TRAFFIC 2013, One for the History Books!

Morning Folks!!

TRAFFIC 2013 is winding down and from all accounts, may have been one of the best TRAFFIC shows to date.  I even enjoyed it.

It was fun, light, serious, passionate and LOTS of business was done. Business you will be hearing about well into 2014.

I want to personally thank each and every attendee for coming and not only hope we met your expectation but exceeded them.

And of course I want to congratulate all the award nominees and the winners for each category. Well done!

I expect by Friday to post the Schwartz/Shilling Tag Team Match right here.

Rick Schwartz


TRAFFIC Las Vegas Registration Now Open. $1495 Includes 3 Nights at Bellagio.

Morning Folks!!

Now that the current attendees have had a one day head start, we are now ready to open registration for our Las Vegas Show May 28-31 2014.

We have just 25 tickets at this level.

The price of $1495 includes 3 nights at the Bellagio making this the lowest Early Bird rate we have offered in years.

Prices are good until this Friday. After that, the $1495 price remains the same, but we only include 2 nights at the Bellagio.

Rick Schwartz


Top Single Domain Sales Hits $20 Million!! no Longer Highest Domain Name Sale.

Evening Folks!!

It was rather stunning event at TRAFFIC today and the last panel of the show, Meeting of the Chiefs". First, we found out that the $25 Million in reported domain sales by for the 3rd quarter of 2013 was about 1/2 to 1/3 of unreported sales just by alone as reported by

Further, Andee Hill from went on to say that the  total dollar volume of domain sales that get processed through,  greatly exceed the amount that gets reported saying; “we close in some weeks more dollars in domain sales than what other company’s report in sales for the entire year."

Lastly, when asked about any sales larger than the record $14 Million sale, we found out that no longer holds the record. Andee Hill said she knew of one for $20 Million and Greg McNair added he also knew of a sale in excess of the sale. Now this does not mean there have not been sales in excess of $20 Million because this does not include private sales using buyer and sellers own lawyers that may hold even larger sales. Some specualte they may have reached levels of $50-$100 Million.

Let me close with this.

The domain channel is much larger than anyone thinks and  top notch domain sales are SIZZLING! There is no hotter commodity on the market today than a meaningful domain name.

Rick Schwartz

Schwartz vs Schilling. The Recap.

Morning Folks!!

I am certain that in the days ahead you will read many accounts of the seminar that folks might talk about for a very long time. It was as good as billed and perhaps better!

There was passion from each and every person on the panel and the debate was respectful but intense. I think the result was more clarity on each side.

.Club had a point of view and .Kiwi had a point of view.

One of my favorite points of the debate is when Monte and Frank disagreed and they were on the same team. That was priceless.

My partner was Lonnie Borck and for those of you that know Lonnie, he is sharp and smart and was able to boil it all down to simple things. Like .whatevers MUST sell to survive while with .com there is no concept to sell.

The basic disagreement I have with Frank is that he believes .whatever will devalue .com and I believe it will do just the opposite. Increase the value of .com Nothing I have not said right here on this blog before. Many times. I look to history for my answers.

I compared the prices of .com domain names today with the historical salaries of baseball players. I believe that domains are on a par with what Babe Ruth made or maybe as fas as Mickey Mantle. But these guys never earned the tens of millions stars earn today.

And even as Football replaced Baseball as the National Pastime and Nascar has become bigger than both, salaries in baseball continue to go up.

So I put that question to the attendees and the vote was overwhelming that .com prices would go up as a result of all this.


Photo Lifted from:

Howard and Danny did "Man on the street" and the interviews were more than surprising.

One young guy in his late 20's said Facebook is where his company website is. The crowd laughed.  He said is website was under construction. More laughter. Two said they did not have websites and don't want one. That surprised many. None knew of the new gTLD's. So the point is while we know this and that because we do this fo a living, Main Street is far behind and I think the audience was stunned by how far! These were just random small businesses that were picked.

We touched on many subjects and as I said, there will be a number of stories about what took place and it was all good!

I want to thank Frank for doing this with me as well as Monte Cahn from,  Jeffrey Sass of .club and Tim Johnson of .kiwi and Lonnie Borck.

We did record the session and we plan to put it online for all to see. I am certain you will enjoy it and find great value with it. It's just a sample of what we do at TRAFFIC. Should be online within the week. YOU be the judge.

Rick Schwartz

Reverse Domain Hijacker Tries to get into TRAFFIC for FREE!!

Afternoon folks!!

Want to share a little story with you that happened at TRAFFIC today.

So CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijacker shows up today at TRAFFIC. When he was told he had to pay like everyone else he tosses his card at my wife and storms away. Pretty nasty!

Barbara Neu's mom was there to see the whole thing and said he was a "Creep with an attitude."

So of course I sent Mr. J Dean Burden "Editor in Chief" a little personal email to let him know what we think about CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijackers and pointed him to #20. is his email addy in case you feel compelled to send this CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijacker an email.

J Dean Burden, you and your company have been CONVICTED of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and you OWN that forever and will be reminded of it OFTEN! BY ME!

Rick Schwartz

Lonnie Borck Joins Team Schwartz. Plus It’s Auction Day Too!!

Morning Folks!!

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2013 which officially got underway last night!!

Besides the Rumble  between, Frank, .Club, .Kiwi, Monte Cahn on one side, I have chosen Lonnie Borck to join me on stage as my tag team partner!

The 3 keywords that both Lonnie and I keep mumbling....."I don't get it"' So today these folks have an opportunity to teach us "to get it".

I really hope this comes off well and together we just might find a few answers.

Just 3 hours later is our live auction. Our clean non nonsense live auction.

Here is the list. Some folks will walk away with incredible bargains while other will complain there are n domains left. Really?? at no reserve?? Really? under $7500?? Really? No reserve.

There are quite a few more that are just bargains.

If you want to bid by phone, you must fill in this info by NOON today.

Famous LIVE T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction with Open Bar and Snacks


4:30PM - 6:00PM

Let's get ready to Rummmmmmbbbbbllllleeee!!!

Location: Seminar Ballroom

Under $150k

Under $100k

Sold as pair:

Under $75k

Under $50k

Under $25k

Under $10k

Under $7500

Package of three:

Sold as pair:

Under $5000

Group of "Polo Domains"

Under $3000

Under $2000

Under $1000

No Reserve

Sold as pair:

Sold as Set:

Schwartz vs Schilling. The Big Showdown! Rumble on the Beach!

Afternoon Folks!!

We are less than 24 hours away from what could be an important moment in domaining as Frank and I will go toe to toe tomorrow. Is that a headlock Frank has me in below from earlier today?



All kidding aside, should be great banter as we agree on many things but see some of those things completely differently.

11:30AM tomorrow.

Rick Schwartz



It’s Showtime 2013 in Fort Lauderdale!!!

Morning Folks!!

Well, if there is an award for "Last man standing" I think TRAFFIC has the inside track! Today we start our 10th anniversary year and we have a great crowd about to gather and move their businesses forward.

Last night Adam Dicker hosted his 2nd annual dinner at Shula's and it was a blast!! I am sure Ron Jackson will post this year's portrait later today. The gathering was top-notch and Adam brought his Father-in-law "Dave" for his 3rd TRAFFIC and brought his 2 kids to their first TRAFFIC. I dubbed them the "Two little Dickers". I don't think they were too thrilled by the reference. But it was still funny. :-)

There is no higher compliment than to bring your family to TRAFFIC. So thank you Adam!! Look forward to chatting with your sons over the next couple days.

Today we have another full day of Cabana Networking before the official activities begin at 5:30.

So for those here, WELCOME to TRAFFIC 25!!

For those that could not make it, we miss you and hope to see you all very soon.

Just know one thing, the era we are now in is absolutely golden and regardless of the setbacks you may have had in the past, the future is bright if you employ what you have learned. The recession lasted 5 years and we will suffer the effects of that for at least another 5 years. However that period is now over. Money is flying like it hasn't in years. Not everyone is getting their share. Must of that will change by this time next year. We are in for ROARING times. World currency has been devalued, money is looking for new investments to keep pace, so let the party begin!

Rick Schwartz

You have to Overpay to Win!

Morning folks!!

I have said for many years it was okay to overpay for a great domain name. You should want to overpay!

See, by definition, if you win an auction, you over paid. You over paid the market. You out bid the market. You were willing to pay more than anyone else. And my friends, that is a GOOD thing. You are buying the future not the past. Think about that.

And it is better to overpay in a market than underpay where there is no market. But if you do choose to underpay, then just prepare to be patient and wait.

The single greatest validation of value is traffic. Not the amount of traffic, just ANY traffic. 7 billion people and it you think differently than those 7 billion while picking domain names, you may find yourself stranded in space. How many days do you think could go by without one single person out of 7 BILLION not thinking like you? 1 day? 10? 100? 365?

A domain with no traffic can still have great value. But if you are not making ends meet, start with type ins. They are still being born every single day of the week if you are aware. And FIRST to think of it! But if not, then overpay for domains that have value until you hone your skill. To this day, I overpay. Not because I want to, but because this is all time sensitive and being cute is the best way to lose a great domain. You don't always have to bargain. Sometimes better to just pay the asking price.

Rick Schwartz

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