TRAFFIC Countdown and Ritz-Carlton Upgrade

Morning Folks!!

We are in full TRAFFIC Countdown Mode this week as we prepare for arrivals beginning this Friday.

If you would like to stay at the Ritz-Carlton and have booked a room somewhere else, we have TWO staff rooms we won't be using for 3-5 nights each for a discounted $175/night. First come, first served!

The schedule is all but done. It is wall to wall and we will tackle the toughest subjects facing us as individuals and as an industry. The recession is over and it is time to grab your fair share of the pie!

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “TRAFFIC Countdown and Ritz-Carlton Upgrade

  1. Scott Alliy

    Was just reading an ongoing conversation on thedomains and notice the gtld conversation morphing. Some with strong emotions digging their feet in and sticking to their point.
    One of the points that keeps coming up is that you must have the dotcom.
    I wonder if too much time is being wasted in debate and too little in strategy
    Whether that strategic action is negotiating now for a dotcom to match the GTLD of your choice or in my case implementing business systems and acquiring strategic properties in order to take advantage of the whirlwind of profits and business opportunities sure to be created by 700 companies pimping their new GTLDS.
    in a LI post last night I eluded to the fact that advertisers are soon to be faced with a myriad of new placement opportunities.
    Which named sites will draw the highest quality traffic for their specific business products and services?
    Providing consulting services to these folks is one of many new business and profit is just one more reason to embrace and prepare for the new GTLDS IMO

  2. Scott Alliy

    Rick, what in am suggesting in my last post is that instead of bucking GTLDS , profit based domain investors should think outside the box and consider proactive .com investments as well monetizing Their years of domain and IM experience by offering their knowledge services to new GTLD buyers etc.

    Ex Congressman become lobbyists. Ex Police chiefs be one security consultants etc


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