Shaq: When you Defeat a Legend, You Become a Legend

Morning Folks!!

So Serena Williams gets defeated by a teen named Sloane Stephens.

Shaquille O'Neal tweeted 'When you Defeat a Legend, you Become a Legend.' That is really a very powerful statement. I really like it. Aim high my friends. Aiming low is so yesterday not to mention pathetic.

Sometimes the legend may not be a person but an obstacle or a monkey on your back. Remove the obstacle and you can achieve the same thing. So simple but so powerful. 'When you Defeat a Legend, you Become a Legend.'

Adversity really does unlock your inner strength.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


8 thoughts on “Shaq: When you Defeat a Legend, You Become a Legend

  1. Guy

    my first thought was buster douglas, and I had to lol
    btw, are you still taking submissions for JV
    I have many I am sure would qualify but fancy sending one over

  2. passing through

    I should register :) Just kidding…don’t be a domain basher Anunt its unbecoming and upsets people because your still registering domains and on domain blogs almost every day,..Makes you seem like a hypocrite.
    “When you Defeat a Legend, you Become a Legend.”
    I like it too!
    If you beat the best you become the Best!


    I agree it’s always best to always aim at the highest highs. Every industry is different
    so if you think Joint Venture would help make you a TRUE LEGEND!! Do It!!
    Creative minds need to find the best tools and tactics to help get into
    the success zone. You need to bring mind blowing ideas to the table
    that would make people like Rick and Danny’s eyes pop out. They realise
    the power of amazing ideas and are building the paths for a factory of
    revenue engines. Nows the time the world is really seeing why premium
    domains are so valuable and watch the clever investors do long term leasing
    deals and get BARGAIN PRICES that will make them Millionaires. The Big Bang
    of the domaining world is here.

  4. Danny Welsh

    RE:”Creative minds need to find the best tools and tactics to help get into the success zone. You need to bring mind blowing ideas to the table that would make people like Rick and Danny’s eyes pop out.”
    Your prediction is so right, but I wish you could see how it’s already coming true. It’s exciting! Every time Rick posts here about what our long-term vision is as we are still putting the phase 2/20 in place with so much more to come in the next 3-36 months, the Mastermind collective here is giving us more and more answers we may have figured out ourselves but that would have taken a longer time. Stuff we knew we’d need as we got the 18 wheelers going faster and faster, but things that were NOT the”top of the pyramid” as Rick would call a priority list.
    My inbox is stuffed with folks reaching out to add value. To propose different”joint ventures” where our company can serve theirs and vice versa. Truly…humbling.
    In fact, to give one example I *think* is OK to post here publicly but hell I just don’t know…if not, sorry Brandon…what the hell, in my opinion any has an unassailable place from which to INNOVATE and let others run to catch up and copy if they want…We’ve been talking with to help create an important spoke to the wheel so Rick and I don’t have to create it. A spoke we can use just like others can use as domain leasing and creative deals negotiated and closed for contract execution– from $400 per month to $100,000 per month– become everyday occurrences in the next couple years.
    Was I happy to hear from their business development team yesterday that they’ve been putting together a more robust plan for a surge of 2013-2014″Domain Holding Agreements” they expected, and are now already putting the finishing touches on in the next little while? You bet! Was I happy to hear that their managing partner believes what we are doing will be a”homerun”? You bet!
    What’s happening isn’t about Rick Schwartz or Danny Welsh. Just pressure and time. Perfect circumstances. A little direction. Creative ideas. Convergence of two worlds that both think about ASSET VALUES, SALES, PROFITS, INCOME increasingly in ways that allow a WIN-WIN for 1 or more of the 4 to be shared by 2 parties as they increase because of the value brought to the table by both.
    Keep the ideas coming!
    Danny Welsh

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Danny,
    The inner genius of your leasing enterprise turns the table of traditional Domain Sales upside down. In the old Domain Sale Model the negotiating table started from a base of confrontation,beteween Owner and End User. Whereas the Leasing Participation Model involes Collaboration between the two parties, This is a much more fertile ground for accelerated success for both parties.
    The convergence of two worlds you speak of is accomplished by creatively changing the Model from Confrontation to Collaboration. In negotiation circles you have created a catalyst for rapid success. Win Win and then repeat.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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