And I Still Have Time to be Retired……

Morning Folks!!

Before I start let me give you a little context. I wrote this a week ago Sunday a few hours before TRAFFIC began.......

So it is 7AM and this is already my third post I am writing today. It may be a "Condition" lol. I may or may not post it this morning.

There will be lots going on today. Registration, newbie orientation, cabana networking, cocktail party and then a special dinner. I will be doing many things in between. With all that going on I will still buy a domain or two, have breakfast with my mom and family, and I am still retired. Wonder what I would be like if I actually applied myself? I am still guilty of what many of my teachers told my parents over the years. That I was not giving all I had. They were right. I am naturally lazy. I look for the quickest, easiest and most effective remedy to contain any situation from getting worse. Then I refine it. Contain and refine.

Most if the day I do nothing. I think, I ponder, I observe, I act, I make decisions. I do things that slowly move things forward. I love what I do because I basically do nothing. I want to accelerate progress without being frustrated by how long it takes for 20 years to FLY by.

I love being surrounded by folks with great minds, creative energy and values to match. The energy is noticeable. When you learn and know that and use that, it makes it much more difficult to associate with those that are not like that.

When I met Howard in 1999 I was doing rather well. Retired from my 1998 sale of my home based business and reaping the benefits of selling all my traffic to Dean Shannon. In 2004 when we started TRAFFIC we came to a fork in the road. At that stage I took limos to the airports and went First Class and they were more frugal which of course I understand coming from humble beginnings. So we had 2 choices. I could go back to frugal or they could raise their game and comfort level because I was still going to get a limo and fly first class.

Of course that carried over to the venues we have picked as they too had to be first class as well as the food we served, the open bars we have and the top-notch speakers we have brought in over the years.

I get very introspective on the first day of a show. I get up before sunrise and think what I want to accomplish not only today but the period between shows. I set course and recalibrate the current course. To my surprise, there have been very few adjustments. More validation that the course is proper.

It's a wonderful voyage and I love cruising!

And as I finish this post 2 days later on Tuesday, I feel a great sense of accomplishment because folks here said they got what they paid for and what we billed. Schwartz vs Schilling will be posted HERE for all to see. Part 1 that is. Part 2 will be posted in eatly November. Attendees enjoyed it and so will you. It will be watched and studied for a very long time.

And let me add that why it may have been "Billed" as Schwartz/Schilling, there was Monte Cahn from, Jeffrey Sass of .CLUB, Tim Johnson of .Kiwi and Lonnie Borck. They all added great and passionate info. New info. Different ways to look at the info.

Most satisfying for me was that the sessions were as well attended as I have ever seen and it was not our largest crowd. That means even tho the agenda does not come out until just a couple of weeks before the show, it is the right thing to do. We may sell fewer tickets, but the sessions are just more timely and geared to what is current and what the future holds.

Lastly, were all the new faces. HAPPY FACES!! That was priceless. I SWEAR to you that I would not do these shows if I did not believe we were changing people's lives.

Rick Schwartz


8 thoughts on “And I Still Have Time to be Retired……

  1. Pat W

    Really an incredibly great and valuable post Rick. Your honesty on your thoughts are priceless and looks like you started out with Unknown plans & ideas of doing Life Your Way and with as much Happiness & Success as Possible.
    And you really have did it extremely well — And for sure have put the internet and domain & web site business Many Years ahead of its Time with your Great mental radar for what is around the corner and what the next move in the Business World is going to be.
    When i first read your posts and info many years ago i was totally shocked that you were sharing your great info – experience & wisdom and telling everybody exactly what you were doing and how they could do the same thing to.
    Very Best to you and we definitely owe you Big Time !!!

  2. Ie

    It wasn’t much of a debate. Franky isn’t a domainer buying new gTLD’s for resale purposes, he is a seller of gTLD’s services. Apples to oranges. You are all right!

    Other than that, looking from the sidelines the show was a success, as always have been. Any web entrepreneur who hasn’t attended one has no idea what they’re missing.

  3. UFO

    Have to concur with Le.

    Basically all those promoting the new TLDs are in effect those providing the services to the registries to sell these domains. The big suckers out there are the private equity types who are bankrolling all this.

    As we’ve all said, these guys are the ones selling implements to the prospectors searching for fools’ gold. The difference here though, is that they’ve also managed to get private equity to guarantee them buyers and therefore take the risk out of the leases on the stores they are selling from.

    From my perspective I’ve seen some incredibly poor selection of TLDs which is exactly the same as newbie domainers buying pigeon shit domains accept this is at a whole new level. For the amount of millions being thrown on the table there has been some serious shortcomings in analysis and understanding of what the demand may shape out to be.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Enter Heritage Auctions Ad Campaign for priceless Domain collectibles. Thank you Rick for your diligence and genius in promoting Domain Collectibles over the years.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. NEIL

    Rick, do not even think about retirement, por favor. You work harder than anybody else.
    You started something Grand…just do it.
    You are The King, no for you.
    The Kingdom is waiting for the Next TRAFFIC, and we promise, we’ll donate a red shirt to the smart gentleman in white robe, otherwise CNN, CNBC, ABC, will run far, far away.


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