Network Solutions Brokers My $1.35MM Domain Sale

Afternoon Folks!!

As I reported a few weeks ago, I had just reached agreement on my 4th Seven-Figure+ domain deal.

I can now release a few more details and I will release all the details in the next 2 weeks. What I can tell you is I sold the domain for $1.35MM and it was a domain I hand registered in 1996. But that is here nor there 17 years later. I knew what I saw then was real and I have been out there proving it ever since. The buyer got a great name that will help them expand and grow their business and brand and do everything a domain like this should do to make a business truly global.

I look forward to the domain going live and will report the rest of the story at that time.

I want to thank Network Solutions and specifically the Rep I will tell you about when I release all the details.

Rick Schwartz




43 thoughts on “Network Solutions Brokers My $1.35MM Domain Sale

  1. M.G.

    It would be nice to hear from you details about negotiation and experience with NetSol, how it started, how it ends and everything between. What I miss in domaining blogs is this kind of information, how such negotiation and this kind of sale (7 figure sale) process goes, real experience, not guide from quasi experts or domainers selling domains in lower ranges. Thank you, Rick. And again – Congratulation!

  2. Mark Bloomfield

    Congrats Rick! I also have a domain that was registered back in 1996 and knew the value then and I recently secured 1.36MM through a seed investment. I will be providing more information about the deal in the very near future. Good things happen to those who wait!

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Congratulations Rick!!, looking forward to further details!! wishing you continued success!!

  4. Prashant

    Congrats Rick and Mark Bloomfield, for your deal, I will definitely like to here from both of you, Such a deals just inspires newbie like me to think and act on domain business.

  5. UFO

    Congratulations all, perhaps its the thing that keeps me so interested in this industry. Basically small people hitting home runs. Thats why I couldn’t care less if people shout it loud when they go fishing and land a whale.

  6. domo sapiens

    Congrats!!!… you should know how to hold.

    DOT COM is having a great ride in the last few weeks…

    Future “AM Radios” my arse….

    Robert Fernandez.

  7. shanecultra

    Congrats. 99.9999 of domain investors never have a million dollar sale and here you are with several. “The King” still has his throne

  8. Andy

    Impressive. We’re all ears as to which domain it was (both Rick and Mark) that hit the big 7. Many congrats.

  9. Jonathan L

    Does the purchase price include any equity or % of sales or profits too? Inquiring minds are curious if this deal follows the Joint Venture model or straight sale.. Patience is a virtue, 1996, Whew!

  10. Observer

    Congratulations. Encouraging news to domainers like me who is sick of getting 11 bids of US$100 thru Sedo on a two-keyword .com domain name.

  11. Pat W

    Congratulations Rick and a Great Story — Really liked the Offer info at 50K — and Your Counter Offer at 1.8 Million — Would take Nerves of Steel for Almost Any Domainer to make “That Bet” — for fear Losing of the Buyer !!!

  12. M.G.

    Very interesting, Rick. Honestly, if I got $50k offer, I would not respond to such lowballer, but I see it would be a huge mistake. Can’t wait for more details, how negotiation have continued, how price and other counter offers had developed, etc. Can you please for now at least publish if you had listed that domain name somewhere for sale (if so, where?) and what kind of landing page you had for that domain name when opening offer came? Thanks!

  13. M.G.

    None of your domains are listed for sale anywhere to minimize UDRP related issues from dummies, correct? So how the landpage for your domain names looked like?

  14. Mike

    We may say, in this case : They are not realistic the ones who do not believe in miracle… Miracle of patience… Miracle of know how… Miracle of hard work…

    Congratulations, Rick… Keep going and, once more, hat off, DK…

  15. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Wow!.. Not everybody is in the position to say, No!, to a $1.1 mm offer… Rick, would you elaborate a little more on the timeline of this deal? I mean, how many days in between offers and counter offers… Nerves, of steel? you bet! reinforced steel!! Congrats again!!

  16. M Altaf Hossain

    Congrats! Rick, when did you understand that the buyer was real? Did you go through Escrow? Did you engage lawyers? Did you lose sleep? With good luck & Best wishes!

  17. Adam

    And no NDA? Wow. Do you negotiate that in or are these companies wanting the publicity ?

    1. Rick Schwartz

      The subject never came up and it usually does not.
      When it does I explain that one of the biggest motivations for me to even sell is to publicize that sale because that is what I do for a living.
      I am willing to walk away from a sale before signing an NDA. It’s not something I can consider at this stage. Even the NDA on had a 3 year cutoff but Sahar, who was the broker was not part of the NDA so he was not bound by it.

  18. Irfan

    Domain King®
    Congrats! It’s a fascinating post. Your sales proved again that Patience Is a Virtue That Leads to Millions. It’s my understanding that the waiting time for all good .com domain names registered long before is reaching an end and I think we will hear more such fantastic domain sales news from you.

  19. NEIL

    Congrats King! is proud of you.
    The domain-hit was for almost sure or (?)
    Good Luck and keep guiding the others…


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