How Much Traffic will gTLD’s Cost Google? Traffic Google gets Today!

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Right now Google is getting the majority of all gTLD traffic by default. Go try any phrase with a .whatever, put it in the search bar and voila google sweeps you up. or any other string you like. So Google already knows about that traffic and whether there is much of it at this.point. Any word separated by a period and no extension and Google is there to rescue you. I assume if you have your browser setup for Yahoo you will have the same results.

So as they each come online, the search engines led by Google will lose any traffic their might be. Of course, it may not amount to much.

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “How Much Traffic will gTLD’s Cost Google? Traffic Google gets Today!

  1. UFO

    Google needs users to stay focused on .com and cctlds to focus on its search box.

    If users become confused and basically churned up with their approach and user habits, then its more plausible the likes of Yahoo and MSN can sneek greater market share. My belief is that we are on the verge of Browser wars although admittedly we’ve been on this edge for quite a while.

    Once Browsers are the SE’s then Google loses market share immediately as user searches are a function of browser use.

    One thing that has come about only in the last few months is IE dumping you onto Bing search results far too many times when you’ve just dropped everything to the left of the keyword with the .com on the right. Say in the browser not being recognised (on purpose by IE) and then dumping you on Bing with ‘’ not even being there as the 1st entry on their SE results… in fact nowhere to be seen. IE has been ^&^**&* about with users of its browser and people like me are getting to the point where we’ll indefinitely drop its use.

  2. White Hat

    If people want to know where the majority of spam is coming that is attacking WordPress blogs with endless sign on’s then look no further than They’ve cut up their IP ranges so you have to cancel loads and loads of them.


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