BREAKING!!: Tata of India Becoming a Serial Reverse Domain Name Hijacker? May Prove it!

Morning Folks!!

These folks at Tata are not learning. They are poised to be the first SERIAL Reverse Domain Name Hijacker with their latest attempt of taking over that is parked at RDNH

Tata and their LAWYERS are already a TWO TIME LOSER when it comes to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and are now going for the trifecta!!!

They are featured on the banners and site!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “BREAKING!!: Tata of India Becoming a Serial Reverse Domain Name Hijacker? May Prove it!

  1. UFO

    Well, if the domain registrant is based in America or any other English speaking nation then by implication they probably registered the domain in bad faith. Why? Because Tata is not an English word, not a generic word in our language/slang.

    Tata has been around for quite a while so I’d say the registration of this domain will be after awareness of that companies existence.

    This is a different situation imho compared to the likes of ‘Mountain Rover’

    I think they’ll win this one. Lets see.

  2. M.G.

    Rick, I am sick of the UDRP and I think all domain investors and domainers should do one more step to world knows that there are unfair reverse domain hijackers and especially that ICANN’s UDRP needs to be changed. Yes, change of UDRP is what we need, not just circulate hijackers list. Therefore I would like to suggest you on T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference ask for donations to fund one full page advertisement in Time magazine or New York Times, or some other major newspaper or magazine brand. Such advertisement should be clear message to ICANN and businesses that such UDRP change is needed and that reverse domain hijackers should pay huge penalties. I will be glad to be one of first to pay my donation…

  3. blogger

    “Tata” is Polish for “dad” and I presume that in some other Slavic languages as well. It’s the registrant’s nationality that should matter not where he or she is physically present.

  4. blogger

    Yes, in Polish for sure. It stands for “dad”. In some other Slavic languages it mayalso be generic. The point is, the word “tata” written in Latin script is a generic term.


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