Results vs Excuses

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There are people who are result oriented and folks that act like an obstacle to that goal. I think those folks work harder at finding an excuse than the actual work it would take to have a result. But they are not wired that way. I believe one of the biggest jobs in life is identifying these 2 simply different groups.

My life is made up of goals and missions and the decisions to achieve those things. And do it while being retired in my spare time when I feel like it. So I must prioritize. I describe my decision-making process here.  A difficult post for me to put on paper. It is the basis of being an efficiency expert that I described recently.

I believe we all have a gift as I describe here. When we figure out that gift we unlock the code to blossoming to our full potential. It never comes down to where we come from but more where exactly are we going? And going does not mean we always have to move forward. Sometimes we need to go back to the starting point so we don't get lost and lose our way on that path to a result. Like I have stated for years, failure does not happen at the end, it happens at the start. That means failure can be predicted before one even starts a journey.

Rick Schwartz


2 thoughts on “Results vs Excuses

  1. J Kanbi

    You are absolutely right, that’s exactly what I had to do. Go back to the beginning, strip all the froth and shit from my personal and business life, to leave behind the honey. From here I see things more clearly and have a long way to go, but at least I can begin to see where I am going.

    Thanks for your knowledge that you give, even though sometimes in your blog you keep repeating certain subjects and posts, most of them are highly relevant.

    (From a long time follower)

  2. Dean

    From what I read the tenants of the homes will get to stay in the homes. Mark is leasing them the homes. He bought them because he heard a rumor that someone wanted to develop them, so he bought them as strictly a protective measure.


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