Running out of Dotcoms? Not in Our Lifetime!

Morning Folks!!

There are 13 or 14 digits in a phone number that rings ever single phone in the world. Every single one. And when they run out, which they won't, they can add one more digit and they have TRILLIONS of more combinations. TRILLIONS more combinations!!! 12,345,678,901,234

There are 26 letters and 10 numerals. That spells out....more combinations. Unlimited combinations.

Then you can add a "DASH" and multiply infinity over and over and over again.

Then if you don't like .com you have .net, .org, .country codes, .mobi etc.

And that is before we get to "Personalization".

You may not own but you can own or maybe or All superior to anything else other than your local country code but even in that case, you should own both.

The .com tells you exactly where to go and what medium to use to get there.

800 numbers do the same thing related to toll-free.

212 area code does the same thing.

101.7 and you know it is FM Radio

Channel 7 and you are likely talking a TV

The idea that .com domains are running out just makes no sense to me. There is no industry that a domain name can not be hand registered right now. NONE!

For less than the cost of a desk and chair you can buy a domain name that is better.

For the price of your first and last month deposit you can buy a better domain.

For the price of what it costs to open the most modest of stores and you can own a GEM!

Running out of dotcoms? Please! This is a losing argument.

Not in my lifetime nor anyone reading this today. It's nonsense and the numbers prove it.

So let's get to a substantive and more persuasive argument. At least inside the industry. We need to keep it real.

Rick Schwartz


11 thoughts on “Running out of Dotcoms? Not in Our Lifetime!

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    Running out of .COMs and present extensions both PLEASE.

    This whole .Whatsthis? , rollout is about the Battle for Eyes and the ability to shift them to marketing Channels that suite the Traffic Manipulators Agenda.

    Its no coincidence that the largest Search Engine Google.COM loves adding thousands of more extension designations and fits quite nicely into their plans for splintering and confusing consumers. Rendering them to be completely confused and more dependent on their service. 1. CONFUSE 2. DIVIDE 3. CONQUER
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Greedy bastards Inc.

    Must admit, ICANN in my opinion is talking a ‘crock of shit’ (Not sure how that translates into US talk but you can probably work it out). Why? Because they are just being greedy b*stards and wanting to drop as many names into the world as possible.

    Nominet an equally greedy b*stard organisation in my opinion. Talking all sorts of crap about how .uk will be better than because it will offer additional security, even though that can already achieved and is a technological solution not a domain solution. They also didn’t mentioned how they’d ramp up the renewal fees AND being quite scurrilous in my opinion not offering grandfathering of domains and making people bid on their own damned name at an auction with guess who reaping the benefits.

    No better than cyber squatters in my opinion. They are the gamekeepers that like a bit of poaching and only prosecute poachers so there is more to poach themselves.

    And yes, this is all my opinion, my opinion is greedy b*stards.

    All domainers should support Verisign who is trying to protect their .com patch and in doing so is protecting our patch.

  3. ivorytrader

    not a gonna do the maths on this ’cause i’m old and tired. does the word novem decillion mean anything to anyone? 26+10+1 to the 63rd power is a very large number. i think it is easily above the number of ways a deck of cards can be shuffled and that is above the number of molecules in the observable universe. ‘course most of those names are not gonna be that easy to remember and isn’t that what domains are all about?

  4. UFO

    Which pretty much spells out why .com will stay king.

    There really are only so many businesses in the world and most if not all in existence have the ability to buy their name at a .com level or a cctld

    If every .com was more than 20k a go along with all the cctlds then I could see the need and demand for new TLDs.

    Just watch the conveyor belt of credibility happen. .whatevers buying the .com when they’ve got the cash. New .whatevers talking about the great revolution that never comes.

  5. Cyborg

    …and none of you will find a more trustworthy domain than! LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Anybody interested in owning a trustworthy domain? ;)

  6. Cyborg

    My thoughts are that the .com TLD is becoming less important of a factor in value recently because the generally unbathed masses have been exposed to enough other-than TLDs to get used to the idea that there is more than just .com available.

    Folks are getting used to seeing the alternatives.

    Keywords, keywords, keywords…and understanding SEO and Google’s algorithm…and then more keywords… More simply, there is only one but a megaton of car dealers….

    Be careful that your thoughts about the market aren’t being biased by your own stash of names that you seek to profit from…

  7. Altaf

    Hello Rick,
    I am late to read or comment as I was traveling. We agreed with you that .com domains will never end. However, 2 points(imo): one- created category domains never get same type ins as single kw like two- if in TM, then created domain owner will be in legal battle for using partial kw. Hope folks will agree. Gratefully, Altaf


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