It’s Showtime!! Let’s Get Ready to RUUUUMMMMMBBBBLLLLLLEEEE!!!!

Morning Folks!!

It's showtime!! Below is a picture I just took to let you know what is awaiting you as folks begin to arrive as early as today for the 25th T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and the start of our 10th anniversary year.


Expect a great week ahead as we add clarity to what is coming. That alone is worth the price of admission.

As always, we will mix it up, hear diverse points of view and let each attendee make up their own minds.

We are gonna shake some bushes this week and it will be to the delight of everyone attending. It's not too late to come! The official show activities begin on Sunday night! Come early and have 2 of the most relaxing and networking friendly days you can imagine.

ok, I have to go back to training for the big rumble with Frank on Monday. Guaranteed to be one of the best discussions we have ever had! Toe to toe, tag team battle. As it stands today, it is Frank, Monte, .CLUB and .KIWI against me and 3 guests. Need, Want and Desire will be on Team Schwartz!

The early bird for Las Vegas starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday. So 3 days or 50 tickets, which ever comes first.

Then we will offer some promotions that INCLUDE your hotel room at the Bellagio. Watch for that starting in November.

Rick Schwartz



4 thoughts on “It’s Showtime!! Let’s Get Ready to RUUUUMMMMMBBBBLLLLLLEEEE!!!!

  1. bhartzer

    Would love to be there, but had to make a choice between speaking at Pubcon or attending TRAFFIC. It was a tough decision…

  2. Scott Alliy

    Just got done the daily 4 mile walk. See you Sunday! Between you, Ron, I and I am sure others maybe a Biggest loser Session is on tap for next TRAFFIC shows LOL
    Looking forward to a positive energetic entertaining and info and business filled few days.


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