Reverse Domain Hijacker Tries to get into TRAFFIC for FREE!!

Afternoon folks!!

Want to share a little story with you that happened at TRAFFIC today.

So CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijacker shows up today at TRAFFIC. When he was told he had to pay like everyone else he tosses his card at my wife and storms away. Pretty nasty!

Barbara Neu's mom was there to see the whole thing and said he was a "Creep with an attitude."

So of course I sent Mr. J Dean Burden "Editor in Chief" a little personal email to let him know what we think about CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijackers and pointed him to #20. is his email addy in case you feel compelled to send this CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijacker an email.

J Dean Burden, you and your company have been CONVICTED of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and you OWN that forever and will be reminded of it OFTEN! BY ME!

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Reverse Domain Hijacker Tries to get into TRAFFIC for FREE!!

  1. L

    My guess is he’s anguishing over his ‘google problems’ caused by and figured since he’s in the same general neighborhood as TRAFFIC, he could show up and ‘straighten things out’.

    Read the case findings at It’s ugly.
    Very predatory and bad-faith’y. At first I kinda thought that the whole thing would be marginal but it’s pretty clear that it won’t be. You want to steal a domain or ‘accelerate a settlement’ (as was cited in the WIPO findings) bullying a domain owner on some BS pretext? It won’t be kept in the shadows any longer. I think I’ll flow a little pagerank to and ‘accelerate’ a higher ranking for the site.

  2. Bill

    @UFO….curious, is that the “sleeper” name you mentioned you were watching last week on earlier auction thread here?

  3. Danny Pryor

    Of course, we know many people who have tried to crash TRAFFIC, just to “cook up a little” business here and there. It sounds like Mr. Wall-Street may have believed he is a real journalist (not a third-rate blogger) who is entitled to cover the show for free. Naturally, being a one-time member of the media, myself, I assure you that sense of entitlement does come with some people. Ron alluded to self-important people in the media during Monday’s sessions, when he was recounting his own days in media. I think he even mentioned knives in the back. Hmm.

    As for Mr. Wall-Street, his burden (ha!) going forward will be his previous actions in this digital age, compounded by an inability to learn from those mistakes. Thieves can be cured, but sociopaths are probably forever. Maybe medication would change it, which leads me to wonder whether Mr. Wall-Street is taking meds or at least invested in big pharma.

  4. UFO


    Yes, if you look at the dynamics of the name its very valuable.

    Get the name and couple it with a franchise model (pref a reasonable size lawn moving / garden care business) and then expand it out with as the central franchise holder. From lawn moving you can cross sell all the other services like Fencing Plumbing Electrical works etc.

    But you need to be in the US to get the most out of the domain.

    There’s serious scope for private equity to get names like this and blend with SME’s and take them to the next level.

  5. steve

    You guys are being to hard on this scum sucking moron dueche bag. Cut this piece of sleeze some slack. Any one with a hyphen in their domain is obviously someone of great importance.

  6. Randall Cooper

    @Steve Dont hijack domain names and you wont have problems.

    @Rick You should have knocked his head in a few times, would have let him wake up. Also, don’t register trademarks.


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