Welcome Inside My Office. First Ever Photos!!

Morning Folks!!

Welcome inside my office!! I spend a lot of hours in this room and just wanted to share where most of my writing starts. Maybe why I look forward to Mondays. Why working is a hobby and having a hobby is work. Can I get you something to drink? I meant to post this a couple months ago. Better late than never.

When I bought this house one of the biggest reasons was the office there as seen below. Last summer I rebuilt the room from the ground up. Designed for me, by me and interpreted by a designer I have used for about 10 years and to work the way I work. I now have my cockpit on one end of the room and an entertainment universe on the other. I almost aways work with the TV on in the background.

OldofficeThis is my old office Wall Unit. Problem was I could only fit a 50' TV. What to do?? What to do??

Enterng from the Living Room and of couse Freddy Will be there to Welcome you!

New Desk Shot Facing Northwest

Facing West

Facing East

Inside Desk Shot

Northwest Shot

Wall Unit North Shot with 70' and capable of upgrading to 100'

Wall Unit #2 Shot

Entry Shot

Northeast Shot (Freddy head in lower right)

Freddy enjoying the life in Lower Left

My cockpit Desk View

Desk View out to Living Room

From Outside the Office

From Inside the Office

Thanks for visiting! Ya'll come back real soon!

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz and Freddy

23 thoughts on “Welcome Inside My Office. First Ever Photos!!

  1. CateTV

    Good Morning Rick and thanks so much for inviting/letting us in! :)
    I’d like a cup of black coffee please :) Puppy Trinity is only 10 mos. now and only allowed to drink water- straight up please :).
    I’ll”Start Now with H & R Block” ! – no affiliate link :)
    Your writing begins with your day to day/lifetime experiences – it only magically appears here with you being a typist and welcoming us here in to your home :)
    Thanks for opening your house which I can truly tell is a home :)

  2. Guy

    thanks for sharing Rick
    Freddy is very cute. a good friend of mine had a miniature schnauzer.
    incredibly cute, and they have HUGE personalities.
    one feature I really like in your living room I think is at the corner the large patio doors leading to what looks like a pool.
    well the arched windows above the patio doors are really a fab feature.
    loads of light!
    I notice the office is dark, like a bunker. or do you consider it the ‘kings lair’

  3. Scott Alliy

    Success has its perks. Congrats Rick you earned it. But wait aren’t domains
    dead? There’s no money in domain names. Or is there??? Listen and learn

  4. Mike at Domainaddress.info

    Marble, solid wood, leather, 2 x apple computer, big tv screens, glass doors…cant wait to see your garage!!!
    ps. you would have made one former/terminated middle-east dictator very jealousy.

  5. Altaf

    Congratulations Rick.
    Nice, Cute , Orgnaized & Tidy, Tasteful, Neat & Clean, we liked it so much. Who manages it? Welcome by Freddy is one of the best attraction as if we are there live! Enjoy it with peaceful family & do domaining in a great place. LUCKY !!

  6. Lawrence

    Rick, If that doesn’t motivate the troops..nothing will!
    Very classy layout for a classy guy.

  7. Josh

    The windows make the floor plan seem more open. That’s a good idea. The rest of your house (that we can see from the pics) is really modern but I like your version better than most. It’s nicely done. Too many custom tweaks in your office not to have had a designer. You did great.

  8. Mike

    Great! Awesome! Inspirational! A study that matches your talent, verve and vigor as a writer. Congratulations!

  9. Adam

    Cool office Rick. Why is the floor green in the first pic and none of the others ? New floor ? Looks better now if so !


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