The Cubicle Whores are Coming!

Morning Folks?

What is a cubicle whore? First off "Cubicle" can be spelled 2 ways. Cubicle or Cubical. Tho cubicle is the commercial cubical we are talking about.

Home sweet home to the cubicle whore.

Well there are several types. The most common cubicle whore is the guy or gal or guy disguised as a gal that have a mission to try to stop reality from running them over like a steamroller. They are folks that are paid to rebut comments I might make that are not good for their business. The worse things get for them the more desperate they get. Some companies hire 2 people to do this and other companies get it done right at the top. CEO and President because they have everything to lose. But generally a cubicle whore works for a company and what they are doing is approved by the company or at minimum they look the other way.  And of course they are generally unknown and use fake names because if you found out who that little whore was, he/she would be drummed out of the industry like a Serial Reverse Domain Name Hijacker would be.

Now cubicle whores are not intellectually honest so they have to hurl insults at you. They don't get PAID to have a debate and discussion and find answers. They are paid to PREVENT that debate from happening. See people are not stupid and they won't willingly eat shit. So what do you suppose happens when they get discovered trying to serve up that shit?

Now there are also the renegade cubicle whores that work for themselves as "Domianers" and since they have had such a bad time of things they take a general post personally and go off the deep-end. They enter a 10-20 year game and get frustrated when things don't pan out in 20 minutes or 20 days or 20 weeks. They seldom make it to 20 months. I mean haven't we been doing this long enough to know how many folks just disappear.

Life is about revenue streams. Those that have streams are generally happier than those searching for them or frustrated they don't have any. Nobody ever said it was easy. But if you spend one second of your energy going after me, then by definition there must be something ill in your life. I love when people take their anger and frustrations out on me. I spend countless hours trying to share what I see, when I see it and why I see it. And for some that is a threat more than their poor fragile souls can handle.

Motives and agendas are going to make a triumphant return. There are many millions of dollars at stake and some are not prepared to lose those millions but the reality of the market might get in the way. It will be my fault that they fail. Just ask them.

Fight the idea to the bitter end is fine and great and as it should be. The moment these cubicle whores go negative and personal they expose themselves. The moment they refuse to give you a point when a point is made they expose themselves. The moment the debate turns from rational to irrational they expose themselves. The moment they can't argue the facts they expose themselves. There are other tell-tale signs of these folk. Sometimes they have a butt-buddy to help them. They leave fingerprints like a racoon. They close their eyes and think they are invisible. And when they get exposed, they coming CRYING for another chance or they just disappear and get a new fake name.

So while there have been months of healthy respectful debate. An era of calm. That will be changing in the months ahead. Like I have been saying, there will be a lot of elbows flying. Some against me. Some against you and some against each other. It is a natural phenomenon. It will repeat itself every single time. Go read or watch Lord of the Flies right now and then you will understand how I can see before it unfolds because it happens the same every single time. Get a group of 10 people together and they will experience harmony and challenge and leaders will emerge and there is always struggle for this and that. A democracy turns into a battle.

That is why history is important as it DOES repeat itself and I can tell you the EXACT stages that are coming this being one of them. It happens in every single time. You have all seen this movie before so don't be surprised when it happens again.

Legit companies will debate with facts and evidence and be able to demonstrate things clearly. The others all have to be magicians. They have to invent. They have to use sleight of hand and word. They have to resort to all type of antics because they can't stand toe to toe with ideas and the facts to match them. The reality to back them up. The evidence needed to sway and persuade. So they act more like thugs with masks on and they sit where they sit. But my illustration is a cubicle whore because that is as far as they are going when they waste their energy on nonsense.

So however you want to spell it, these folks are coming in numbers that are going to overwhelm our small community. As I have been saying, many companies in our space now have and will have more people working for them than all the surviving domain investors in the world. That means less and less qualified voices speaking out.

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “The Cubicle Whores are Coming!

  1. Jonathan

    Change is good. We / “Our” do not have a “space” by right. The qualified voices I care about are the quasi judiciary chosen to sit on panel hearings.
    Good call re W Golding, chilling reminder of tribal user patterns.

  2. Louise

    You’re not talking about me, right?

    Certain of your posts inspire me, not all of them I read, some I skip. I have my own vision, my own view. But that doesn’t mean I’m out to get you or anyone else, personally . . .

  3. UFO

    This has been something that I have noticed growing in social media over the last couple of years, there are basically armies of PR goon’s that seek to swing perception and debate on social media platforms for their overlord paymaster.

    I can spot the affirmative posts a mile off, these are the ones that seek to enhance the profile of a A-Z lister in social media, they are generally written by some wanabee office intern. Like the canned laughed on sitcoms you know it when you see it if you are properly looking.

    If you get in quick on a new post and nail an A-Z lister the negative thumbs down come thick and fast initially until the readers then start doing thumbs up and you end up in credit. There must be whole banks of them in India or where ever doing this.

    If you are going to get these TLDs then remember, this is only the first round, many more TLDs can be brought to market. In effect given there’s near 80k words in the English dictionary and then there’s two word domain names that are ok, then there are 80k to the power of 3 domain names possible without even considering numerical numbers etc, yes that’s 512 million English combinations of new TLDs.

    If I was in the US I’d go for .US long before any of these new TLDs.


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