HallofShame.com Watch List Updated with QLP.com!

Evening Folks!!

The Hallofshame is becoming a busy place and once again we will be expanding. But that is for another day. Tonight it is to announce another case on HallofShame's Reverse Domain Name Hijacking watch list. QLP.com and the suit brought by Quality Logo Products, Inc.


Now just because they are listed does not mean they will be found guilty.


On the other hand, the evidence may point strongly to that outcome.

YADAY!!! LOL!!! TOO FUNNY! Just my personal opinion.

Rick Schwartz


One thought on “HallofShame.com Watch List Updated with QLP.com!

  1. GOTW UK

    The QLP.com domain name UDRP case has been decided

    All of the 3 panelists agreed that the QLP.com domain was NEITHER registered in bad faith NOR used in bad faith. See section 6.c decision WIPO case D2013-1691. Richard G. Lyon said “We owe it to this Respondent (Get On The Web Ltd) to chastise the Complainant (Quality Logo Products Inc.) and its representative (Golan & Christie) for their irresponsible conduct. We owe it to the integrity of the UDRP process to call out patent abuses such as I believe this case to be.” Presiding panelist Jonas Gulliksson and panelist Christopher K. Larus were silent on the subject to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.


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