Branding and Re-Branding. What are the Benefits and Challenges.

Morning Folks!!

Branding is one of the hardest things to do in the world and also one of the most rewarding. Re-branding is even harder but can be even more rewarding. It's a very delicate balancing act.

So as many now know is now re-branding itself to

That cuts two ways and takes some time to successfully manage.

"ElliotsBlog" is a very personal, folksy, one on one, just me and you and here is what I am up to and what I have learned type blog. It's comfortable. Not intimidating and Elliot has had great success with it. I am sure is geared to get to a wider and broader audience and become the go to place for domain investing. So of course the balancing act here is successfully merging the two.

So I want to wish Elliot good luck and best wishes in that merger. It will take time and effort. However his base should be in place and he has set himself up well for what is coming in 2014 that I will be writing about later today.

Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “Branding and Re-Branding. What are the Benefits and Challenges.


    Branding is not just about logo.

    It will be nice to help support, or challenge the issues that come up in this industry, without always kissing up, and kicking down, or insulting anyone who is standing up for what is true, and abhorring that which is false. Domain Investing tips fine, but we must all realize that the little guys who come to this industry to invest their hard earned monies, must be be gingerly guided from the excesses of Registries, and Registrars. To befriend this folks, and then base blog posts on protecting that friendship, rather than whats true or false, must be checked.

  2. Leonard Britt

    Why do companies budget considerable resources to promote a brand or establish brand awareness? Why do companies sometimes rebrand? Now, why do so many companies use @#$%^&*! reg-fee quality domains?

  3. wroyal

    Elliot’s upgrade to was absolutely brilliant – I think it will transform his business and take it to a completely different level.


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