Domainers that May go to JAIL!

Morning Folks!!

How stupid can you get?? I would strongly advise staying away from registering domains trying to syphon traffic off of I truly believe if you do, you are flirting with losing your freedom. This is not a joke, you mess with the Feds, you deal with your mess.

Now, if you owned those domains getting traffic LONG before this all started, I would think you are safe, but you too could be grabbed as the net does not distinguish between the two. Be careful. This is not something you want to mess with.

The good news is that traffic is getting some long needed attention. The fact that healthcare.COM is getting 30% or MORE of the healthcare.GOV traffic and now it is widely known. This is a BIG DEAL. Widely known.

I mean talk about clusterf*cks, this is the mother of all clusterf*cks. This is what a clusterf*ck looks like. As an industry, we are about to have a front seat to a number of small clusterf*cks.

So don't get caught up in this mess or you may be sorry. I doubt they care if it is a parked page, an actual site or anything else. They use NETS to roundup offenders and they don't distinguish with degree. My prediction is some domainers are gonna have the feds show up on their front door step THIS YEAR!

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Domainers that May go to JAIL!

  1. UFO

    Well, if anyone is trying to capture people’s details by this method then its ‘go straight to jail’ and so should it be. If you used words like ‘Obama’ or anything less than absolutely generic then you’re in the firing line. If you have anything on the landing or indexed pages that has any government or otherwise device like some emblem etc then you’re going to get nailed. If you used keywords to specifically divert and capture people looking for legitimate use of the government website then you’re also in the firing line.

    If you did right of the keywords and generic and no reference to the actual programme then you’d be ok. Like

    Anyway, common sense dictates if you have engaged in any deception, and any domain name owner needs to be cognizant that they will be judged by the average publics ability to understand and navigate the internet and not your own standard.

    They will look for an example to be made of.

    Personally I’d say to any of domainer that has these, just dump them, trademark issues are one thing, but this is the next level up.

  2. DonnyM

    Yes I agree. Since this is my area here are my thoughts.
    Unless you’re an agent and have an npn number you better stay clear. Unless you’re in this business of health insurance you really should not own or pretend to be part of ACA. It’s different because your dealing with very private information of individuals and many sites are misinforming the public. is legit they are not pretending to be anyone just a resource big difference, it is these other sites that are collecting private info that is doing the damage. But this is just another real life example of the default .com traffic.
    I can almost guaranty you they’re probably pulling in well over 1 million IN PROFIT a week. 8-10 bucks a click x ? easy math. Plus avg conversion is 75-100%. I know what these advertisers pay on that network. Not cheap.

  3. LM

    That’s become a cheap go-to story whenever they need to fill space.

    Some event occurs, someone does a keyword lookup, finds all the garbage registered by clueless morons in the past 48 hours then reports on it as if it were some sort of digital pandemic.

    I’m no fan of ‘turd domaining’ and all its lame and morally bankrupt practices. Pointing this out is just low hanging fruit. Whenever a newsworthy event occurs, dumbasses of weak moral fiber will register related domain names in a terrible effort to ‘capitalize’ on it, almost always resulting in failure and dropped domains with zero profit. Even for some old-timers who are slow learners, it’s a leak.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    This latest event will supercharge the .COM Shadow Market Activity.

    This will only throw gasoline on the spiraling valutions in this undisclosed .COM Sales Channel. Those who think otherwise have no fundamental Market Dynamics experience. (The Perfect Storm )

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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