I Think the Future is About”Sweat Equity”

Morning Folks!!

Some folks are unemployed and some folks have no jobs. And yes, there is a difference.

Unemployed people react on one way and those without a job might look at things differently. First of all even if you are unemployed you can be a 'Consultant' if you have real experience in something. So a Consultant may be between jobs but he is not unemployed. A distinction with no difference? I don't think so.

One may be home getting an unemployment check and the other out shaking the bushes trying to make something happen. Both have the same circumstance. No income. The guy shaking the bushes likely does not even get unemployment benefits because he/she may have been in sales. So there is no weekly check. Those folks need to make something happen.

I think that is where 'Sweat Equity' comes into play. Just like the old farms of the west. They could not afford the 'Hands' but 'Hands' would show up hoping that the harvest would yield dollars for them too. They had faith and they did not have much more than that.

Today everything is a start up. It's much better than being a consultant. But it still at a point where no income is coming in. How do you get something going? Those hands of the west are now folks willing to work with 'Sweat Equity'. Few do that. It is a rare bird. A rare bird that will work with passion and walk away each day with zero income and come back the next day even more passionate and eager than the day before. Where failure is just not an option. Where a vision is so strong it overrides all the bullshit that comes your way.

Sweat Equity. Only problem is you need a talent to start with or there is nothing to sweat and no equity to be had. So what can you bring to the table? How can you make FIRE?? Fire is made with 2 sticks. Opportunity is made with the mind and thoughts. Both can change the world. But it is hard when all most folks do is look for matches. Look for the quick and easy answer. Afraid of the heavy lifting required to really make a difference.

Sweat equity means believing in yourself to reach a specific goal and probably a common goal among a few....or many. It means that challenges are met with solutions and solutions are what gives you the passion and motivation to press on. Any team is only as strong as the weakest link and when you have a groug of gung-ho people striving for something sensational, then that energy feeds on itself. It makes things rise and makes things happen.

Why ever have a job again when you can own your future. When you can contribute to something that has the potential to become very big. The true challenge is knowing there are a million barkers on each corner and only a few have anything of true value. So you figure out a test. A bar. A minimum that something must meet. For me, the bar I seem to use most these days are NEED, WANT, DESIRE. Those seem to be the comment elements on the way to a sale. On the way to a deal. On the way to Broadway.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “I Think the Future is About”Sweat Equity”

  1. Scott Alliy

    Great post Rick,
    and a great line
    Sweat equity means believing in yourself to reach a specific goal”. Belief in yourself and what you are doing is the glue that holds everything toegether and keeps you sane during the time it takes to reach your goal. The cruise ship captain does not see their destination land for 98% of their journey but
    a)they know it is out there
    b) they have faith in their ability to reach their destination.
    I have been working on a web business project as you know for going on two years with modest results. So what keeps me motivated and dedicated each day when I don’t experience actual results I want or hope for? I know that what I am doing is right and just and that success in this venture is almost guaranteed. I say this based on the confidence in the skills and knowledge I have gained during my 17 years experience in the domain and IM industry. Seeing the future based on past experiences does obviously help your emotional and mental state since by drawing on past experience you can more easily confirm the ultimate likely outcome of your current activities. There truly is no substitute for experience.
    My advice to those who are experiencing frustration due to economic conditions or other forces that may be out of their control is to understand and realize that you are but a small cog in a big wheel and that sometimes you need to not overact or act in haste but rather to pause and take a breath, stay patient continue to educate yourself and update your skills and the other cogs (people in society) will sooner or later cross yoru path and have need for the products, services, knowledge or skills that you offer. To your continued success and thanks for sharing this important reminder SA

  2. BullS

    There is no such thing as”no job” in this country- if you are willing to get your big fat ass or you own the MBA(my big ass), you can do almost anything…it all depends how much you want to earn$$
    Trust me, I have done (still doing) dumpster diving, cleaning toilets and all the way to the CEO of BullS Inc.
    I see opportunities every day.

  3. Anunt

    Be an uneducated dumbass like me and still make easy money…
    HOW??? … Hang out with successful people and follow what they do…
    I am living proof…i’m currently hanging out with some guys who own their own private jet and they invested millions in internet sweepstakes cafes — small casino type rooms…mostly in Florida.
    So, i invested a small amount with them to go along for the ride…I’m soooo happy with the returns…for every $100k, I’m getting $10k monthly residual income without doing anything … just being a dumbass.
    Example: if I would hang out with Rick and Frank everyday, my dumbass will eventually start doing domains and start making good income even if I don’t know shit.
    Stop what u doing and go hangout with successful people and u will automatically become rich over time guaranteed!!!

  4. CateTV

    This reminds me of the leadership skills of Ernest Schakelton who is regarded for building teams of people to work collaboratively (although back then they didn’t use those words!) Would anyone here have answered this ad way back? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbo=d&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ay74UOidNYKo8QS4uYHwDA&ved=0CC0QsAQ&q=picture%20shackleton%20ad%20for%20help&biw=768&bih=928&sei=mi74UO6IGZPY9QSwg4CYAQ#biv=i|1;d|exSYvkIz6LNIKM: :)
    Currently reading”The Schackelton Way” recommended to me by another great visionary of our time :) Anyone else here read yet? :) http://books.google.com/books/about/Shackleton_s_way.html?id=n03Uw0nygusC

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick,
    I will tell you what is Sweet Equity is as in Candy. There are many pools of money connected to the Domain Foundation infrastructure. To mention a few one is the Domaining industry pool of cash, another is the End User pool of cash,another is the Ad Industry pool of cash and there are many other ancillary pools of cash waiting to enter not to mention the gTLD pool of money that will add more money to this giant wave of waiting cash.
    I don’t have enough space to mention them all, maybe you can add some others. Heres the good news these large pools of cash have not even begun to consolidate their massive funds in the .COM extension.
    Ricks been telling you all along this will be the resting place of the largest percentage of all of these vast pools of money.
    The question you need to ask yourselves is, is Rick right about this or are all the other minions in our Industry who are plugging .Whatevers?? Take a look at Ricks track record.
    When the wave of money washes all .COM foundations to their historic highs you are going to want to be ahead of that wave well positioned.

  6. Danny Welsh

    Sweat Equity is not just what the future is about. It’s what the past was about if you ask me. Unless a man or woman is born with wealth, they worked hard and smart to gain it. Or they could play the lottery.
    That’s kind of what I see .whatever as, frankly. The great big”hope and pray it happens again” domain lottery. Sorry, Rick thinks the only winners will likely be the registries if that (unless an extension does something truly memorable with marketing to get traction and/or offers some dynamic content that can’t be found with .com). I agree.
    Otherwise, why would I as an end user lease or put in sweat equity to JointVentures.com in partnership with some domain owner when I could simply pick JointVentures.crap and own it without any hassles?
    I’m not stupid, and neither is the entrepreneur with a start-up or the Main Street existing business. They’ll figure it out, give them time.
    Danny Welsh

  7. Danny Welsh

    It IS kinda catchy! But why bother?
    They can market niche.crap for 10 years and still send traffic to the one and only NICHE.com.
    That leak is a LOSING PROPOSITION for any serious business. You proved it to me, personally, and for me it’s just not debatable.
    Any serious business that does their due diligence will not choose any domain extension but the STANDARD .com. I think that will become more and more reality as .crap takes a nosedive in the coming couple years.
    Danny Welsh


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