The Drowning Domainer…..Anchor or Lifeline?

Morning Folks!!

I hate to hear domainers are drowning in their renewal bills. But they are. Many of them. More than we could count. In fact, MOST domainers are probably drowning in renewal fees.

So what to do?

Well if it were me, I would cut my losses and start over armed with whatever new knowledge I might have.

Rick, are you suggesting we drop all our domains?

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Pick out your 10 best if there is such a thing and start again without the burden of paying for pure pigeon shit that has no value now and won't have value in 1000 years from now. So just drop it! Drop the crap. I see so-called "Portfolios" without a single domain of value. Hundreds! Sometimes thousands and not a ONE worth even a registration fee.

Sorry, but just because you have domains does not make you a domainer. As I have said before, it resembles more of a Pigeon Shit Farmer.

Now I don't say these things to hurt your feelings. If your feelings are hurt, get over it! My words are more valuable than somebody patting you on the back and telling you what you want to hear.

All I can say is this: There is no reason whatsoever to buy crap. NONE! There are so many great domains that are a fraction of your renewal fees. But you can't buy those cuz you are stuck with shit! Let it go! Start a new path right now. You have that power.

Just remember, less work getting good shit than buying pigeon shit. And believe me, there is no other word or phrase for it. Your domains are meaning challenged. Meaning your domains have no meaning. And if they have no meaning, they have no use. And if they have no use, they are a liability and not an asset.

So you need to learn two things. The difference between a liability and an asset. The difference between a domain name and pigeon shit.

If you are not willing to do that, go look for a job. Nobody can help you until you help yourself.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “The Drowning Domainer…..Anchor or Lifeline?

  1. Jeroen

    I went from 200+ domains to about 40 and still separating the wheat from the chaff……… regrets!

  2. brand

    Lets talk about bogus buyers, if domain names and websites are considered internet property, then why isn’t after a certain dollar amount a deposit required.
    i just had my third bogus buyer on a domain i own and all the buyer gets is a slap on the wrist and his account suspended for awhile.
    This has got to stop.
    A 10% deposit should be required in a [buy now] situation, the serious end user or investor would have no problem, but the bogus buyer would back off.
    If the deposit is paid and the sale is canceled then the deposit is lost, that’s the real world of buying and selling property.
    Lets do business with business people.

  3. Vivian

    When I started buying domains a few years ago it was not for re-sale, but in connection with my business. it wasn’t until this year that I started considering this as an alternative business–and boy, did I jump into it with both totally clueless feet! I really stick to only one industry, although sometimes I will buy something that I like because I see (think?) it has some potential down.

    As I learn more I’m getting a glimpse into the value of what I’ve bought in terms of national/global appeal. The bulk of what I own right now is very small and not sure how much value it has given that the large names in the sector I chose are taken; but I think they have some value.

    Still, I’m dropping those that seem to have little or no value based on what I learn and the research I continue to do. I think eventually I will end up like the first commenter, with just a few names.


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