TRAFFIC Silent Auction Bidding is Brisk!

Morning Folks!!

Just a quick reminder that TRAFFIC is not totally over. Our silent auction hosted by is still running and as I write this 23 different domains have bids. Highest bids so far are $12,000 for, $10,000 for and $2000 for and are the most active with 9 bids each.


Auction Ends Thursday.

Still working on the Schwartz vs Schilling video and should be up this weekend.

Rick Schwartz



6 thoughts on “TRAFFIC Silent Auction Bidding is Brisk!

  1. Victor Pitts

    With just over 7 hours of bidding left, 55% of the domains in the TRAFFIC Silent Auction have bids. Several of the NO Reserve domains have sold, and bids are inching toward reserve on the higher priced domains. and have bids in the five figure now.


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