I make a Living on Folks that Think Completely Different than Me.

Morning Folks!!

Truth be told, I make a Living on Folks that Think Completely Different than Me. That's right people who completely disagree with me in fact. It is because they see the world differently that allows me to make money. To get a head start. To have what they need before they know they will need it.

I know that if you are building your empire on .somethingotherthandotcom and you have a great success or even a modest success, that you are going to have a need, want and a desire for my .com. Now I did not know this when I bought my dotcoms. EXPANSION is what provided that knowledge.

.Whatever will enjoy some success. However their success does not translate to many of us nor the end-user. But it does put them on the journey of knowledge and when they pass a certain point, it is pretty easy to predict their need, want and desire and then their actions.  You can also predict their anger or disappointment or frustration. But some of those emotions are starting to dwindle as again knowledge replaces them.

If everyone thought the same it would be hard to make money. It is the different ways of thinking that are the fuel for capitalism.

Rick Schwartz

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