Twitter Founder Talks About: Need, Want, Desire, Human Nature, Farming and 20 Years of Internet!!

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"That warning wasn’t so much a slam on Twitter, which Williams helped create, as it was an observation about human nature. People will be people. The internet wants to give them exactly what they’re looking for. And people who understand how to channel that tendency will be disproportionately powerful."

In this article Williams talks about "Desire", "Human Nature " and "20 years". He talks about farming as I did just this week!

“The internet is not what I thought it was 20 years ago,” Williams said. “It’s not a utopian world. It’s essentially like a lot of other major technological revolutions that have taken place in the history of the world.” He compares it to, well, agriculture. “[Agriculture] made life better. It not only got people fed, it freed them up to do many more things — to create art and invent things.”

Finally, he uses the word "Desire" 4 different times. Talks about "Need" and  "Want"

Good read!

Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “Twitter Founder Talks About: Need, Want, Desire, Human Nature, Farming and 20 Years of Internet!!

  1. M Altaf Hossain

    Good Morning Rick,
    Before anybody get up I read your posts with interest. Thanks for the great post quoting from Williams. Yes you said it all . But he mentioned a few more things: 2C-connections and convenience and i-‘ideas’ in addition to your ‘want’ , ‘desire’ and ‘need’.
    I feel ‘time’ is also very integral for availing the opportunity. Sometimes I am baffled with thinking, the internet will lead people to ‘where’?
    Thanks. gratefully, Altaf

  2. Pat W

    Interesting Article Rick — It kind of looks like when you (Williams) are Trying to Hype your investors on your internet dream with a new one billion dollar IPO coming out that You (E Williams) will tell your investors Anything — and give them “some valuable inside info” (and a little humor to) on – Farm Land – Secret Formula – get Rich online – The Hive of Connections – and like you said the – Need – Want & Desire many times !!!
    And you will do this especially if your Pushing your – IPO – Twitter and you know it has has major million dollar losses that are getting worse every year with no sign of getting better even with revenue climbing much higher…

      1. Pat W

        Hi Rick – That is a shock that with that Huge of a Jump in Revenues nothing hardly at all really happened to improve their losses — This is common is when there are Problems Management can not Fix or Agree on — especially with IPO’s they will talk about all the Great info and / or plans for their Business and Avoid as much as Possible not talking about their Losses.

        If they are a rock solid company with great management Their Losses would be the first thing they will address and tell the investors their New Game Plan to solve this Bad Problem and how they are going to do it with are new investor IPO Cash and What Their Future plans are to make this a Very Powerful Company & Leader in the Industry.

        IMO — Twitter is a Super Idea & Great Company with Bad Management that need a Quick Cash Fix before it is too late…

        * Thanks Much for all Your Great Great Info !!!

  3. Ramahn

    “…people don’t want to wait, and they don’t want to think —and the internet should respond to that. “If you study what the really big things on the internet are, you realize they are masters at making things fast and not making people think.” This! Exactly why ill never understand why companies make it so difficult for their customers to find them and buy their products/services.

  4. UFO

    If anyone thinks that the life expectency of a .com is short (lets say payback required of 7 years), then these facebooks, twitter are even MORE risky and they are making LOSSES invariably.

    Also, I see the stratification into niches like brands coming in the social media. Maybe these new TLDs might herald some of that. E.g .teen etc. (I see these new TLDs only having limited URLs that are useful for certain target markets just like certain .com’s are useful for certain markets, In effect the registry should be the developer and mine that TLD exclusively for themselves as a brand).

    People should also realise things like Twitter, Angry Birds and others are really just covers and mash ups of previous content technology. Something like Twitter existed across corporate neworks ages ago as we used to install it and have quick fire chats across the companies I worked in). Same with Angry birds, thats just ‘crash the castle’ spived up.

    This is where Google is falling behind, it isn’t social. And its why I say Yahoo is the dark horse with the inside track….. Google needs to get brands and get social but not under its base colours and reference library orientation. If I was in the market I’d have all my money on Yahoo. (At the expense of Google Twitter Facebook).


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