Domain Name Submissions for Coming to a Close for 2013

Morning Folks!!

As of the morning we have accepted 240 domains from nearly 100 different domainers and we have made 100 of them public. Danny and I have decided to close submissions for the first half of 2013 when we hit 300. We believe that taking on a larger amount of inventory will not be in anybodies best interest and will just dilute our efforts in your behalf at this point. We would rather concentrate on a smaller group and demonstrate 10-15 maybe even 20 deals during 2013 that we can build on for the years ahead.

Just a heads up. We MUST be very picky with the remaining 60 domains. Once we get to 250 we will operate like Studio 54. Your domain better be knock out gorgeous for us to take on. When we finally release the full list of 300 names I think you will begin to see a picture of what we are trying to do.

I want to thank folks for giving us some great inventory to work with. To go to the market with and demonstrate why we can help all parties do more business and make more money. When everyone wins nobody loses!!

Just for the record not all GREAT domains are leasing material. Of my 6000 domains I was able to isolate perhaps 10% that I would accept to my own program. So when we decline, it is no reflection of the domains themselves. For the most part we have seen some really nice domains that just were not leaseable.

Thanks for the very widespread support. I know even if you have not submitted any domains you are rooting for our success because you know how important it would be to break things wide open. It's gonna happen folks!!

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Domain Name Submissions for Coming to a Close for 2013

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    You certainly have a track record of breaking things wide open and it has been fun watching and participating in your trendsetting ways. This blog is nothing more than a collective master minding group 24/7. I cannot think of a better Chair Person than you. Thank you for providing us all with a creative transparent platform for manifesting the future.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jay

    Many times you wrote how important is domain name to be short, but in your published domain list I found 7 domains of length 4 characters and nothing shorter. Is it because you refused short domains or because you got no offers?

  3. Rick Schwartz

    I don’t talk about length of a domain. I talk about the meaning of a domain name.
    Length is way down on my list of important things. means nothing. WORDS mean something.

  4. Jay (Amazon), (Google), (Facebook), (Yellow Pages), etc. Length is not important?

  5. Rick Schwartz

    I was just addressing your misquoting me.”Many times you wrote how important is domain name to be short”. I am saying I never discuss length. Never have. For some it is on top of their list and for me it barely makes my list of key factors. But it obviously should be as succinct as possible. That is the only thing I ever refer to in regards to length.

  6. John Harrison

    There is a difference between a category killer which should cover the category in a succinct a manner as possible, it therefore defining the category as a whole AND a short domain. If dealing with type in traffic that leads to actual sales the domain must be something people will type in to find and purchase. No one will type in ‘A’ or ‘G’ looking to buy ‘A’ or ‘G’. These names are, however, in my opinion amazing names due to the ease of remembering them. You can’t forget ‘A’ and you can certainly spell ‘A’ and you can’t really miss hear ‘A’ over the phone.

  7. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The current market dilution of non .Com extensions will positively affect .COM extensions. The ongoing non .Com Dilution, presently in full swing, will only be increased at a dramatically dizzying pace with the new Gtlds. being introduced.
    Market participants always channel money away from diluted assets and into assets with increasing market capitalization. Don’t pay attention to the BUZZ and pay attention to the underlying market fundamentals which are driving the positive fundamentals of the .COM extensions.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. UFO

    With regards to name length, that is invariably a proxy for brand recollection.
    All as that matters in the marketing world is identification and recollection. Shorter names in branding have better recollection in the minds of consumers, but equally names that directly connect onto consumers’ prior knowledge are very important.’s are NOT inherently valuable due to length they are valuable because they are an acronym of a three word name. Consumers/customers can remember the three word name but it then rings a bell that they can just type in the first letter of each of those words and .com and they are there.
    Read the overstock article that Rick wrote. Proof in practice that consumers remember .com and they remember the first meaningful identifier of your identity. is always going to be the sweet spot.
    People need to get inside the head of consumers more (psychology helps big time) because THAT is what contributes significantly to value in this game.
    A Great domain essentially has these features
    1) Its memorable (A commonly used word term that is in alignment with proposed activity is incredibly beneficial)
    2) Is it a .com
    3) Is the domain in a commercial area that is a) Suited for the internet b) Large c) Valuable

  9. Jeff Schneider

    Hello UFO,
    I have found people like you to gravitate to Ricks Mastermind Blog, quite refreshing and inspirational. Genius comes in many flavors, and not always necessarily corporate sponsored. Your observation is quite exceptional,as well as Dead Balls On. Thanks for clearing some of the smoke away.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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