Domain Lease, Turns into $121,550 Domain Sale

Morning Folks!!

So I had just about come to terms with leasing one of my adult domains, But then I remembered the case and decided that a lease might leave me with some exposure whether real or not and I decided it would be better to do a different setup.

So I used a standard 5 year option purchase of $121,550 that will provide me payments for 5 years and a balloon payment at the end of 5 years or I will get the domain back. holds the paper and while it is not one of the best deals I have made, it is a deal and it is one of the first adult domains I have ever sold.

It takes a domain that earned me $65 last year on ppc and will make me many times that a month now. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “ Domain Lease, Turns into $121,550 Domain Sale

  1. M.G.

    Congratulations! Are monthly payments of same amount or not? How did you get such weird amount?

  2. NEIL

    Good morning, King. I’m following You, just registered
    No TRAFFIC in the first 5 minutes, I can wait…who knows?
    Get Rich or Die Tryin’…Thank You, Kind regards, Neil :)


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