When you NAIL IT……You KNOW it!

Afternoon Folks!!

It took 30 seconds. That's it. 30 seconds that has the power to change the dynamics of what we all do. Sometimes the ball hits the sweet spot of the bat and the moment you feel it is the moment you know that ball is going for a very long ride. The Godaddy commercial below is going for a very big ride. It explains domains and the sense of urgency in a perfect way for this medium and it is EFFECTIVE!!

It sells domains. It explains domains. It does things that a book can't do. It has the .co logo at the end but that is certainly not the focus of the spot. The message they send is understandable and it will penetrate at all levels. Just terrific! They nailed it. Bravo!

Rick Schwartz

31 thoughts on “When you NAIL IT……You KNOW it!

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick,
    This will only spawn more small businesses that will fuel the need for quality .COM Foundations. The small pool of money becomes bigger and bigger with each day. If you are a small fish competing with the large fish at the top of the food chain you will need the strategic value of a .COM foundation to survive. Nothings changed accept the number of small fish competing for survival. You are right Rick they nailed it.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jason Franklin

    Nice commercial. Kudos to Go Daddy and I can’t wait to see it aired.
    Curious to see if the amount of .co’s registered increase after this is played and by how much. I also agree Rick, they hit the nail on the head.
    Best regards,
    Jason Franklin

  3. henry

    It doesn’t help dot com at all. This commercial is directed at Joe Schmo and he’s not going to be buying a $100,000 dot com when he can buy a dot co for 10 bucks. It puts .CO in the spotlight and thats not good for .COM

  4. henry

    Just like last time .CO is going to be placed ahead of .COM on the homepage and I think your giving Joe to much credit. Joe Schmo is stupid.

  5. Rich

    “Joe Schmo is not stupid.
    The one thing he knows about the net is that the domain ends with .com”
    Well… then Joe Schmo IS stupid.

  6. henry

    This commercial is making dot co look like a viable alternative and like I said that’s not good for dot com but is great for Joe Schmo.

  7. Rick Schwartz

    “I think your giving Joe to much credit. Joe Schmo is stupid.”
    What’s your definition of stupid?
    Stupid Joe Schmo would probably know that”to” in the tense you used it is”too”
    But Joe Schmo is stupid in your eyes even tho you depend on Joe Schmoe to put food on the table you somehow think you are superior mr. .co owner.

  8. DThomas

    Well let’s hope they don’t turn off the .com premium listings like they did 2 years back, so they could force people to buy .co, so they can drop them a year later.

  9. henry

    Grammar is your defense, or is it grammer. Wait was that supposed to be a period or a comma. who cares. LOL

  10. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick,
    More revenue dollars are routed through .COM Foundations than any other revenue conduit in all of recorded history. Knowone in the peanut gallery can refute this fact.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  11. Joe

    I like this commercial, it just goes straight to the target and helps make people aware of the industry (not necessarily .CO) and the scarcity of what it offers.

  12. UFO

    Most .co owners will be self employed etc that just want a cheap unique address.
    All the big players google etc will be after this lower level segment big time once they have all their new gtlds. They’ll bundle the whole shooting match, and you better believe that these cheaper end of the market will lap it up. They won’t want a standard com, provide hosting, get bespoke web design and maintain it. Nup, they want something that is absolutely straight forward. And even if someone can’t find their URL I’m sure Google will make it damned easy to find them via search.
    Convergence, its all coming.

  13. JBS

    GoDaddy.co domain shown at the end of the ad forwards to the .com of course…
    Love the video!

  14. Jeff Schneider

    Hi UFO,
    I could not agree more with your last statement!
    Convergence, its all coming.
    Convergence, its all coming back to the perpetrators of the gTLD platform in more revenue dollars.More revenue dollars are routed through .COM Foundations than any other revenue conduit in all of recorded history.They are only perpetuating this powerful trend with the gTLD introduction.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger

  15. henry

    Who dropped the ball on the crappy website that YourBigIdea.CO goes to? Or is it too. I forget or forgot or something. LOL

  16. Joao

    Domainers in Colombia must be very happy with this ad. Despite the fact that it is not a .com, it’s just freaking awesome.

  17. Garry Epperson

    I think all of you idiots that think this commercial is about .co are stupid (including the ones that produced it.) It may have been intended to be about .co but it is way overshadowed by the need for name that’s left of the dot. They could have put .shit up on the screen and it still wouldn’t matter. The point is already made by the end of the commercial. The underlying context annihilated the .co content.

  18. UFO

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Google bundled some type of ‘office’ software etc etc. I don’t think most people have cottoned onto the fact that Google in the background has consistently been building capability in loads of things they can cross sell.
    See, nobody yet has really captured the small businesses, MS has been in a great position with its office platform, but just hasn’t really done the whole cross sell. It hasn’t even managed to work out that leasing its software to small businesses would make more than one off sales. People like me are still running 2002! MS software, but if they’d charged $80 a year to have the lastest software updates then they’d be well ahead of the game financially.

  19. UFO

    Nb: Culturally I think MS see’s itself as a software supplier whereas Google see’s itself as a solution provider. Big difference.

  20. Jeff Schneider

    Hi UFO
    Googles footprint is increasing in the digital realm more rapidly than any other Tech leader. They have taken a commanding lead in Apps that Apple originally spear headed. Apple is falling prey to commoditization that all traditional manufacturers in history eventually have to face.
    Unlike Microsoft they defend certain technology advances to a point and then pivot very adepyly into new groundbreaking twists to technology, using obsolescence to their advantage to continually remain creative. They will use Motorola to pivot off of and will be considered a Quasi- Utility/Manufacturer something only Google is capable of.
    If I were going to partner with any technology company Google would be my company of choice.

  21. eh

    What’s your big idea? Whatever it is, make sure you get the dot com. Even dot Co knows it. Check out yourbigideadotcom It is a Brilliant ad, when folks find out, that dot co means Colombia, they will be pissed.


    I LOVE this advert, this is the TURNING POINT!!
    The queen bee (com) has its factory of hives (GTLDs) starting to bring
    pure honey into the hive.
    These workers will be working day & night around the WHOLE WORLD

  23. sonar

    People from Columbia will be happy people with such advertisement.because no such gtld has got such a huge recognition

  24. Danny Welsh

    STATEMENT: Every time GoDaddy runs this commercial,”the 500″ will make money.
    REBUTTAL: _________??
    Anyone? Anyone?
    Danny Welsh

  25. Danny Welsh

    RE:”The underlying context annihilated the .co content.”
    Whoa. You just gave me a great idea for saying that same thing maybe a little more polished. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment, let me see if I can paint a picture with words so folks can see who in 2013 is ALREADY sitting in the privatejet.com. Hope you don’t mind me borrowing that concept to run with it as a platform for some of our marketing in the next 2 years with JointVentures.com?
    Fact is I get what you’re saying. People like you and the 500 had the great idea FIRST. Gosh almighty isn’t that clear to anyone who goes below the surface of what is a magnificent marketing piece by Godaddy…hands down it NAILS IT to explain a domain name as an IDEA to Joe Blow…but is what they’re nailing the lid shut on the coffin of the future viability of .CO if and when the”spin” of this story telling 61% leakage eventually reaches the small business owner spending $8.99 or whatever they charge for gold covered lead?
    Because the readers of this blog and the mastermind created here (not me and not Rick) have the POWER and INFLUENCE to make that true story read in USA Today THIS year.
    NOT as an advertisement for .com. NOT as an advertisement against .co. But as a NEWS STORY in the BUSINESS SECTION.
    Thanks for the idea Garry. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it and expand upon it. I told you we were going to get along just fine!
    Danny Welsh


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