My Favorite Domain Name Thrill.

Morning Folks!!

It may sound funny, but this is true. One of the real thrills I get is when I get an email. In the subject of that email is a domain name. One I instantly like! One that I want to buy and own. I get a thrill from that.

But that is not the thrill I am talking about. The thrill I am talking about is when I realize that the domain in the subject line is one I already own. That my friends is a thrill!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Domain Name Thrill.

  1. JamesD

    Then you open the email, and it’s from some lame seo ‘experts’ who have visited your website (hello! its a parked domain) and would like to offer their services to help yopu get first place on Google. Least that’s how it usually goes for me.

  2. M Altaf Hossain

    Rick, what I observed is: earlier I found most drops type ins were available, now other way round, most are taken overnight in advance. Even PS are taken by LLC Corp. or Companies. What they will do with it? How will they use it? What does that trend mean to you?
    I get thrills while driving I see many names on the billboards that are still available.

  3. kd

    My favorite thrill… Someone tells you “I’m inquiring about”

    I respond.. “It will cost more than your house, but I am willing to talk numbers”

    They respond.. “lets figure out what number we are both comfortable with”

    Oh boy! Oh boy! This is now a real qualified lead…..

  4. Cyborg

    My favorite thrill in this curious industry is finding the little hidden gems that are still in the open pool. Diamonds are nearly invisible in water so sometimes you need to swim deeper to find them.

    Like… and

    These have worth in the $millions to me…

    What URL are you? URLd Me. URLd Us!


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