Spouses, Sons and Daughters, Mothers and Fathers

Aftrenoon Folks!!

When It comes to feeling good and benefits one of the best feelings I personally get from TRAFFIC is when domainers bring their spouses, their sons and their daughters and their mothers and fathers. That is truly the highest compliment you can pay us. That means something special that you would include them.

It's the truest stamp of approval I can think of. To share the TRAFFIC experience with the ones closest in your life. And when we look back they are also the most memorable moments I can think of. So I just wanted to take a moment to let those folks know how special it is for US, when you include your family.  Thank you!

I also know when they come they get to see what you do and that is the foundation to support your efforts when you go home. That is priceless and that support can be very rewarding as I have been told.

Rick Schwartz

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