TataBank.com UDRP Terminated!

Morning Folks!!

One of the cases we are watching on HallofShame.com is Tatabank.com.

Tata is especially interesting as they have already been convicted of trying to Reverse Hijack 2 different domains and this one was a possible #3!!

But a look at the whois today shows Tata Sons as the registrant of Tatabank.com.

Let's hope they paid for it and did not use the process to intimidate!

Rick Schwartz


3 thoughts on “TataBank.com UDRP Terminated!

  1. UFO

    In terms of brand damage better that tata just pay the guy off a couple of k and be done with it, I think they had every right to go after the name as its not a generic other than ‘bank’ but given their previous failings and your blog highlighting to all and sundry about their exploits, better they just close this off without fuss. (Just maybe the Hall of shame had another ‘victory’)

  2. J Kanbi

    Hi Rick,

    Tata is a very Indian Company with some very sound business principles instilled by Ratan Tata. However sometimes Indian mentality even with plenty of money in the bank will still try to rip of other people.This company has a market cap of $100 billion dollars. Well I guess some people will always try to steal when they can get away with it.

    Also Tata is one of those top brand companies, but even if their brand is tarnished they are in a top market position and monopoly of some sorts to not really give a shit so to speak. Even if you try to damage their brand, for as long as monopolies go they will feel very little effect even with your excellent idea HallofShame.com site.

    Btw I am of Indian origin, so am not being completely racial.


  3. krishna

    Rick, Tata Sons recently applied for new bank licence. Reserve Bank of India may decide on its banking application in 4-6 months.

    Its management has good track record. But, some idiots (may be IT department/lawyers) are misguiding Tata management on domain names.

    Another Top Indian business group, Reliance (Anil Ambani group), tried to grab “Reliancegroup.com” but lost UDRP.



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