No Celebration for Being Last

Evening Folks!!

Never apologize for being early. For seeing things first. For blazing trails while others laugh. I am damn proud of getting into domains early. Many got it it YEARS before me and have done very well. But I also recognize that a guy could come in today with a modest bankroll and still grow to make his or her mark. Will it be harder? Yeah. Next time recognize it early on. How do you do that? PRACTICE!!!

Every day is a day you can practice being early and seeing things early. See something before somebody else. Discover something before the masses. Dream of something and have nobody copy your dream.

More opportunity raced by TODAY than the first thousand years of life combined. So much sometimes is too much. But a fresh set of eyes will look at nearly anything and find some opportunity.

Opportunity has no headlines. It just quietly crosses our path and most times we all miss it. But when you train yourself to look for certain things and look at other things in a specific way, you would be amazed what passes by on any given day.

So be first. React first. Think faster. Make a decision. Weigh the risk vs reward and if it is a good outcome, just do it!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “No Celebration for Being Last

  1. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Yes, Indeed. I would add; have an open mind to new ideas, see things from
    multiple points of view and listen, listen, listen. Discard the Pigeon Sh*t but do do keep the gold nuggets….


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