The Affiliate Program Coming in 2013

Morning Folks!!

I look at a business as loading a gun and then firing it and then hitting your target. If you don't have the proper items in the proper order or you have elements missing, that gun can't fire let alone hit the target. So there are certain steps in a certain order that a business has to do to have success. Once I see a business not doing this, FAILURE is guaranteed.

Progress is about putting one foot in front of another and just doing that while folks on the sideline SCREAM for you to move faster or do this or that. Sorry, I filter out the screams. I have a destination, I have a map and I have the tools to achieve what I see.

Later this year we expect to open up an affiliate program for A very lucrative affiliate program. One that will have recurring revenues during the lifetime of a lease. We are working on many things and one by one they will come to be as we build this platform from scratch right in front of your eyes.

Best part is it is completely transparent. We know what the deal is, you know what the deal is and the end user knows what the deal is. The numbers are all out in the open. It's just a great formula that works and time will prove it.

More to come!

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

15 thoughts on “The Affiliate Program Coming in 2013

  1. EMMA

    Rick! be prepared for the high quantity of traffic that will leak from I am sure you are aware of that, because you that singular is far better than If will not leak into singular then .cos domain names will also not leak into .com domains.

  2. CateTV

    Looking forward to hear more about the affiliate program Rick :) a natural fit for something called :)”One foot in front of the other” transparency is the best kind ! Thanks!

  3. Rick Schwartz

    I don’t think there will be much confusion as we don’t sell sound and lighting.
    There will be some leakage. But with .co you are over 60% and here could be 6%.
    The bulk of this 60% are lost forever. I will get at least 3% of my 6% if not more.
    So apples and oranges once again.
    That 54% difference is what will put ANY entity out of business.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    please stop with your .CO shtick.
    I guess you are not very good at math.
    60% and higher vs 6% and lower.
    Agendas and math just don’t mix for ya do they??

  5. Rick Schwartz

    I just looked over 2 YEARS of your negative comments.
    Not a single one constructive. Just INFECTING legitimate conversation.
    All with an agenda and many with your pot shots.
    You and your .CO agenda can go bye bye and peddle your .CO CRAP somewhere else.

  6. Guy

    jointventure is an established business, ie domain not available
    Rick is smart enough to have nailed it years ago if it was available
    end of discussion way i see it
    btw , great news Rick, look forward to this
    what i love is finally the domaining area in the aftermarket is finally moving into the domain of just domainers, the guys who walk the walk, know domains, know domainers and look after each other
    Frank and Rick have done amazing jobs these past years
    if sedo went under it would thrill the life out of me, they are pure poison and robbing bastards
    all we need now is a great cheap registrar with amazing support for domainers
    you remember when Moniker was great under Montes stewardship?
    please Rick, buy back Moniker with Monte and Frank
    it would be fricking amazing
    they’ve killed it so could get on the cheap

  7. EMMA

    You are clueless and blind. It does not take that much to redesign or improve a website.

  8. Bill

    Emma…I don’t think the majority of the potential customers are going to”find” jointventure, or jointventures, but rather jointventures is more likely going to find them.
    I would speculate the majority of the customers will be gained the old fashion way…but using modern technology and certainly not hurting to have hundreds of keyword domains pointing to the jointventures site and perhaps some nice media publicty.
    But I think a lot of old fashion marketing and salesmanship will be in play to identifying potential customers, maybe even old fashion trade show marketings in some instances to find interested prospects and presenting a business model and ROI, and then close the sale….or should I say”lease”.

  9. Bill

    WTF does that have to do with anything here?
    Pass the bong girl!

  10. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    All outside the BOX thinking meets with some resistance and that resistance comes in many disguised forms as you are experiencing probably on an ever increasing pace. Lots of people do not really understand what is really good for them. I know you have the wisdom to Wave Them On, and forge forward.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  11. Blah

    Go fuck yourself! Go to namepros and preach to the newbie crowd what an expert you are.
    Ricks batting average is surly one of the best in the industry. is all ready a success! Case closed!

  12. Danny Welsh

    RE:”I don’t think the majority of the potential customers are going to”find” jointventure, or jointventures, but rather jointventures is more likely going to find them.”
    Yep. Serious buyers will keep their eye on the ball. Once someone knows what IS and that we have the one domain name they want, confusion doesn’t matter. Before that, it can but as Rick said it’s a non-issue with a non-competing firm. People will correct themselves.
    Danny Welsh


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