Man’s Best Friend is a Great Domain Name™

Morning Folks!!

Sorry Freddy!!

The world is changing. Status symbols are changing. What is important and what is valuable is changing as well. The beauty of history is learning to see history in the present form. We may live in the 'Present' but our actions are based on history. Maybe only a few seconds ago. History.

Many reading this have had a front row seat to history as we have watched YEARS whiz by like they were days. The journey has been one with ups and downs and now that journey ends in one sense of history as a new and different journey begins.

Our small little wagon train going from east coast to west coast has been fairly intimate. That stage of the stage coach ride is about to be over and we will all scatter in different directions or we will be drowned out as our merry group of 500 gets overrun with the soldiers of 1900 armies. Make no mistke about it. Seeing HISTORY in FRONT of us is how you make fortunes. Predicting history is predicting the future. They are one in the same. For a split moment anyways.

So imagine what history will look like after the future takes hold in the months ahead. I spent about $7 million buying all my domain names. Just a rough estimate I did at one time a couple years back. But last night I was thinking......I could drop $7 million in just registering a few hundred thousand .whatevers and wait for the second coming. I could do that with $7 milllion. Or I could buy 70 .coms at $100k a piece with a proven track record. One seems smarter than the other. But who knows.

1900 voices coming to market all trying to carve out their little niche and it will only become harder and harder and harder. The 500 can't support the 1900 as the 500 have supported 1 roll-out at a time for the last decade. So the foundation of the other LOSERS are not even present for this go around and then divide by 1900. Collapse and consolidation will be the FIRST ROUND of their history that is in the future that nobody can see but those that see the future as history.

By this time next year you can refer to this post and see just how true this is going to be and the year after even more so. This train will be very crowded for the next couple years. Enjoy your current solace!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


31 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend is a Great Domain Name™

  1. Mad Love for Domains

    They’ll start out singing in chorus,”Ohhhhhh…..candy mountain, whiskey river!!!!!”, and by the time they reach the Rocky Mountains it will be too late to turn around because of indians and no food, and too cold to move forward with no food and storm protection.
    Next they’ll be eating each other (consolidation) and collapsing in death like the famous Donner Party.
    It’s really going to be sad.

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick,
    Yes these 1900 armies will create a lot of white noise confusion for consumers, and their likely emotional response will be to trust and visit .COM foundation businesses as a conditioned response. The most trusted and respected businesses have created a lot of trust in the .COM Brand.
    .COM is the #1 ad supported business symbol in advertising history. Consumers have come to trust the .COM brand as being a symbol of permanance and good faith in financial transactions. Consumers are leery of fly by night knock off brands that have not endured the test of time. This very theme will be focused on by .COM companies in their future ads, these future ads will very effectively discount the legitimacy of the .whatevers.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Steve

    The only light in this new .whatever tunnel is the names. Forcing everyone that doesn’t speak English to surf in English seems crazy. Letting them type and surf to sites in their native languages seems like an obvious evolution for the internet. They all know what .com is, it’s on their phones so that extension should trump even their country code. ie. .cn etc. The dragon has awoken and he doesn’t speak English. :)

  4. @Domains

    “Man’s best friend is a great domain name.”
    You should TM that tagline before someone steals it and makes it their own! It would work well with the Godaddy Superbowl commercial.
    The daily, minute by minute inquiry list of domains at DNS is a good example of the dominance of .com domains. It shows that is what most people are interested in. Sprinkled in ofcourse are country codes, .net, .org, and a bit of .info and .biz. If some of the new gtld’s get into the DNS system, it’ll be interesting to see how often they get inquired on.

  5. Anunt

    Rick, are you feeling ok buddy???
    You didn’t mention your favorite word,”LEASE”
    A post without the word”lease” is not a real post.
    Rick, atleast change the title to…
    “Man’s Best Friend is a Great Domain LEASE”
    Have A Great Day!!!

  6. fizz

    IMO the dark horse in the 1900 new gTLDs is Verisign’s IDN transliterations of .com into nine non-Latin based scripts, namely Arabic, Cyrillic, Devanagari (Indian), Hangul (Korean), Hebrew, Hiragana and Katakana (Japanese), Simplified Chinese, Thai and Traditional Chinese.

  7. George

    Or I could buy 70 .coms at $100k a piece with a proven track record.

    i’m confused. why dont you?

  8. Nigella@dmcacom

    It will be something to see. Thirty years ago I don’t think anyone would have predicted that all of this would be happening. Maybe a few people would but definitely not a lot.
    The number of people who are interested in buying domains and doing business online keeps growing. As long as it remains profitable, the value of domain names will also grow.
    Unless Google does something to make domain names completely obsolete, I think they will always be a good investment. Thanks for sharing your predictions.

  9. Danny Welsh

    I can’t pretend to answer for Rick Schwartz…but it may come down to something as simply as”dollar cost averaging”, a stock investment term that doesn’t QUITE fit here but is close.
    I do know that to this day that every week it seems Rick Schwartz buys .com domain names, hand reg and $xxxx. He gets bargains, just like he got a bargain on a 5 letter dot com for $42,000 that paid itself off in 6 weeks with new income. That story is here on this blog and you can probably find it by searching”$42,000″. :)
    Having seen a large part of Rick’s portfolio over the last year, many acquisitions never become worth much and he lets them drop. Like
    Others get zero traffic for 10 years and then get 1200 visitors per day and start becoming earning assets with domain parking. It’s all relative Iguess is what I’m saying, Sir George.
    If you already own stocks you paid $7,000,000 for, and the market tells you those stocks now have a sales value of at least ## times that and maybe another order of magnitude besides…
    Well, it changes things from someone that has yet to own a single ONE .com asset Rick knows is worth more than $100K that can be purchased by you TODAY for $100,000 from someone who does not know what Rick Schwartz knows.
    Maybe even the one domain name you most want for your business can be bought for cash. Just not Rick’s. Personally, that made me pretty mad a year ago and now I realize Rick wasn’t being greedy saying”Lease only”, just damned smart.
    Dollar cost averaging new acquisitions and comparing those VS increasing the income of the assets you already have gives you an idea of where your money is best invested if you are Rick Schwartz IMO.
    Especially when unlike”stocks” where if you try to do something to change the income of those assets they call it fraud and manipulation…domain name investors– just like those that own income property real estate– have many options to increase income from those assets NOT available in stocks.
    But business OWNERS have MORE options to increase income for if they are already in the”Category” business than Rick Schwartz will ever be able to do in this lifetime.
    So what’s a better use of his time, buy more for $100,000 each? Or find 100 folks like me happy to pay him many times that over my lifetime building a business because I earn many multiples of that monthly lease fee because of his foresight and vision?
    Hope that helps!
    Danny Welsh

  10. Anunt

    Basically, what Danny is trying to say is…
    the new gTLDs are coming out very soon and will make those $100k domain purchases worthless.
    Not a good idea to invest in new domains especially $100k per domain.
    Keep domain purchases under $1,000 each…
    Kiss your dot com domains bye bye!!!

  11. George

    So what’s a better use of his time, buy more for $100,000 each? Or find 100 folks like me happy to pay him many times that over my lifetime building a business because I earn many multiples of that monthly lease fee because of his foresight and vision?

    why not do both?

  12. Yo Yo Yo Domains

    LOL….Anunt. Another year another naysayer.
    Those of us that have been doing this 10 + years see things differently then most of those that got involved 2007 or later.
    The only thing I’ll say about 100K domains is you had better know what you are doing, you can’t make mistakes at that level very long unless you have cash to blow. $1000 level is easier to suck up if you screw up.

  13. George

    @Danny and Rick
    it would be great to hear your feedback because you said it was a unique opportunity in time and domains would go up in value faster than any other commodity known to man
    so why dont you want to buy more? it doesnt make sense

  14. Rick Schwartz

    You keep posting the same TRASH on different blog posts.
    1. You are an idiot
    2. There is a time to reap and a time to sew.
    3. You are an idiot.
    Maybe Danny will chime in and body slam you!

  15. george

    i’d just prefer to get to the truth
    because you said its a unique opportunity in time and domains will go up faster than any other commodity known to man and i believed you
    but now you wont invest in what you want others to invest in
    it just doesnt make sense

  16. Jeff Schneider

    We are proud of sharing creative contributions on this Blog. Theres not much fertile ground for agate busting wall builders such as yourself. If you cannot make an intelligent contribution here maybe you should find another blog to disrupt,where people have time to entertain your childishness.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (metal Tiger)

  17. george

    Jeff I would say a majority of readers would think my question was a reasonable question and since this is a business board and not a religious board would like to hear two sides of a conversation.
    Not to mention a majority of readers would like to know,”what’s in it for Jeff?” Because it appears you dont own any valuable domain names, but act like a cheer leader for Rick and now Danny. Do you work for them?

  18. Danny Welsh

    “Not for sale, lease only!”
    If you’re sore that the premium category .com domain name you are wanting right now and getting emotional over is not for sale at ANY PRICE for cash only, please get over it. I’m sure like me you’d prefer to buy outright instead of leasing but it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. In time, you may realize like I did that a WIN-WIN joint venture with Rick Schwartz is better than being bitter. If you can’t beat em, join em.
    Sorry. It WAS a unique moment in time and that time was mostly 1993-1996 when most of the 500 bought the land underneath the internet worth owning.
    Your assertion that Rick Schwartz should spend $100,000 each to buy domain names is stupid if you know Rick Schwartz. I buy domain names weekly and so does Rick. Rick’s sweet spot is up to $5000 and if you look at his buys in the last 12 months, PLENTY of successful domain investors will tell you he got BARGAINS. He sees VALUE when most people register SHIT.
    Personally, I don’t need to buy another domain name in my life to make 8 figures in the coming years from domain names. I created a time machine to go back in time to when I was 14 and bought my first domain name, and whisper in my ear to my past self.
    I was too stupid and too financially unstable at times in the next years to keep those early buys for the next 16 years. I lacked the conviction Rick Schwartz maintained for 18 years, and never even knew parking existed. Hell, I was so dumb that at 17 I let my domain names drop so I could pay for a Spring Break trip. And it was a hell of a time. But in hindsight that $3000 decision has cost me millions.
    Guess what that time machine I have is called?
    For $0 out of my pocket I now have an opportunity to serve Rick and others whose properties are entrusted for marketing and deal-structuring to my firm.
    And if you stopped to think about it, you’d realize that in even bothering to come here to answer you…I’m probably WASTING MY TIME.
    But on the off-chance you’re someone just confused and pissed off like I was two years ago that Rick Schwartz wasn’t selling…
    I took the time to respond and Rick and I’ll welcome you as a domain leaser if you company is worthy.
    What I will not do however is waste my time.
    So do the same or shut up and go home to be bitter.
    Danny Welsh

  19. Danny Welsh

    For anyone else reading this, you can see my first response to George was quite courteous and only wanting him to see what Rick and I see.
    The second is quite different.
    I will not apologize for the value *I* bring to business.
    Nor will I tolerate stupidity or attacks on me or my business.
    Sure as HELL not from a coward who won’t even identify himself.
    All or asshole, it’s always YOUR CHOICE.
    I prefer allies.
    Think WIN-WIN and never look back!
    Danny Welsh

  20. Jeff Schneider

    In answer to your questions about me:
    Re: Not to mention a majority of readers would like to know,”what’s in it for Jeff?” Because it appears you dont own any valuable domain names, but act like a cheer leader for Rick and now Danny. Do you work for them?
    1. I am an Independent Group Leader with no financial ties to Rick, who I consider my friend.
    2. Knowone knows all my Domain holdings.
    3. As to whats in it for me? Someday if your lucky you will learn that giving is recieving.
    4. My sites business name, speaks for itself and its language does not even remotely resemble your language.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  21. George

    1. you’re posts illustrate a follower, not a leader, sorry
    and there’s no friends on here
    2. you talk a big game. can you name one valuable domain name you own?
    3. what exactly are you giving and what do you hope to receive?
    because it just looks like you’re a cheerleader with no stake in the game
    4. yes you’re hard to understand
    5. Danny posted in another thread they’re selling ferarris for nissan prices (note: Rick did not post my reply, so i’m posting a similar reply here).
    Well I’m even more confused now, because if this is the case, why isn’t Rick buying?

  22. George

    First, you’re a good upfront sales person who can talk the talk, and you might make a lot of money out of this (if you’re not driven out of town first). But shit talkers dont impress me, and you’re just riding off the back of Rick’s and everybody else and haven’t added anthing to the conversation that hasn’t already been said time and time again.
    Second, I want to buy domain names, but am confused that Rick will not spend a 100k on a domain name if as you say they are ferraris going for nissan prices and can generate wealth for generations.
    It doesn’t add up.

  23. Rick Schwartz

    “note: Rick did not post my reply, so i’m posting a similar reply here”
    George, we have already established you are a total idiot. But now you are a LIAR as well. I have posted ALL of your drivel. Your worthless drivel.
    But since you went out of your way to LIE….you are done here.
    I don’t like assholes that lie as well as being assholes.
    No room anymore for idiots like you. Go play on another blog little boy.

  24. George

    Rick I checked again and it is now posted.
    I may have made a mistake, but I did check before posting and didn’t see it.
    Maybe I’m just used to you editing what gets posted and what doesn’t.
    Rick, I believed you when you said domains would go up faster in value than any other commodity known to man and are now saying they have the power to create wealth for generations.
    But you’re not prepared to spend 100k on a domain?
    100k should be a bargain for these under valued assets (nissan prices for ferraris), or what am i missing?

  25. George

    You want end users on this board but you cant answer end user questions.
    You lost me at (non verbatim”i’m selling these great domain name investments but i’m not investing in them but you should buy them”

  26. George

    looks like we finally got to the truth of the matter
    from hero to car salesman in a couple of days

  27. Danny Welsh

    OK, George. You say
    “I want to buy domain names, but am confused that Rick will not spend a 100k on a domain name if as you say they are ferraris going for nissan prices and can generate wealth for generations.”
    I don’t know what your PRIMARY business is, but it is clear to anyone reading this that has a clue that it is NOT domain investing like it has been for Rick since 1994 FULL-TIME, working when he wants and not when he doesn’t care to work.
    Rick has been ignoring ANGRY emails from guys like you for years that call him an asshole, and I’m at my limit sparring with a guy who won’t MAN UP and prove he is worth our time.
    NOT ONE of the domain names on our website will be sold for less than $100,000 unless the domain OWNER goes against my advice and Rick’s or has a circumstance of some kind that would allow for a”bargain”.
    So I can say this 100% in front of everyone who reads this from now til .co is ever more than just an also-ran…
    You want Rick’s help and mine? You want to get your hands on that ONE domain name that can change your primary business for the better…forever.
    Put $100,000 with for the domain name you want as an option so we take you seriously. Send me an email to IDENTIFY yourself, IDENTIFY your company and IDENTIFY the domain name you”want to buy”.
    You and me and Rick will get on the phone for a half hour. When we get off the phone, you will have a deal and a contract to review for the ONE domain name you want starting with $100,000 down and $xxxx per month on a 10 year lease to own with a pre-arranged buyout price that increases fairly each year until (and unless) you wish to execute it. The deal will be governed by a Domain Holding Agreement by who is an unaffiliated 3rd party, with terms FULLY SPELLED OUT so everyone knows what to expect. If you’re PARTICULARLY impressive you can KEEP the $100,000 and pay monthly only, because we want long-term win-win deals where a great domain name gets married to a great BUSINESS run by a DRIVER like me or the guys who run or so many others.
    That’s option A. Option B is this, and it’s becoming more and more likely that the only people reading this that MATTER are”them” and not”you” but damnit George in the chance that you’re just pissed off like I was too…here’s option B: in that half hour you’ll have convinced US that giving you that deal for an asset that appreciates every damn day without Rick doing ANYTHING is a bad deal for US.
    Don’t you get it pal? This is the front end wave of a several year journey Rick has predicted for 18 years RIGHT HERE on this blog…
    We are about to enter one of the greatest seller’s markets the world has ever seen and Rick and I are the ONLY DAMN SELLERS TELLING THE FULL TRANSPARENT TRUTH.
    I don’t give a damn who believes me now. In 12 months, the truth will be…as they say…”self-evident”
    But YOU are the one who has to declare your OWN independence.
    Think WIN WIN and never look back
    Danny Welsh

  28. Rick Schwartz

    Gee, why doesn’t Warren Buffett own every stock on the market?
    What a loser!
    See it is easy to illustrate what an idiot looks like. Imagine, some companies are so threatened by our words and thoughts that they have to throw cubicle whores out at VP and higher levels to protect whatever TURF they may be protecting. Too funny!
    There are about to be THOUSANDS of these WHORES and they will be here pooping like pigeons because they see us as a THREAT! They see free thought as a threat. They come here disguised with different names and they come with an agenda.
    Is taken? lol


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