You Either Have a Keen Eye for Domains that Others Want or you Don’t.

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You either have a keen eye for domains that others would want or you don't. Isn't that the heart of domaining? Picking locations others would want to build on in case you don't build on it first.

You can't think the way YOU want to think, you have to think the way that THEY think. Who is they? They is the market. They is the market that assigns value. Value happens over time. You can use comparisons to a certain degree. But it is based more on the other "C" called "Circumstance" and that can not be measured in this market or in any market.

Need, want , desire drive a market and value makes a market. Value is subjective because it is based on a need. That need has different levels of value. That need to a lemonade stand has one value. The need for a car manufacturer has a different value and probably greater value. So if you don't distinguish the two, you are leaving dollars on the table.

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “You Either Have a Keen Eye for Domains that Others Want or you Don’t.

  1. Brad Miller

    hand registered for $0.50 cents with a coupon just the other night.

  2. Eli Zeller

    There is a guy trying to sell on Dn Forum. He keeps bumping the post talking to himself. The guy has been registered since 2003. So, he is either the biggest moron on the planet or a scumbag scammer, since the only human beings who could ever fall for this snake oil pitch has to be someone who just started in domains or has brain damage.

    The forums let people like this run wild non-stop. That is why 95 percent of serious domainers stay away from posting on forums. Even when you give someone good advice and tell them they are taking the wrong approach, nobody ever listens, and most get extremely defensive about such gems as…lol. That is basically the worst name imaginable, and it is stunning to think that someone who has posted for 10 years is trying to push this name onto some unsuspecting newbie.

  3. Brad Miller

    I won’t renew with Register at $35 / year, this is the only name I have at, but it is a nice deal at $0.50 cents, a nice coupon. Im going to hold this name and get a nice return. I figure Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the US, and hosting is big business. Maybe I will sell it to – the Hulkster is roaming around down there somewhere.


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