Mark Cuban: Does Not Matter How Many Times You Fail

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Don't listen to me and all I have said about failing over the years. Listen to what Mark Cuban says: “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail—you only have to be right one time.”

Bingo, Bongo!! So simple. Yet MOST people on this earth are SCARED of failure which means they are terrified of success.

Here are my posts with the keywords, "Fear of Failure". I write about it a lot because it is so true!

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail—you only have to be right one time.”

That really is the key. So those yapping on the sidelines are so scared to even get in the game all they can do is what they do best, just make noise.

So those idiots pointing their finger at failure may as well be pointing their finger at themselves. Pointing to their own failure to even try.

A true failure should include a leap of knowledge as the residue of that failure.

There is a fork in the road and there are 2 paths.

80% won't go down either path as they will be stuck, confused and unable to make a decision.

20% will try one way or the other. 10% will get it right the first time. That leaves 10% and 8% of them will try one road and give up and the 2% will go down one road, see it is the wrong road, turn back and correct the mistake. That 2% even trumps the 10% that got it right the first time. They may have gotten it right by sheer luck The 2% that failed, actually learned something that led them to a success and they know WHY they succeeded.

I did an entire post about this:


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22 thoughts on “Mark Cuban: Does Not Matter How Many Times You Fail

  1. Danny Pryor

    This is a great post to underscore the notion that persistence, more than talent, skill or genius, matters most when it comes to long-term success. To quote Arianna Huffington, “If failure is not an option, then neither is success.” It really is that simple. Just keep going. Don’t stop. It doesn’t even matter how much money you have. Just keep going.

  2. Harry L Shields

    Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote in his poem called Memorian:27 in 1850, “It is better too have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.” If you have loved at least you can move on and start again. The same goes for business. If you fail, get up, dust yourself off and start over. Even if you are never successful at what you were working on, at least you can say you tried.

  3. shanecultra

    Failure is easy when you have nothing to lose. Put a family’s financial security on the line and see how ones decisions change. There is a reason why young single people, deep pocketed, or second life empty nesters, not married father’s of three are the ones that can lay it all on the line. Just playing devil’s advocate here and pointing out that you should never fear failure but to play recklessly is just as stupid

  4. M Altaf Hossain

    ‘Failure is the pillar of all success’. It is the stepping stones towards success.
    Nice & motivational post Rick. Who does not know the true story of Robert Bruce the King of Scotland,was defeated 6 times in the wars with England and then saw a spider,…..That motivated him to try again for the 7th time and become victorious to get back the independence of his nation (Scotland). If you do not try at all of course, you are already failure.So we should try to make mistake, before we succeed. Gratefully,

  5. patrick

    I have failed at business and succeeded, i have been on deaths door step(literally)and come back for another round, i have had to go to the food bank to feed my children and have lived like a king, life is the greatest challenge and you must never give up i repeat never give up.Thank you for the inspiration rick when i got into domaining i owned 500 keyword domains only problem was they were mostly cctlds i am down to 35 and still clearing the s#%t. of that 3 are keyword dot coms and if that is all i have than i find myself blessed.

  6. Jenny

    Patrick, I’m humbled by your story. A man that would do what it takes to care for his children is a real father indeed.

  7. Anita

    Most successful people – with big or small successes – take failure in as little a negative light as possible – in fact they are glad they failed because it’s failures that teach you the biggest lessons of life. Mentally our attitude should be more like “I’m glad I failed now and not 5 or 10 years down the line.”, etc.

  8. steve

    I still yell make sure you watch who you know and who you let be your friend or partner in business. When I realized my biggest mistake this was it. You have to watch out for greed, laziness, stupidity.
    I had one moron tell me build my websites and I will bring the traffic. I laughed so hard because traffic is the holy grail in this business. This guy wants me to do all the work up front even before he can bring the traffic because that is just how it works… So if I will build huge websites I had to ask him how he could guarantee the traffic would come. He had no answer other than he was awesome and people knew him… 1 simple question and I knew I had made a horrible decision making this moron my friend. He was ruining my life in so many other ways. Adios asshole. Nothing wrong with telling an asshole adios. I’ve done 1 million dollars better without him and on my own.

  9. steve cheatham

    Failure is a matter of perception. It could be categorized as “market research” and the results gave you data to work with. Just sayin..

  10. Tom

    I have had this motto my whole life. I keep trying and trying new adventures and business all the time. Everyone wonders why I have sooo much going on. I just hope that one day, one of my ideas/businesses/websites will take off and make up for all the ones that did not really make it. I take chances all the time, people call me very daring and they like the “secure” way but I love to come up with ideas that are out of the norm a little. I own a few businesses and a bunch of websites and domains. Here are just a few of the websites : , , , , , , and many others. I feel these have great potential and just wait until I get up the great deal of money to advertise them heavily and get the names/businesses out there. I also believe that if you truly believe in what you have, you will succeed. Just my thoughts

  11. Frank Michlick

    Agree with Rick and Shane here – failing is OK (and can be a stepping stone on the way to success), but you must weigh the risk and whom you are putting at risk.

    Another important factor is to be able to admit that you failed with something…

  12. tcr

    frank, that’s a very important point, try and try again, but don’t leave a trail of broken relationships, broken promises, and broken bank accounts, Also I am not sure why we are crediting mark Cuban with some wisdom for saying this. this has been said for generations,

  13. Kyle Taylor

    You’d be surprised how many of Mark Cuban’s ventures have failed. He had the megasmash hit by bailing out of at the right time, and the Mavericks have been a dominant team for a decade, but the rest of his investments have had their share of successes and failures. He’s really sharp though. I think as an entrepreneur, you can’t be scared of failing because the vast majority of startups end up dying fairly quickly or never even get off of the ground. The recipe for success isn’t just using the types of services listed at but creating high quality products with a good business model. These are hard problems that if you’ve never truly solved before you’ll have a hard time with.


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