TRAFFIC 2013, One for the History Books!

Morning Folks!!

TRAFFIC 2013 is winding down and from all accounts, may have been one of the best TRAFFIC shows to date.  I even enjoyed it.

It was fun, light, serious, passionate and LOTS of business was done. Business you will be hearing about well into 2014.

I want to personally thank each and every attendee for coming and not only hope we met your expectation but exceeded them.

And of course I want to congratulate all the award nominees and the winners for each category. Well done!

I expect by Friday to post the Schwartz/Shilling Tag Team Match right here.

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “TRAFFIC 2013, One for the History Books!

  1. Jeff Schneider


    The coming shift , you have been predicting, to higher and higher .COM valuations ,in our estimation, is already under way. The hidden truth is that .COM valuations real values are being hidden from the general publics awareness within the fundamental underpinnings contained within the pricing structure of the hidden Shadow Market for .COM Purchases, going on behind the scenes. JAS 10/23/13

    Yes this is one for the history books !

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Owen Frager

    “the hidden Shadow Market for .com” WOW I want to go there. Is it onwe of those Bizarres Anthony Bourdain visits ion CNN “Parts Unknown”

  3. Owen Frager

    Great show, Rick, btw. Well done, sir! Glad to see more people attending the seminars too. A lot was learned. Adam and others deserve a hand for their willingness to share proprietary techniques so anyone else, beginner or expert, could walk out of a 90 minute session with “field-real” knowledge that could be applied day one that took Adam took descades to master.


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