“Morning Folks!!” It’s all about TIMING!!

Morning Folks!!

Some mornings I have nothing in me to write. So I start with 'Morning Folks' and by that time something usually pops in my head. I am still waiting for something to pop. Testing 1, 2 3,. Testing.

What I generally do on Sundays is start to plan the week ahead. I get the things on my desk that need attention first thing on Monday. I look at my calendar. I set at least 1 LARGE goal for the week. I have many mini-goals. Sometimes dozens and sometimes hundreds. When I complete one that is a step forward. Long as you can move forward things are going well and it empowers me.

I also think of the past week and what was accomplished. These last couple of months have been more than satisfying. Having a detailed plan to take back MY destiny is also going to be vital in taking back yours as well.

All I know is one thing as we approach February 1. We are going to shake things up. We are going to do it before your very eyes and we are going to be transparent about it every step of the way. We have a very modest goal between now and TRAFFIC and then we get AGGRESSIVE!

Like I said, everything Danny and I are doing is setup in phases. This first 60 day phase was getting domains that we could go to market with and make an impact. That phase is over. The next phase has several phases inside of it as we create this entire infrastructure and put a team together.

When are the leases coming? They will come 1 at a time and they will be slow at first and then we will accelerate. All I can promise is by December 31st 2013 we would not have only left our mark, but we will have changed the dynamics of what we all do. By TRAFFIC there will be no doubt that what we are doing is working and working well.

Lastly, we have received incredibly wide and deep support and even those not participating at this point are rooting for our success because they know what a success means here.

Am I scared of failing? Not in the slightest. Why? Because when you plan for something for 18 YEARS you have a pretty good picture of what you want to accomplish. I could have pulled the trigger anytime during that period. So the #1 question that you should as is 'Why now?'

Why Now? Ask that to a baseball player when he swings the bat. Why now? Ask the football player that receives the ball in the end zone. Why Now? Ask the hockey goalie. Why now? Ask anyone. TIMING is the single biggest key to success. Selling umbrellas when the sun is shining and no rain in site vs selling umbrellas when it is raining. TIMING IS EVERYTHING and it always will be. THIS IS THE TIME!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on ““Morning Folks!!” It’s all about TIMING!!

  1. Anunt

    I’ll toast to that…here’s to the ones that wish us well, and the ones that don’t, can goto hell
    Good Luck Rick

  2. Jeff Schneider

    HI Rick,
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