I Have Personal Reasons For This Post. Captains Log.

Morning Folks!!

When I post I post for 2 of us. You and me. Mostly I focus on you but it is also a diary for me. A public statement by me with a time stamp that may become more valuable in the future than now or in the past. It is easy to bend with the wind and blow whichever direction it blows that day. Not so easy to stay true to your course with the pressures and temptations nagging at you along the way.

I use this space to plot my future and look at where I have been. I use it to demonstrate all types of different things and it is always on the record. It becomes my public list of goals. And since my goals occur over years not minutes it is important for me to leave a trail of crumbs for those that follow behind you and me. There will be more to read these past posts in the future than actually occurred in the past. That would be my biggest personal goal of all. I think that is what drives me to write this stuff.

I once had a living room and that did not quite work out the way I envisioned. It zapped me of energy instead of the other way around. I guess the difference is I chose to go on stage instead of sitting on the sofa. So I use my little soapbox right here to say whatever, whenever and hope I provoke some deeper thought that leads to deeper answers and circulates to a wider audience.

I know many an end user that will end up here. I know folks that I negotiate with that will end up here. I know folks I never met or heard of will end up here. And I know people that have big ideas will end up here. Here or JointVentures.com or TRAFFIC or someday hundreds if not thousands of sites I can point to and say I have a small interest in this one or that one.

I was thinking this morning I have employees working for me that I don't know, never met and may never meet. I don't even know how many. Possibly already in the hundreds. Physical employees. I have partners throughout the world. I have relationships with people in about every country on the globe. The more remote they are the more important the Internet is to them.

This medium is finally coming of age. WE are finally coming of age. Sophistication does not happen overnight and many of us don't have all the talents required to do it ourselves. Especially me. My talents are very limited and since that is the case I must focus very heavily on what I do know. What I saw then and what has unfolded now. The tools we have now that were either not available then or could cost millions to make.

This is the start of getting it right not the end. This was the hardest part to get right and no schmuck coming can change the course that has already proven not only to be the right course, but land is in sight and his outdated thoughts and ideas have little value where we are going.

Most likely those characters have already been washed away. For example. Just think of all the folks you have not heard a peep from. What happened to all the guys with 250,000 name portfolios? Those guys that popped up in about 2005, 2006, 2007 trying to duplicate what Frank did and found they were late to the game.They played it with quantity over quality. Where are they now? Any of the smart ones trimmed it down about 99.9% and then took those dollars and bought gems instead. We may hear from several of them right here. Give me 10 GREAT domains and there is no limit. Give me 250,000 meaningless names and I will show you a lot of recurring bills. $2 million+++/year. With that budget, you can be a real champ!

It takes all these years to see a pattern develop. A picture develop. A future to develop and then to materialize. This is Star Trek. We have gone where no man has gone before and I try to leave my 'Captains Log' right here in full public view. My goals clearly started and met. Maybe not in the time line of others but when you don't quit, you don't get defeated. I would rather do it on the stage with billions watching because it just might be that added pressure that gets me over the hump of failure to the sunny side of success. So I thank everyone for that added energy!

What I know and what I have said for a few years now is we will all start being pulled away from this hub as each of us begins to pursue different goals and different orbits. We have seen it slowly happening for years, but sooner than you think we will be sheared apart because while we may have acted as a wagon train to get from the east to the west, we have reached the point of the destination and soon we will all scatter with new directions. It's inevitable. It's already in motion but it will be greatly accelerated as each of us start to land on long term projects that will change our destiny.

The recession many thought would last 5 months is now 5 YEARS old. And that makes the time ripe for progress. Many will fold but many more will sprout. That's what bad times do and you need challenging times to move folks out of their comfort zone. We've all been moved. lol

So this is all for my satisfaction and my reference and my log. But it can be your treasure and that is what makes me feel the best. I know folks will come down this road for many years into the future, or at least that is my hope. My single biggest goal. The one that will likely take a lifetime to achieve and even then just a few pages of trillions and trillions and even more than that. The domain name is so important because it is one of the few factors that can help you stand out, make you easier to find and then have an endless use of space to do whatever you like and whatever you can dream of.

In the real world a successful business will have the EXPENSE and BURDEN plus all that time involved of moving many times in the course of their success. Not so with the domain name. It's a one time expense whether you are Apple.com or RicksBlog.com. It can never be out grown, but it could be divided or expanded.

I believe that a willing mind and a willing heart will find something I said over the years to be life changing. So cheers to you! I also know writing for all these years has changed my life too! So cheers to you again for reading this crap I got flying through my mind on any given day.

But I sure as hell LOVE Mondays!! It's the day when all the slackers have to show up and do something and that makes my time more useful as we accelerate into the future. ;-)

Rick Schwartz
Captains Log
Star-date 01-14-2013

5 thoughts on “I Have Personal Reasons For This Post. Captains Log.

  1. Anunt

    Good Monday Morning Captain Kirk… i see u got on your hat, eye patch, wooden leg, and a parrot on your shoulder…

  2. Patrick Hipskind

    Hi Rick,
    You generously help steer the ship for others by giving them actionable advice,”Give me 10 GREAT domains and there is no limit. Give me 250,000 meaningless names and I will show you a lot of recurring bills.” That is like Frederick J. Beste III telling entrepreneurs”cash is life, and lack of cash is death” in his Twelve (Almost) Sure-Fire Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success.

  3. Brandon Breshears

    “But I sure as hell LOVE Mondays!! It’s the day when all the slackers have to show up and do something and that makes my time more useful as we accelerate into the future. ;-)”
    That is my new favorite quote! I never thought of it like that :D

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick,
    The Gift of Giving is Recieving.
    I sensed your integral part in educating End Usrers as well as Domainn owners from when first I became aware of you. I followed you into your forum days and beyond. There is just something so intuitively comfortable about your creative approach, that endears me to you. I am addicted to your persistence of conviction to educating all online participants as to what is their best foot forward in their online creations.
    This is a legacy that emboldens you to forge on unabashedly, to all online business owners delight. Thank you !

  5. Dave Wrixon

    I thought for one horrible moment that you were going to tell us that you had registered your first IDN in Klingon.


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