BREAKING!! Overstock CEO Arrested For Allegedly Having Gun in Luggage

Morning Folks!!

Here's the story of what might be another bad decision.

Patrick Byrne, CEO photographs well.
Looks like he is saying, 'You got to be kidding me'

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “BREAKING!! Overstock CEO Arrested For Allegedly Having Gun in Luggage

  1. henry

    How is this breaking news to the domain world. The same corporations that you want to sell domain names to you throw under the bus. Nice move for our industry.

  2. Rick Schwartz

    Sorry Henry.
    Communists bury news.
    This has nothing to do with throwing anyone under the bus. Geez.
    And if you don’t know at this point in time what has to do with domaining, then that is on you for being ignorant of current events.

  3. Guy

    I hear he’s just looking at a fine for having a gun, but looking at life without parole for using a .co and even naming a stadium after it, lol

  4. Guy

    on the upside he’s got a cracking head of hair on him, he’ll never go bald
    bit like your good self Rick

  5. Shane Cultra

    I don’t quite get why he’s a”bad” guy regarding domains. He tried something and it didn’t work. Marketing is all about trying crazy ass things and seeing if it draws attention. I’m all about dot coms myself but we should be thanking him for giving data that proves what we all thought. You didn’t even put what really makes him an idiot. When his stock was being shorted he went insane. He did things that no rational businessman would do or say. THAT is why he should be demonized here, not because he chose the wrong tld

  6. Garry Epperson

    If that would have happened to me or you, we would be labeled a terrorist. We would never be able to own a gun again and we’d probably go to jail for 5-10 years.

  7. Rick Schwartz

    Not one person used the word”bad” here but you put it in quote marks like somebody did.
    So the only one mentioning” bad” in conjunction with this is you.
    The problem is it causes confusion with facts and that’s how rumors and misinformation spreads.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. SL

    “He is also in a number of lawsuits having to do with naked short selling.”
    The way that reads it might sound like he’s the one involved in the illegal activity. Perhaps it should be rephrased like this:
    “As CEO, he’s filed lawsuits against those he believes have engaged in naked short selling/manipulation of Overstock’s stock.”

  9. TriedToTellYou

    I told you people when the .co scam went down that this guy was shady. Who knows what type of backroom deal was done to make it look like this guy plopped down over one million in cash for I told you then, and I’ll say it again, the owners of the .Co registry solicited this guy so it would look like those names had value.
    There is ZERO chance that Patrick Byrne woke up one day and decided to contact the .Co registry and risk tons of money on


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