This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.

Evening Folks!!

This line that I authored and started using about a year ago is popping up over parked pages everywhere. In just a few weeks domainers have turned the corner and taken back their destiny. Whether you use it in conjunction with or not, I will predict it will be on over 1 MILLION parked pages in the next few WEEKS! Maybe more! Why? Because it is powerful and it works.

Stop selling your best assets. Sell the crap and take those dollars and find leaseable domain names. The future really is here. If you owned a building in Times Square would you rush to sell or would you lease and have income for the rest of your life?

Have a Great Evening!

Rick Schwartz

15 thoughts on “This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.

  1. RK

    I have a similar message on my domain in my ID above.
    This message is on more than 10k of our domain names.
    The problem is people are still selling inquiries daily to buy the domain, not lease.
    Hopefully it will change over time.

  2. Slammondide

    Nice job, Rick. You definitely were a catalyst for many.
    Doing only business with Google feels like living in solitary confinement. There is a whole other world of income waiting out there for those that want it.
    Also, closing those deals is a rush not felt since the days of really high parking payouts. I’m hooked, so far.

  3. Slammondide

    @RK…..I hear you. There is still a whole lot of resistance, but if someone is really serious, they will probably bite and you will probably get a better deal then selling the domain right out the door, if you can wait for the right deal.

  4. Danny Welsh

    It’s a movement.
    All you need to do is search a search engine for that phrase”This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.”
    Onward and upward, friends.
    Danny Welsh

  5. Tom

    I think the message is stop short changing yourself, make it very expensive to buy, and make it easier to lease. I mean I had a chance to sell a property a month after I bought it for a $100,000 gain, I chose to hang onto it, and it has appreciated about $1.1M in that time.
    If someone really wants my domain, and I make it very expensive to own, compared to a more flexible lease, most likely they will take that avenue. If you think the new gtld will be a slaughter fest, and .com will come out on top, you should start shelfing your quality keyword domains. Since the new year, my inquiries have tripled, I don’t quote low, I know what their options are before I even quote, maybe a day or week, but they always come back. They may register the .org, fine, I know they will be back for the .com when business, explodes, and they will be charged for it.
    You are not going to get wealthy in this business, if you keep selling your cream of the crop, and replacing it with almost as good, you are just keeping the registars alive.
    You are seeing the pigeon crap farmers dropping out, they cannot sustain their crap, Right now each of us have a dozen quality industry names, that we can make a nice living off, if handled right. Or I can make a few sales, buy a new car, some art, take a trip to vegas, upgrade houses, and I am back to square 1, then what?

  6. Owen

    Best line of whole website:”This partnership is not for wimps, whiners, or complainers. Negative people are infectious and we have no place for them. Clear enough?”

  7. Danny Welsh

    From one wordsmith to another, thanks Owen. :)
    Yours was one of the blogs Rick recommended I read thru after his when he and I first started talking about my ideas.
    Danny Welsh

  8. kedo

    Hmmmm it is self explanatory to see these premium domain names undeveloped, not being needed. It is not easy to come up with a business idea that can be successful. Once you have that then you can use any name and you will be successful. Business idea that can be successful is what matters, not a domain name. Youtube, Godaddy, Pinterest, instagram, plentyoffish, alexa, google, Yahoo, techcrunch,facebook, myspace, just to name few, are good examples.
    Those people investing in new gtlds are clueless. What the world is lacking are business ideas, not names or domain names and there will always be plenty of names and domains available for anybody to register to start their business

  9. Patrick Hipskind

    Hi Rick and Danny,
    I think the”A Round Crunch” that is being predicted for Silicon Valley start-ups is a great opportunity for you. There is very limited venture capital funding available for the Series A Round and later rounds of financing. It is being predicted that over 1,000 start-ups will run out of cash in the next 18 months.
    If I was part of the executive team, I would be doing everything I could to improve the balance sheet and obtain the best domain name possible so that the odds of getting additional funding are better.

  10. Danny Welsh

    RE:”Hmmmm it is self explanatory to see these premium domain names undeveloped, not being needed.”
    Look in the email inbox of a couple the fortunate 500 people who own the best domain names in the world and count the number of”May I buy this domain name?” or”How much is this domain name?” inquiries that are UNSOLICITED coming in DAILY.
    Come back and tell us all what you find about NEED, WANT, and DESIRE about these unique .com domains that represent business ideas that increasingly are NOT for sale for cash only (at least not the ones we own :) ).
    RE:”It is not easy to come up with a business idea that can be successful.”
    Sure it is. Call any successful entrepreneur. They can give you two dozen ideas they’ll never live long enough to implement. Ideas are easy. Actionable ideas with the right mix of personal interest, leveraged effort and ROI/ROE is what I’m personally after.
    Why does Rick Schwartz have HUNDREDS of LEASABLE domain names in 2013? Because in 1994 he had HUNDREDS of ***IDEAS*** that he wasn’t immediately able to implement as a business, but knew someone else one day MIGHT WANT TO and he could be part of their successes.
    Think about that Kedo. I mean, really let it sink in. Can you own an idea? Of course not. But which naked idea not paired with a business yet has history proven better valued STANDING ALONE– Rick’s eBid.COM or the developed eBid.NET?
    Not to be rude (I promise) but if you don’t know that story, you simply don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.
    Like Rick says, Ideas are KEY.
    AND ideas are FREE.
    But not all keys unlock all doors, pal.
    RE:”you can use any name and you will be successful. Business idea that can be successful is what matters, not a domain name.”
    No disagreement there.
    You could call your company and be successful. But why would you? (unless you had a reason..and I can think of 2 or 3 but in each case it may or may not work well as a business).
    The advantages of a premium generic domain name are what are valuable, the multiplication of every effort in marketing and more. It takes effort to turn even a GREAT domain name into anything of a GREAT business…but if the business is going to make the effort ANYWAY, it’s smart to grab every advantage they can.
    How much effort does it take to remember the next time you want to order candy after you’ve been their customer once? It’s frictionless brand recall and if you don’t see that you’re in over your head among the guys that frequent this forum and know their stuff.
    Especially when an alternative extension to the standard .com is involved. Even when they’re successful, they’ll want the .com owned by someone else. Why go down a path you know ends with someone else being your”silent partner” making money off your efforts if you can make the accomodation up front and accept a small % REAL PARTNER in your business who will be CHEERING for your success?
    RE:”Godaddy, Pinterest, instagram, plentyoffish, alexa, google, Yahoo, techcrunch,facebook, myspace, just to name few, are good examples.”
    You can point to exceptions all day. No one said every business must be a generic domain name online. Doesn’t change the fact that someone has to LEARN what”plentyoffish” means before it has any value to them as a consumer. That’s”branding”. Pair the SAME things they did to become successful with a better domain name and it would have taken off even FASTER. Which makes the domain obvious as the FIRST CHOICE for any serious company with serious growth ambitions. And the ones that are already successful like a”K-Swiss” are buying the generic .com domain of their product i.e.
    Why? Are these multinational corporations stupid?
    RE:”Those people investing in new gtlds are clueless.”
    No argument there. Whew! I actually thought you were one of those people. Glad you’re not because it gives me hope you may be able to come back with something of value to say in this conversation.
    I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I checked before saying anything and of your 4 comments on this forum none added to the conversation being had HERE, kedo.
    I’ll keep an eye our for your name on future comments.
    Bring ideas worth talking about and you’ll find people will listen. Throw crap without adding anything of value and you’ll be tuned out.
    Danny Welsh

  11. Danny Welsh

    Good thinking, Patrick. Start-ups are actually very amenable to domain leasing terms in some recent negotiations. Plus they many times”get” the internet more than the old guard.
    It’s on my list of stuff to do for Rick and to discuss sending some of our sub-brokers this year to hit up these events:
    Anyone that goes to that list of the top”must attend” conferences for entrepreneurs put out by an ‘old school’ organization (Forbes), I want you to do a bit of quick research and tell me what you see. OLD embracing NEW.
    Many of those conferences are run by guys and gals in their 30s that have been marketing on the internet since their teens.
    Many of the attendees are same.
    THAT is significant.
    Guys like me, in fact, now that I think of it. And it may or may not surprise you that I know two of them personally.
    And the number one demographic of attendees at these events ain’t big business, it’s small business out to whoop big business’s ass online (and increasingly succeeding).
    The time for pairing a great domain name with a great business plan to create an instant PLAYER that can shake up industry after industry is here.
    Danny Welsh

  12. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick,
    I bought my first domain in 97 and shortly threafter I became aware of you and have used you as a valuable resource for my Marketing Strategy Background ever since. Through our correspondence over the years I discovered firsthand the importance of paying attention to your observations and visions for the future.
    I congratulate you on this new venture and want to thank you for blazing a trail for us to follow into the future.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  13. Danny Welsh

    I think Rick would co-sign this statement, Jeff:
    You don’t have to follow. I’ve read many of your comments and you are a bright guy and a DOER. Just trust what Rick sees and get up and GO!
    Why do you think Rick and I are running like crazy to stay ahead? The whole domain world at the upper echelons is moving to want to do what we’re doing (and I’m finding out EVERY day how many have quietly been doing these deals for 5-15 years) just no fanfare.
    We just want a chance for three things:
    1) a group of DN VIPs (aka the readers of this blog) to know in their GUT who it was that predicted for 20 years that it would become NORMAL for a domain investor to input a domain alone into the business idea/operation and increase profits in a JV of some kind (Rick) where everyone makes more money than any other option…and who it is that’s going to PUSH AS HARD AND AS LONG AS IT TAKES to get those first 100 or so 18 wheelers over the top of the hill to use Rick’s long time metaphor and dream (Danny)…
    2) To position ourselves at the upper end of the domain name partnership market for creative deals of all kinds (think Christie’s but not priceless art…priceless eRealEstate)
    3) To give the Domain King a chance to be the spokesman and pitchman for this coming trend as soon as the Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, etc of the world catch hold of it. They’re already sniffing around, and I can’t wait til…well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.
    The point is this. Rick can be seen as the leader but no one else needs to be a follower. We can’t have our finger in every pie and we don’t want or need to…there is SO MUCH opportunity coming down the pike if you see what we see, whether or not someone does business with us.
    The question those who WANT to do business with us, is just how far have Rick and Danny thought this through…I can assure you when our clients see our 24 month plan they will KNOW they made the right decision giving us an exclusive.
    Stay connected and never hesitate to offer your thoughts. :)
    Be blessed,
    Danny Welsh

  14. Jeff Schneider

    Thanks Danny,
    I plan on being a contributor to this Blog well into the future. I have been totally excited for many years in contributing to this Blogs cutting edge concepts. Its just fantastic that Rick has partnered with someone of your caliber. Thank you for acknowledging your mutual respect.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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