Releases Second Set of Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

The domains below will join the domains we announced a couple weeks ago. Any outstanding and un-executed contracts will be null and void after next Friday. That will allow us to look at some others we have been holding back on. All submissions close on the 31st. will also be announcing some changes that will not affect the 103 that have already signed up. You are grandfathered in regardless of the terms we change. You believed in us and we owe you!!

In 15 more days we hit the streets and you won't be hearing much from us. The only thing that is changing are all the companies now jumping into the lease game. But we have a different business plan and I have a different play book and different goals. Follow the leader.

Again, we will be representing only 300 3rd party domains. That's it!! We do not want to dilute our efforts or tie up everyones inventory. That is not what we are about. The other 300 million domains can be leased by everyone else. ;-) And remember, you can keep doing whatever you are currently doing to monetize your domain. We simply list and go hunt down end users with a TEAM that we are assembling that will change how we ALL do busness. For the first time in years, 2013 will be the year that your PREMIUM & Category Defining domains finally break out and we are here to make that happen!!

Rick Schwartz

ProbateLawOffice(s).com, FreeTrialCode(s).com

7 thoughts on “ Releases Second Set of Domain Names!

  1. Danny Welsh

    Once we’re done selecting our 300 listings for the year, the real work begins. That’s when I get to go out and market the hell out of some of the best domain name properties anywhere.
    It’s going to be an exciting year.
    Danny Welsh
    P.S. Farid, you can email me or click”Submit Domains” on the website.
    Once the team processes contracts still currently in my inbox as we dig out from my 5 day mountains vacation, we’re going to be very close to the 300 though, without many additional submissions. So…fair warning. Unless someone we’ve accepted to the program fails to sign and send back the agreement, we may or may not be able to help you this go around. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Bill Roy

    Already seeing talk about ‘leasing domains’ on the forums and places like ‘LinkedIn’ groups.
    Unfortunately I will not even bother offering my 2 word .com domain pickup from the other week – I just don’t want any of you guys to suffer a heart attack after having fits of hysterical laughter! :)
    Seriously though, there are two main problems that I foresee with leasing:
    – Most domainers will think that there domains are worth far more than they really are (common ailment of domainers and that probably occassionally includes me).
    – The ‘thankless and thoughtless domainer’ who doesn’t see that negotiating a lease can be just as hard if not actually harder than selling a domain. Domainers will have to realise that what they are doing is ‘joint venturing’ and if that is through or with you Rick and Danny then they must be aware that this is business in the real world, and I can see the possibility that occassionally some domainers might take umbridge and try taking their ‘ball’ (domain) away if they don’t get their own way (kids playground spats).
    Rick I have read your blog / column / or whatever you want to call it long enough to know you are most probably well on top of these issues, so it is just for me to say that I really wish you all luck and I think you will succeed.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    “Most domainers will think that there domains are worth far more than they really are”
    Bill, thanks for the comments.
    Actually I have been INCREASING the monthly leases because domainers don’t want enough $$$. Really. Ask around. I don’t think I lowered a single asking lease price but have increased about 50% of them because they did not understand the potential of the domain like *I* see it. The way an *end user* sees it.

  4. Bill Roy

    Rick, on the face of it that really does surprise me. But after just a few seconds thought 2 things are apparent:
    – This is totally new to domainers and perhaps the lucky ones who get on board with you now will have an extra edge because ‘you’ (and your team) are setting the market.
    – The fact that you are upfront with upping the lease value to the domainer before you start, that is NOT what is expected in this industry. But then again when have you ever followed what others dictate.
    Rick I really wish I had something to offer you, one day, just one day, I will drop you a line and you may say something like ‘Hell, that crazy Englishman has done it!’ :)

  5. Joseph Peterson should go quick. Even if the”dating” service is offered for free as part of the business model, the”senior” half is worth gold. That’s a demographic with a LOT of advertiser interest. And, not to demonize advertising in general, there are a lot of important services that seniors can take advantage of while they’re meeting each other.
    NOTE: That’s not my domain.


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