years and .TV seems like a natural extension that would be easily adaptable, why would .whatever have a better shot?

Question #26...If we agree that .mobi has virtually no value after 6-8 years and all signs point south, why would someone RISK building their empire on something that has the power to become a GHOST town?

Question #27...What do folks do when they are confused?

Question #28...What do you do with the unintended email you as a .com owner WILL get when folks make be sending sensitive information?

Question #29...If you are the .com domain owner and you receive constant email addressed wrongly and you are both in the same business would you use that email to benefit and grow your company or pass it on to the .whatever owner?

Question #30...If you are the .whatever registry or the .whatever owner, are you gonna be pissed at the .com owner when he/she negotiate like deuces are wild and they have 4 of them in hand?

Question #31...If you are an end user and you spend $10 million on an advertising campaign and then learn that over 60% of all your efforts are going to the .com owner and his business is thriving and yours is not, what would be your next move?

You guys can ask the other logical questions 32-35.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

20 thoughts on “There are only 35 Questions to Ask about .Whatever and I’ll Ask Them Right Here!

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Those who sell .Whats? and reposition in a select few prime .COM Virtual Business Foundations will be the future leaders. Just listen to Rick not me.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. UFO

    One aspect that most of the proponents of .whatever haven’t considered is the relative logic/interest/intelligence of consumers.
    See, most consumers think of domain names as having a start and a finish. It starts with a www and ends with a GLTD. Most know .com and less and less know the other extensions.
    Most of these new investors think somehow they can train millions and millions of people to remember their GTLD as the (book)end to their string. Its silly, millions and millions to get absolutely no where with them.
    If these new GTLDs had any sense then they’d just buy the .com version and issue subdomains. UK.COM has loads of businesses under
    The only beneficial thing about these new extensions is that if you’re accumulating .com’s then it might take the heat off for a while. But there sure are going to be plenty of p*&*ed off businesses when these new GTLDs go bust and close shop.

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Hello UFO,
    We have all along deemed the .Whats? are noyhing more than diversionary smoke screens, to divert attention away from prime .COM VBFs.
    Once the jig is up and domainers and End Users figure this out, it will culminate in the most rapid increase in capital structures in history.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. Jay

    Q: Are .co domain names confusing similar with .com and having them registered with knowleadge of existance of .com, may such domain owners face UDRPs followed by transfer to .com owners?

  5. cm

    If the domain name a buyer really wants (of any extension) is not available (too expensive/large company already using it/etc.)…
    the buyer will have to try again with a next best option.
    Put yourself in the position where you are the next best option for that buyer to have success.
    So the question from the buyer is:
    If the domain I want is unobtainable, which do I choose now?

  6. UFO

    They can go for basically anything they want because nobody will find them directly so they’d have to use a search engine to track them down (assuming the person is bright enough and motivated enough). And if that’s the case they might as well use a free email account and a free web landing page.
    As before, we as domainers are not really interested in the two bit no hoper. We’re interested in real businesses that want to pay real money to be identifiable easily allowing them to enhance their own branding and credibility.
    .whatever isn’t for real businesses with a real business plan unless they don’t have any money then as .com holders they aren’t buyers anyway. Some will get lucky on .whatever just like they can be lucky on the 200+ extensions that already exist, but as they get more successful they will want to migrate up the food chain to a .com

  7. Uzoma

    Through reasoned analysis, your articles leave your reader highly spirited, self assured, and energetic. In a word, spell bounding. I particularly enjoy the maturity, facts, citations, and form, in your presentations. I could hardly wait for .whatever to unfold.
    Without making this critique a response of a .COMer, extolling the virtues of the king of TLDs, I must say, as the king, with proper tenses and verb forms, you encapsulated the disaster that lurks in the .whatever endeavor.
    As always, very careful, thoughtful, persuasive, and lucid reading.
    Thank you,
    With much respect,

  8. Bill

    New gTLDs….I’m betting on .COM.
    Very few noticed, but Verisign slipped in .COM in 9 International languages. Quoting from link below:”Verisign applied for IDN transliterations of .com in the following nine non-Latin based scripts”
    Cyrillic (Russian)
    Devanagari (Indian)
    Hangul (Korean)
    Hiragana (Japanese)
    Katakana (Japanese)
    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese

  9. cm

    the price was too high for the buyer…say they have 100k and the domain they really wanted is min. 500k
    If you have their second choice at the right price…
    Doesn’t matter. If the buyer perceives the domain as good (it may or may not be) that is what they want and will pay for.

  10. Uzoma

    Question #32: Have you spoken with
    Many hand-held devices, as well as laptops, now come with a designated key for .com. To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others. Abandoning the .com and going with .whatever is tantamount to replacing your car’s round wheels with square ones. In this analogy, reinventing the square wheel is the practice of unnecessarily engineering artifacts that provide functionality already provided by existing standard artifacts, and ending up with a worse result than the standard. So, banking on .whatever is is most likely an affliction of inexperience. Therefore, question #32 is: Have you spoken with lately?

  11. UFO

    Ok, my last post given I’ve written so much already.
    But that is interesting that versign has gone for com in the IDM sphere.
    My belief is that translation and keyboards will get far more sophisticated over the next decade and I absolutely believe that Chinese companies that make it will want the English .com as supreme, simply because that is truly global. We don’t need IDNs once software translation gets good enough and keyboards automatically change to suit the users preferred language.
    Remember that the translator for basic into machine code… we’ll it will step up. Touch screens and keyboards are here. Just need better translation software.

  12. Michael Castello

    Q: Are .co domain names confusing similar with .com and having them registered with knowledge of existence of .com, may such domain owners face UDRPs followed by transfer to .com owners?
    A: I hope everyone buys the .whatever of every premium domain name I own. Start with or; If they spend money advertising their new .whatever they will just send more traffic to me. I have never drawn up a UDRP against anyone and have no reason to.

  13. Max

    IMHO everyone have to face it. Today, domains are unpresentable.
    Google will win, without an advertising circuit devoted EXCLUSIVELY to the domains, in which ther is NO adsense ads and where the ads.quality would be MUCH BETTER then now (videos, every type of banners, previews etc.etc.).
    You all are always thinking to sell your domains, but you do not understand that you have been screwed for 15 years, because honest ads.circuits dedicated ONLY to the so called”parked” domains would work well and you would earn for your domains at least as selling them.

  14. Cha Cha Ching

    .whatever is the best thing to ever happen to the .com space.
    It is the blessing in disguise all .com owners will reap from.
    Long live .whatever b/c that is more money for us.

  15. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Max,
    You seem only to think in a one dimensional plane. You take one dimensional intellect into a multidimensional arena and expect us to swallow your flawed ideas ? Your approach is obsolete, and mostly ill informed. Better go back to the drawing board or comment on another Blog where people dont know any better.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (metal Tiger)

  16. UFO

    Thats actually am interesting perspective that versign has, but I think its a solution for a problem soon to be solved.
    An IDN under their perspective that grandfathers to a .com is only a spot gap measure, because just as websites can detect the device being used and provide the correct view they’ll also be able to do likewise with languages.


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