Overcoming the Objection. Come on Guys! You Will be Not be Able to Lease More than 5-10 Domains!!

Morning Folks!!

First of all submissions are now closed. But this is just a sample of a response to a domainer that will also translate to an end user and sheds some light on who Danny is. Starting Feb 1, Next Friday, our focus is on end users. Actually that process has already begun. But PLEASE, no more domain submissions for 2013. They are now closed.

'Come on Guys! You Will be Not be Able to Lease More than 5-10 Domains.'

Some actually believe that so let's kill that myth right here and right now and tell you our EXACT plan for leasing hundreds of domain names.

So please forgive me for saying so but some folks are interpreting what we're doing through an 'inventory' and 'commodity' standpoint and not a 'unique asset' standpoint. We have said NO to 50,000 domain names submitted by folks like you in the last 6 weeks. We said yes to less than 300 BECAUSE they are unique ideas that have value far above a cash-only sale.
Let me be clear: we're not doing crap a domain sales broker would do. Not to dog those guys, everyone needs to put food on their table. But we're so outside the box there IS no box. This is a fresh approach and it is working for Rick Schwartz. We are telling our clients to price UP, not down. Price UP and JUSTIFY. It's how the Rolex of the world gets $xx,xxx when I can get a $2 watch at Kmart in 5 minutes.
Rick asked me to share the vision and some of our early results with his friends and expand in 2013, and if so he'd bring the domainer clients and we'd split profits we make for his friends. I told him it'd take time to scale up thru March but yeah, we can do 400 for the community instead of 100 for Rick Schwartz. Simple as that.
You want one example of how we're DIFFERENT? Look at JontVentures.com itself. A 200 page BOOK formatted as a website and the average deal with an end user we do spends HOURS consuming every scrap of information on that site educating themselves on why it is a GOOD decision to pay Rick Schwartz $xxx+ monthly for something he has $x,xxx invested into and 20 years of patience. The people that want the BEST generic .com domain names don't need to be sold.They need to understand, and justify. For starters, we make their due diligence FUN to READ, and with every sentence they read they get sold better than a salesperson on the phone could ever cold call.
Who wrote it? Me or Rick? It has his name on it and his face on it. Does it matter to the guy who wants GENERIC.com who authored that book? Does it matter to the guy who OWNS Generic.com right now and wants to use it? Not really. It's a tool, and one of only 7 tools in mine and Rick's toolbox and the community of domainers has only seen 1. Does it matter that this was an actual letter from Danny to a customer with a concern.
So yes, I get why you are hesitant to give Rick Schwartz and someone you don't know a one year exclusive listing without knowing more of the plan. That's cool. Just because everyone wants to trust Rick Schwartz, doesn't make it wrong for YOU to trust but verify.
If I were saying Rick and I were 100% confident that we could in one year or two years make a deal happen for this domain or that domain I'd be skeptical too. Not to mention the 50,000 commodity domains any company copying us in 'domain leasing' is going to put on their website. That is not our game.
Please look thru my responses to you. I said in essence about the 2 domains of yours 'they are valuable no doubt'...But I said 'I have no idea YET how I'd market those 2 domain names to make sure someone who'd be happy to lease your property at the amount you're asking would even find out the domain name was AVAILABLE. But we can see what we can do on those ones that still have obvious NOUN.com and ADJECTIVE.com value' (paraphrasing).
Compare that with THIS...
I don't need to CHASE the guy who wants to buy a generic product name like your ******.com from you. I also don't need to SELL him on why he wants it because he already does want it.
My role is to attract him and others LIKE him all at once, and tell each it's not for sale for cash and tell them what deal one of them CAN have to operate ******.com and get all of it's benefits...if he moves faster than his competitor.
Want to know how to make more Candy.com deals happen? You give the driver at a company that COVETS GENERIC.com a way to GET THE DOMAIN and not worry that down the line they'll look foolish. You present one GENERIC.com success story after another. You make JointVentures.com and what we are doing so newsworthy that it's in Entrepreneur magazine and Forbes not as an advertiser...but as an editorial. You put a price on your car for sale in the newspaper and everyone that is interested and calls you tell individually to show up at the only time you can show them the car, which is Friday at 5pm, and when they show up they see it's more DESIRABLE and there is built-in URGENCY to buy that car now.
How are we different #3? There LOTS of ways to do ACTIVE SALES stuff ain't nobody in this somewhat PASSIVE industry of domainers first and entrepreneurs second haven't tried...all designed to sell a UNIQUE ASSET for what it is instead of waiting for someone to come along as an interested buyer and 'sell themselves' on why they should give that domain name owner $5 MIL. That's what so many of the top domain name owners do because it's all they have time for! LOL I mean seriously, when has Rick Schwartz ever TRIED to sell a domain name actively? I think he sent an email to Hershey's once about Candy.com. Gimme a break. It's a different world entirely when you give that opportunity to a SALES GUY recruited and trained by me and Rick Schwartz and he has ONE domain name to do a 7 figure deal for this year and he gets $50K+ residuals forever for that one deal.
How are we different? Example 4 of how we are DIFFERENT: How would I attract and sell the deal for one of your domain names, specifically. Let's say *********?
An www.jointventures.com/******.com custom pitch page gets designed for only that ONE guy who would do a Candy.com style deal if it's presented to him, a $xx,xxx yearly lease with a $x,xxx,xxx contractual buyout if he likes it and you keep the domain name if he fails to live up to the contract. I tell that guy even at $x,xxx,xxx today ******.com is NOT for sale, unless a small x% equity share or royalty comes with the cash.
That would take me half a day if that to customize the words of a simple pitch like that. I used to charge $2000/day for copywriting services. I hate to toot my own horn pal but sometimes ain't nobody else gonna toot it for you, so when people DO, I 'save' that info. I share some of it on ThanksDannyWelsh.com. Billionaires, senators, people on TV, best selling authors, thought leaders of all types. This is my network. These are people that know me and could explain why the domain industry just got a nice deal that I quit real estate and freelance copywriting/marketing consulting both in 2012 because I found something more profitable. Leasing eRealEstate WITH my skills of marketing and copywriting.
Long story short...and I've reached a length of this response that no doubt Rick will use this as another blog Q & A but damnit pal I really want you to hear my passion come through. And if need be I share with you why you should hire ME to be your sales guy for 2 domains this year and back ME as I am in turned backed up by RICK.
I have created copy responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales at price-points from $x to $xx,xxx. Now I give that talent free to Rick, who is now my partner, and will do the same for our other clients. Why? Because now I get to use the SAME talent God blessed me with and that I've worked my ass off to become among the best in the world with...to sell a JET instead of a JEEP. To sell an unique IDEA worth millions of dollars instead of a commodity product that costs $10.
The margins are bigger, more opportunity for everyone. I have told all of my other clients in 2013 I cannot help them, and that they should have made me a partner when I asked. Rick did and I will love him for it forever unless he screws me. Copyrighting is three things: medium, message, market. Hit all 3 and you have a sale. One sale at $10,000,000 or a million sales at $10 each, the fundamentals are the same.
I am experienced with both, and my talent is better used selling unique assets. That is what this is about, as 3 years from now we look at whether Rick accomplishes his 20 year goal of an income stream from 100 different companies upon which he is the landlord of their eRealEstate, whether in a lease, sale with ongoing royalties, or other JV deal. Each agrees to a creative deal for GENERIC.com because they see the value, and that the alternatives are no good.
It's not about domaining anymore.
It's about SALES.
So that happens when you sign as a client. Then you get our Fast Start instructions so you know how/where to send inquiries as they come in. Simultaneous to that custom pitch page for each of your domains we list, I give MY network the domain names we are listing and offer them a 5% sub-broker opportunity. I let them know they might just get paid for LIFE for a 5 minute conversation with a high-level connection in their Rolodex that may not be in mine, and a personal referral to an interested party.
I ask them to look over the list. I ask these people who are CONNECTORS...
'Which CRM Software company do you know that would LOVE to stop paying Google Adwords so much money to advertise for 'CRM Software' keywords at $x.xx per click...and would love to use CRMSoftware.com?'
and 'Who do you know that would see the value in paying monthly to be the only law firm in the world that communicate with their real estate law clients from @RealEstateLaw.com?'
and 'Which hungry young guy do you know that is growth-oriented and would be excited to read about the success stories of a Bobbleheads.com or AmericanFlags.com style success where a guy with drive can shake up a lazy industry, be perceived as a market leader from the day you open the doors, and get paid huge money when the IMPROVED eREALESTATE ASSET you just increased the value for wants to be ACQUIRED by one of the lazy companies that should have been smart enough to buy the land alone when it was for sale?'
That's phase 1 of marketing. Custom pitch page, and sub-brokers, starting with MY network.
If that ONE guy for ******.com for instance gets attracted from a type-in inquiry link on your domain name itself, or by my connectors, we need do nothing further but turn him over to Rick for him to negotiate on your behalf.
Congrats to us all four! WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN. Including the end user, as he is KEY.
If NOT, we roll into phase 2 for the next 90 days.
And we get a little deeper into implementing OUR unique plan you either realize by now I've fully thought through...or not.
Either way, it's not about domains and it's not about domainers. So least you think this argument is one I'm making to YOU, it's beyond that. In full transparency I can say every single one of these words to the end user, and Rick has a track record of telling the buyer inquiry with little money and no vision NO as many times as it takes.
My job is just getting him more and better qualified people to say NO to...until that one person comes along with an offer you (our client) and Rick (your negotiator) simply cannot refuse.
A diamond is a diamond is a diamond.
It's beyond 'domaining' what we're doing. It's about business and sales and increasing profits with JointVentures. It's about ONE best operator for the best domain names in the world, and the domain name owner stays in the deal with a small ongoing royalty % for generations while a shopping mall gets built on their land they already made a nice profit selling.
Rick and I can't guarantee we can bring both parties together within 12 months for a deal like that for 50,000 domains like those we've had to say no to when submitted by some really great people.
We can't guarantee it for the 5,000+ domains Rick owns.
We can't guarantee it for 500 domains, either.
But every success we have will make the next easier.
And we're listing a total of 400 this year, counting 100 of Rick's, and that is til 1/31. After that you will not hear from us as a 'domainer.'
My friend, Sorry but you're not seeing the full picture. What just happened in the last 6 weeks tossing dynamite in the domain pond can and WILL be duplicated in pond after pond after pond, industry after industry after industry..
Each one like a BOULDER tossed in with a MESSAGE about a million dollar opportunity for GENERIC.com (from me) delivered through a MEDIUM (GENERIC.com itself to start) to the MARKET that will be most likely to take action on the message's offer.
Game, set, MATCH a great domain name with a great business and a greater deal that's WIN-WIN for all parties.
And folks will watch these deals happen again and again in the next 2 years from in the game...or on the sidelines.
I hope my passion has come through and you say 'YES' to doing business on one or two of your prime properties. The GENERIC.com like ******.com can be done, and I'll make it a priority that it DOES get done.
I've given you more of my ideas than I planned to at this time. Maybe because you remind me of my long-time best friend, who is the most gifted negotiator I've ever met. He always sells me on doing stuff using a 'takeaway' like he's not interested. And every time I get sucked in to convince him why I'm right, while I'm busy putting together the argument on why, he's already thought ten steps ahead to how he can turn me being right to his advantage. LOL if so, you're sneaky man!
Point is...You'll see more of the full picture in February. So will everyone, and it appears we'll be building this with tens of thousands watching our every move. Following Rick the leader. That's cool.
Just know that with Rick Schwartz backing me, everyone can copy us in the small things they can 'see' and it will NOT be a threat to us.
Everything we do can be copied except what makes Rick Schwartz the Domain King and what makes Danny Welsh...who I am.
There's no zero sum game in 2013-2015 with 'domain leasing', but there's gonna be a HELL of a lot of ZEROES with JointVentures.
Really hope you want to give the ol roulette wheel a spin with us, too.
Danny Welsh

Have GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz


12 thoughts on “Overcoming the Objection. Come on Guys! You Will be Not be Able to Lease More than 5-10 Domains!!

  1. Paul

    honestly it’s a total headache just reading the 1000’s of words typed like your on speed or something, i start reading with all good intentions then just get half way and can’t be arsed to read the rest of it !!
    Why don’t you just keep it simple, most of us know the score and are looking for credible options……..not a circus side show

  2. MSwanson

    @Paul: Agree 100%. Almost as painful as reading a Frager Factor article. LOL.
    Seriously though, I think Rick has a winner here. Domain leasing offers an apples to apples proposition to the enduser. If the revenue exceeds the lease price then its a no brainer. The enduser doesn’t have to guess if spending 5-6 figures on buying a domain is going to be a home run or wipeout.
    Kudos to Rick. If anyone can make this model successful it’s him.

  3. troy

    Please tell me one person that has paid you $2000 for a day of writing. Now that you have claimed that I would like to verify to determine if you are trustworthy.
    What company did you work at (or own) at the time? What was your hourly rate? Can you provide some examples of what you wrote and what you charged for it.
    Forgive me for sounding faithless, but you have made a lot of claims recently. The $2000 per day claim is something that can be verified and therefore either help, or hinder your other claims.

  4. UFO

    “I share some of it on ThanksDannyWelsh.com. Billionaires, senators, people on TV, best selling authors, thought leaders of all types. This is my network.”
    That web address doesn’t resolve and it was acquired on the 31st of December.

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Danny & Rick,
    I have got a good handle on your stuff Danny, Ricks a given Master and he has chosen Well. I am personally excited about what a start up company driven by two Masrters at negotiating and closing sales can do. To my knowledge you are the first prototype supported by 100% sales Background. There may be others but no match for the both of you combined. Looking forward to having a front Row seat as this unfolds. I cannot help but feel we are all witnessing the birth of a creative star.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. Danny Welsh

    Paul you’re not the target market for JointVentures.com
    Neither are KA or MSwanson
    If you are tell me this…which domain name listed are YOU ready to pay $xxxx per month to lease because you know it’s not for sale even at $x,xxx,xxx?
    Sorry fellas but most”domainers” like you already read the book that is RicksBlog
    Over the last few years.
    Rick and I have an increasing number of start-ups and existing businesses in just 6 weeks reading th book that is JointVentures.com and justifying in their OWN MINDS the prices we’re asking for assets that are cheap on the monthly lease $$ (win for the end user) AND great earning multiple on the monthly lease $$ for the domain owner Rick (and soon to be others) as a 30-100x over parking.
    Then they end up contacting US an proposing a deal instead of us trying to chase a buyer.
    The paradigm has changed…but ONLY for the very best domains with meaning and value.
    So if you own some, hold on.
    If you don’t, neither did I own many when I started this wave, but this is MY way to climb the domain mountain.
    There are better uses for your time than attacking me, fellas.
    Think win win and you’ll never look back
    Danny Welsh

  7. Danny Welsh

    Thanks for the kind words Jeff.
    It took a long time for me to win over Rick Schwartz.
    Then a time for him to win me over that I should do this for more than just him.
    The slings and arrows I’ll get are big and it’s worth it but…
    Some people are little because their thoughts keep them there.
    Thank God I have Rick’s blessing to TUNE OUT anyone that is not important
    Danny Welsh

  8. Paul

    Firstly don’t assume your readers are fools with no substance, by doing that you just show what you really are.
    I’m not knocking the leasing side of the business, on the contrary……i advocate it !
    It’s just the mindless rubbish your spewing out on a daily basis. Most domainers/online business owners browse the few domain related blogs available just to keep up with events and maybe occasionally jump on an idea such as leasing.
    Your posts are more in keeping with a spam phone call.
    Keep it simple and lose the PT Barnum routine that’s all i’m saying…….it’s more palatable for people.

  9. Danny Welsh

    RE:”Firstly don’t assume your readers are fools with no substance, by doing that you just show what you really are.”
    You’re wrong about that. The companies we lease domain names to have more substance than you do, who come here and comment and say nothing worthwhile (I searched for your name for past comments). You’ve now proven it twice as you continue to consume PERMISSION-BASED content no one forced you to read even as you claim it gave you a”headache” while who it was intended for (i.e not you) in a private email to Rick and I had THIS to say to me:
    [[I have a new found sense of respect for you as the below response was quite possibly the best pitch I’ve seen in an email in history.]]
    RE:”Most domainers/online business owners browse the few domain related blogs available just to keep up with events and maybe occasionally jump on an idea such as leasing.”
    Remember, there are”browsers” and there are BUYERS. Window shoppers don’t need apply to do business with Rick and I. Our deals will be LIFETIME deals in many cases. People don’t enter that without time and thought in the same way they mouth off with a comment before thinking. So feel free to browse elsewhere. I hear they have great sales on .co domains at Kmart.
    RE:”Your posts are more in keeping with a spam phone call.”
    If I wanted to sell via unsolicited phone calls, I assure you I wouldn’t say”Hello, is Paul there?” Instead I might wait for someone to answer the phone and yell a pattern interrupt. (just like the pattern interrupt you’ve witnessed in a large scale Rick has orchestrated on this blog in the last few weeks). How do you stand out in a world of NOISE? You do something DIFFERENT. You bring passion and a unique flavor no one can copy.
    I know what mine is…what’s yours?
    You can Google what a pattern interrupt is if you don’t know. It’s from psychology textbooks filled with all sorts of”mindless rubbish” that make Dr. Robert Cialdini a genius and a guy named Paul who somehow has it in his head that Rick Schwartz and I are out to influence HIM…simply not as credible.
    I may be harsh here but when you attack me and my ideas I take it personally. Especially when it’s so easy for anyone with any success to tell I’m a winner simply from how I communicate and my track record (including the gentleman to whom I WROTE that passionate email Rick re-posted as a blog…a gentleman who said”No” and now says”Yes”. Thanks man, if you ever read this!) .
    So I’m going to put aside all the bullshit and offer genuine advice in the chance I can win you over as well. It’s probably a wasted effort since your feelings are hurt with me body slamming you in public.
    Whatever, I can say I tried to be a help. I suggest before you act like an authority on PT BARNUM…maybe you should read PT Barnum’s autobiography, Paul. It sounds like you’re under the impression he was a”bad guy”.
    You may be surprised to learn he was among the most influential, and richest men of his day…as well as a thought leader akin to motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who just passed away, God bless him.
    Here’s my favorite Barnum quote (paraphrasing):”Focus all your energy on the most important task before you each day. A constant hammering on a single nail will drive it home at last.”
    Who knows…Maybe”PT Barnum’s routine” of getting rich and influential through FOCUS and knowing your own UNIQUE VALUE is simply”mindless rubbish” to you.
    My *most important task* to quote ol PT Barnum, for this next 3 years is to work with Rick and a number of others among the 500 and change how the entire world of still mostly clueless top-level business leaders view domain names.
    What’s yours?
    Do share.
    I’ll be hammering away on mine.
    Danny Welsh

  10. Rick Schwartz

    And now let me verify……
    Danny sent that email above on January 22nd.
    On January 25th (Last night) we got the response from the client.
    Danny managed to turn a definitive”NO” into a”YES” and THAT is what sales is all about.
    This is the client’s statement:
    “I have a new found sense of respect for you as the below response was quite possibly the best pitch I’ve seen in an email in history. Props! – nothing more to say about that.”
    THE END!!
    And now we BEGIN!

  11. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick & Danny,
    The headwinds that you will both be facing from the old guard will be considerable. The innate qualities of your business model and its ultimate success will quiet your detractors, sooner than you think. You are both involved in establishing Marketing and negotiating standards that will change our industries playing field forever.
    The inner genius of your leasing enterprise turns the table of traditional Domain Sales upside down. In the old Domain Sale Model the negotiating table started from a base of confrontation,beteween Owner and End User. Whereas the Leasing Participation Model involes Collaboration between the two parties, This is a much more fertile ground for accelerated success for both parties.
    The convergence of two worlds you speak of is accomplished by creatively changing the Model from Confrontation to Collaboration. In negotiation circles you have created a catalyst for rapid success. Win Win and then repeat.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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