$80,000/Year Just to Sit on the Beach and do Nothin’!

Morning Folks!!

What I hope to do in time is have enough words and thoughts on record so the puzzle begins to fill in for those that think I am talking in code or other such stuff. "Why don't you develop?" an accusing voice would ask? I would try to explain that the only thing I might be doing is developing a job that might suck up all my time and take me away from MY vision and MY path and may even cost me money.

So I have had to walk around for years defending myself from those pointed fingers. I just saw something different. I could start at the end and not get bogged down by the stuff in the middle. All I had to do was be patient and survive the middle. I knew where it began and I bet the farm that I knew where it ended.

So ebet.com turned out to be an $80,000/year gig just for doing nothing but believing what I believed and letting nobody deter me from my beliefs. And the byproduct is that I am firmer today in my belief than ever before because it is far from theory. It is demonstrated fact and I am just one of many that share in that fact and demonstration.

Doing nothing can trump doing something when you have the patience to plant a seed and wait for that tree to appear. We can argue the size and beauty of the tree, but you can't argue that there is a tree. First one, then 2 and then 3 and before you know it there is a forest.

What is happening TODAY was fully predictable 20 years ago. That was even 3 years before I began. Fully predictable!!

Go search "Pyramid thinking". I did that for the first time this week. It just validated something I naturally do. I start at the end and work to the start and that way the path is oh so much easier. Answers first. Completely opposite of how we are wired.

I believe eventually there will be an opportunity with ebid.com. I know there is need, want and desire. The sale of ebet.com did not hurt the value of ebid.com. What it does is reinforce the value. Sets a floor for the value and knowing everyday that ticks by is a day that is not only costly because the value keeps going up but costly in missed opportunity and missed business and more growth and more clients. Something anyone by building on .whatever has to deal with. Not because I say so. Because basic business principles say so. The most basic. Elementary in fact. Not my fault that they miss the simplest of things.

So, I will sit on the beach every single day and never ever question the path I have chosen and many of us share.

The first can be a fluke. The second could be just luck. The third has to make you stop and think. And the forth just has me looking for #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10. I could list them right here, right now without breaking a sweat. And you know what?  None of those will be next. A couple of them are in the 8 figures. Imagine saying that 15 years ago. The world is creeping my way and to my vision one day at a time. No surprise on one hand and simply overwhelming on the other. Like looking at a lottery ticket as they pull one number after another and you are following along with the winning ticket.

My words from 1996-1999 stand a bit taller today and will continue to grow as we all evolve.

And when .whatever has a mighty success, the .com domain owner is going to have a mighty success with them. Much mightier than I ever envisioned. This only accelerates the future and future value. Wait and see the explosion that is here and will only intensify for the year ahead.  .Whatever is fueling that explosion because the smart ones are on it this time, this is the result!

Rick Schwartz


10 thoughts on “$80,000/Year Just to Sit on the Beach and do Nothin’!

  1. M.G.

    Rick, you are right (again), but a problem here is that majority (99%+) of domainers (yeah, they call themselves investors) are in rush, not willing to wait for right buyer and sell their asset cheap, very cheap. Then it hurts domaining industry same way as it does in real estate market. That majority know that when neighbor sell his house cheap it will hurt the value of his house as well, but they don’t think same way in domaining. Therefore we have just few 7-figure sales. If 10% of those crappy domainers are willing to listen you and wait, then we see such sales in weekly, maybe daily basis. Am I wrong? Honestly…

  2. DonnyM

    Thanks for making it public and not NDA. Everyone should be making the sales public it only increases value for everyone’s portfolios. That is if is over 6 figures at least.

    It’s crazy to think that If the .bid ever comes about you just make more. I just can’t imagine someone buying e.bid and not owning ebid.com. Same goes for ebet.com and e.bet

  3. Maximiullis Sezar

    no you are wrong.there are many “domainers” out there and it is impossible to receive 7 figure offers on daily basis.how many companies are there to spend 7 figures on domains ?

  4. M.G.

    @Maximiullis: I asked Rick, and I hope he will answer my question. To anwer you question – yes, there are many companies that can produce at least 1 7-figure sale each week. It is just $52mm+ a year. That is not huge money. But back to my comment – the point you should take from it is that many “domainers” sell cheap and it is true. Rick would never sell eBet.com for $50k, but 99%+ of “domainers” would do that and they would be actually celebrating that sale like a 7-figure sale… Got it..?

  5. Leonard Britt

    It would be interesting to know the monthly type-in traffic of EBET.com to assess the traffic value (lead generation) versus brand value (short .COM) of the domain.

  6. UFO

    My belief is that 1 word dictionary .com’s are worth a million a go, but they also have to be brandable and approx 6 or less characters long, and be free in the appropriate classes on the main trademark registers and/or be so ‘generically’ focused that they couldn’t be trademarked in the class they play in. So maybe there’s 5000 .com’s that fit that category. 5000 proper definable brands. 1m x 5000 = $5b. Its not that much.

    But domainers are squeeling with delight when they land 50-100k.

    If everyone was a holdout like Rick on the best .com’s then the higher sales would justify higher asking prices and so it woud be a virtuous cycle for domainers. Raise your game by raising everyones expectations.

    Still think ebet was sold too cheap. A 80k cashflow at 5% brings it in at 1.6m and the synergy it gives to ebet (Aus) is worth millions more. However, 1.35m reinvested into some of the great buyers I current see around could be worth many multiples to the appropriate end users. I mean, you could buy 135 10k names worth in excess of 100k a go…geeze.

  7. Kassey

    I guess it was not $80,000 per year in 1996. How has this passive income changed over the years? Where did the money come from before PPC or other sources began?

  8. tcr

    kassey, the $80,000 a year is rick’s sales price divided by the numbers of years he has held it.


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