BREAKING!! Overstock CEO Arrested For Allegedly Having Gun in Luggage

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Here's the story of what might be another bad decision.

Patrick Byrne, CEO photographs well.
Looks like he is saying, 'You got to be kidding me'

Rick Schwartz

Welcome Inside My Office. First Ever Photos!!

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Welcome inside my office!! I spend a lot of hours in this room and just wanted to share where most of my writing starts. Maybe why I look forward to Mondays. Why working is a hobby and having a hobby is work. Can I get you something to drink? I meant to post this a couple months ago. Better late than never.

When I bought this house one of the biggest reasons was the office there as seen below. Last summer I rebuilt the room from the ground up. Designed for me, by me and interpreted by a designer I have used for about 10 years and to work the way I work. I now have my cockpit on one end of the room and an entertainment universe on the other. I almost aways work with the TV on in the background.

OldofficeThis is my old office Wall Unit. Problem was I could only fit a 50' TV. What to do?? What to do??

Enterng from the Living Room and of couse Freddy Will be there to Welcome you!

New Desk Shot Facing Northwest

Facing West

Facing East

Inside Desk Shot

Northwest Shot

Wall Unit North Shot with 70' and capable of upgrading to 100'

Wall Unit #2 Shot

Entry Shot

Northeast Shot (Freddy head in lower right)

Freddy enjoying the life in Lower Left

My cockpit Desk View

Desk View out to Living Room

From Outside the Office

From Inside the Office

Thanks for visiting! Ya'll come back real soon!

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz and Freddy

This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.

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This line that I authored and started using about a year ago is popping up over parked pages everywhere. In just a few weeks domainers have turned the corner and taken back their destiny. Whether you use it in conjunction with or not, I will predict it will be on over 1 MILLION parked pages in the next few WEEKS! Maybe more! Why? Because it is powerful and it works.

Stop selling your best assets. Sell the crap and take those dollars and find leaseable domain names. The future really is here. If you owned a building in Times Square would you rush to sell or would you lease and have income for the rest of your life?

Have a Great Evening!

Rick Schwartz

“Well, Let’s just Sell the Land. All this Drilling for Oil, Selling, and Logistics is TOO MUCH WORK.”

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My partner with is busy working on our next phase for 2013, but has provided me with a few guest blog posts in a series he’s written to help folks get to know who he is and why I specifically chose him to help spearhead the next phase in my 20 year plan. This one is about the value in the pumping of oil and distributing it versus the selling of land with oil included. Here’s what I know in my gut...not a single one of us among “the 500” will live long enough to unlock the FULL value of what we own. I’ll let Danny explain what we both see in his words that smooth out some of my rough edges.

Rick Schwartz

By Danny Welsh

Parking domains is not the greatest way to tap the oil well, but it’s the best of what domain investors have had easily available for a number of years to unlock the value of the oil pumping up through gushers on their property (while leaving OCEANS of the most valuable oil deep down beneath the earth…out of reach).

No matter how many parties these domain parking companies throw for their customers, though… Rick Schwartz and I both believe that parking income is going to become the lowest common denominator for monetizing a great domain name as things evolve and the Net matures and mainstream business catches on to the sales potential of pairing a great domain with a great business.

No matter how pretty and ȕber-technical the platforms are that these domain sales churn-mills have created for domain owners to use, here is our position loud and clear and on the record for the record.

Any cash-only sale in the next few years for the BEST .com domain names
WILL prove to be a short-term gain giving up the possibility for
ongoing income
…and even generational wealth.

Domain parking to me is the equivalent of a horny guy asking 25 women in a row 'Wanna have sex?' until finding one that will ‘double-click his mouse’.

It works to get a result— I can speak from experience in my early 20s ;) — but it ain't the best way to go about dating…much less starting a long-term relationship.

That said, I do agree with many that the best easily-implemented (and scaled) monetization solution for the next couple years may very well be parking companies owned and run by domainers, that cut the fat and negotiate pricing per click direct with the Google or Yahoo upstream providers of the world.

That's Frank Schilling's model with and there's no surprise Rick Schwartz as well as many of 'the 500' have made the smart decision to become Frank's customers.

But what about after that next couple years?

Is domain parking alone as a monetization model for the rest of your life all you want for the very best of your premium dot com domain assets?

Are you content to sell the little bit of oil that bubbles up without effort from your oil well, and get paid in dribs and drabs while an OCEAN of VALUABLE CRUDE OIL lies beneath the surface on your land?

If so, roll the dice and hope the parking model continues that long!

(a little birdie with a big mouth tells me that parking earnings are off
90% from highs right now…and the BIG $$$ SQUEEZE is on for folks
that have bloated portfolios focusing on quantity, not quality)

Is selling your best premium dot com assets for today’s 6 or 7 figure price offered to you when you KNOW in your gut that their VALUE will continue going up all you want?

If you don’t think domain parking alone is the best solution for your best domain names, and you don’t want to sell your BEST properties for cash alone…you're probably right now like Rick himself has been in the last few years-- diligently searching for a new formula to unlock MUCH more of your property's value than parking income.

And if one cannot be found, maybe even like Rick have been tinkering with the idea of even creating that formula yourself.

In my inaugural guest post on RicksBlog I said I’d be posting in the future to answer this question:

How much difference is there between selling the oil for distribution, and retaining the land with the mineral assets versus selling the land itself and letting someone else have the produce of the wells drilled for oil? What are the parallels of the richest oil fields with the very best internet properties owned by domain name owners?

From what I can tell other than RICK SCHWARTZ it is RARE that a company agrees to buy a domain name (or an “oil well” in this analogy) with ongoing royalty income to the previous domain name owner.

There are LOTS of reasons for that,
but it ain't the VALUE of the oil well.

Billionaire ‘wildcatter’ oil man J. Paul Getty could explain it if he were still alive.

That's the guy known now for saying IIRC 'If you can physically count your money, you don't yet have a billion dollars.' The guy who in 1966’s Guiness Book of World Records was named the world’s richest man…that guy.

Early in his career, Getty saw the same thing in the parallel of oil companies: the longer-term, big-money, residual profits in the pumping of oil and distributing it for sale by the barrel (the deal J. Paul Getty wanted) versus the short-term, small-money, one-time profits in selling of land with oil included (the deal the oil buyers wanted).

He had to FIGHT to sell the oil he found by the barrel because the biggest players among oil buyers only wanted to buy the LAND and cut him out from residuals.

They SUCCEEDED in cutting out many other entrepreneurial ‘wildcatters’ that took the same risks Getty did and did the same work Getty did to FIND and TAP the same kind of oil wells. Gave ‘em a check and sent them on their way, to go on to make ROI’s unheard-of in history.

But not J. Paul Getty, oh no.

This guy had vision (and balls).

The man who would go on to become the richest man in the world was WEEKS from losing everything with billions of barrels of oil stockpiled in warehouses he could barely afford the lease payments on even while borrowing every dime he could get... facing a powerful group of companies that were offering to buy his land and oil wells but who REFUSED to pay per barrel for the oil the wells on those lands were producing.

But he didn't bow to the pressure to sell his assets without ongoing income.
“No, the land is not for sale”, Getty said. “Oil only”

You want to see a dozen Pure Domainers among the “500” on the Forbes billionaires list down the road? You want to have a chance for the mainstream business world to catch up and realize just how valuable these oil wells owned by top generic domain investors are (as they are realizing more and more by the DAY). You want to position yourself and your family for generational wealth?

It’s the same formula Getty used I believe, and it ain’t reinventing the wheel. It’s just looking at history and how things unfold, and assigning a value to what you own…refusing to accept less no matter how great the pressure gets.

(And you ain’t seen NOTHING yet if you think the pressure to sell at today’s price is great right now. Wait ‘til the media gets ahold of what is happening with this growing trend of domain name owners refusing to sell their best .com properties for cash only. The first mainstream stories in 2013 will NOT be pretty. They will paint domain investors as greedy. Scavengers. Squatters. Assholes. Inhibitors of progress. Infringers. Every name in the book.)

This year we’ll share many more deals completed using the formula for unlocking ongoing 'forever' value with royalties that was CREATED FOR RICK SCHWARTZ BY RICK SCHWARTZ that now others too can use and share in— IF their domains are of top-shelf quality, and they too want a part of the 'forever' vision for earnings as a great domain name becomes part of a GREAT business run by a passionate and qualified end user company.

But our deals are only part of the equation. The real power lies in the community of the 500, and that small number of domain name owners beyond that fortunate 500 that have one or more domain names that are valuable enough as of RIGHT NOW to be leased to the right company for 100x parking income.

You want to really shake things up among the big oil buyers?

Imagine thousands of the most premium category-defining domain names in the world, all owned by independent companies, and for each “How much is this domain to buy?” inquiry, the reply is: “Not for sale, lease only!”

Pair that resolve with a firm stance not to accept any sale (at any amount) for your best domain name properties that does not include at least some ongoing royalty revenue or other income. Pair that with a string of growing success stories that will show that we are proposing a WIN-WIN, and not taking advantage of any company, and that will make the media back off and change their tune that will be calling domain investors “greedy”.One day they will call you VISIONARIES, just like they do the Getty’s of the world. Even Frank talks of Getty from his post nearly 3 years ago.

So let the oil flow downhill, where it’s going, for now. Sell the trickle of oil that comes up in your wells with no effort via domain parking. Keep the income coming in, without any interruption. So will Rick Schwartz for the next few years, with few exceptions for different crazy marketing tests I talk him into. :) That’s fine.

But do this too for the next 3 years and we believe you cannot lose: Tell the companies that want to buy your oil well itself that it’s not for sale in a cash-only transaction. Tell them you KNOW how big the OCEANS of oil are underneath. Tell them you MUST share in the upside with a fair ongoing income once the well is worked to bring that ocean of salable oil to the surface.

Whether you’re part of our 300 with or not this year, the game is the same.

Now is not the time to fold. It’s time to double down on the bet you already made.

Channel your inner wildcatter.

Because, to quote the man Getty: “The meek may inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights”.

I Think the Future is About”Sweat Equity”

Morning Folks!!

Some folks are unemployed and some folks have no jobs. And yes, there is a difference.

Unemployed people react on one way and those without a job might look at things differently. First of all even if you are unemployed you can be a 'Consultant' if you have real experience in something. So a Consultant may be between jobs but he is not unemployed. A distinction with no difference? I don't think so.

One may be home getting an unemployment check and the other out shaking the bushes trying to make something happen. Both have the same circumstance. No income. The guy shaking the bushes likely does not even get unemployment benefits because he/she may have been in sales. So there is no weekly check. Those folks need to make something happen.

I think that is where 'Sweat Equity' comes into play. Just like the old farms of the west. They could not afford the 'Hands' but 'Hands' would show up hoping that the harvest would yield dollars for them too. They had faith and they did not have much more than that.

Today everything is a start up. It's much better than being a consultant. But it still at a point where no income is coming in. How do you get something going? Those hands of the west are now folks willing to work with 'Sweat Equity'. Few do that. It is a rare bird. A rare bird that will work with passion and walk away each day with zero income and come back the next day even more passionate and eager than the day before. Where failure is just not an option. Where a vision is so strong it overrides all the bullshit that comes your way.

Sweat Equity. Only problem is you need a talent to start with or there is nothing to sweat and no equity to be had. So what can you bring to the table? How can you make FIRE?? Fire is made with 2 sticks. Opportunity is made with the mind and thoughts. Both can change the world. But it is hard when all most folks do is look for matches. Look for the quick and easy answer. Afraid of the heavy lifting required to really make a difference.

Sweat equity means believing in yourself to reach a specific goal and probably a common goal among a few....or many. It means that challenges are met with solutions and solutions are what gives you the passion and motivation to press on. Any team is only as strong as the weakest link and when you have a groug of gung-ho people striving for something sensational, then that energy feeds on itself. It makes things rise and makes things happen.

Why ever have a job again when you can own your future. When you can contribute to something that has the potential to become very big. The true challenge is knowing there are a million barkers on each corner and only a few have anything of true value. So you figure out a test. A bar. A minimum that something must meet. For me, the bar I seem to use most these days are NEED, WANT, DESIRE. Those seem to be the comment elements on the way to a sale. On the way to a deal. On the way to Broadway.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Domainers! LEARN About Domains You Sell. Stop Being so Desperate to Make a BAD Deal!

Morning Folks!!

Domainers! LEARN About Domains You Sell. Stop Being so Desperate to Make a BAD Deal! I just had to repeat that. Domainers are like Diamond miners except a diamond miner knows what a diamond looks like and the fact that some are bigger and better than others.

Most domainers do not know the difference between a $500,000 domain and a $5000 domain. They don't know it on either side. The overvalued pigeon shit and undervalued rare diamonds. WAKE UP!!

I don't know why 'Domainers' don't think it is important to know the difference. All they know is fast sale. No research, no understanding, just set a price and away they go. No rhyme or reason.

And speak about reason. I can take you on a journey on any given day and show folks domains selling for $2000 that have a 6 figure value and ones selling for $2000 with absolutely no value.

Stop treating unique assets that can NEVER be replaced as just 'Inventory'. It is NOT inventory unless you only care about volume. But that's a different game. Many games in domaining. So there are multiple paths to great riches but they all start and end with understanding why one domain is worth 1 million times another domain. Don't ya think???

Having patience is really one of the big keys to domaining. I am not sure why so many act as if they are a cat on a hot tin roof. More deals are lost from just being impatient. They want things right now and when it does not happen right now they get all antsy and frustrated. Take a doggie downer. A REAL deal takes TIME to negotiate. Weeks, months and even years.

So go grab the $5000 now because you don't have the patience to wait for the $500,000 that may only be months away. Instead you will work your ass off, make $50,000 and you will continue to let half million dollar deals just keep slipping thru your hands. Doing NOTHING makes a lot more sense than doing something STUPID.

Think twice before you sell. Think if it is the highest and best use. Stop being desperate and your incomes will skyrocket. GEEZ!!!

Still a bit miffed? Confused? Upset? And? So? If you want to relieve those negative feelings, then I suggest you read the next post that Danny Welsh has authored. It will make some of you VERY SICK! Those of you that left BIG money on the table just to score a dinner out! But it will empower many others who have not made that mistake!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

----- Releases Second Set of Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

The domains below will join the domains we announced a couple weeks ago. Any outstanding and un-executed contracts will be null and void after next Friday. That will allow us to look at some others we have been holding back on. All submissions close on the 31st. will also be announcing some changes that will not affect the 103 that have already signed up. You are grandfathered in regardless of the terms we change. You believed in us and we owe you!!

In 15 more days we hit the streets and you won't be hearing much from us. The only thing that is changing are all the companies now jumping into the lease game. But we have a different business plan and I have a different play book and different goals. Follow the leader.

Again, we will be representing only 300 3rd party domains. That's it!! We do not want to dilute our efforts or tie up everyones inventory. That is not what we are about. The other 300 million domains can be leased by everyone else. ;-) And remember, you can keep doing whatever you are currently doing to monetize your domain. We simply list and go hunt down end users with a TEAM that we are assembling that will change how we ALL do busness. For the first time in years, 2013 will be the year that your PREMIUM & Category Defining domains finally break out and we are here to make that happen!!

Rick Schwartz

ProbateLawOffice(s).com, FreeTrialCode(s).com

You Can’t Lease Sh*t!! 2013 IS the Year of the Domain Lease!

Morning Folks!!

The domain game is not changing. The world is evolving. Domains are exactly the same. You have two basic types of domains. Ones with great FACE value and those with NO FACE VALUE. Face value domains are just easier to develop into a business. When a domain has no face value and is pigeon shit on the surface,then the idea has to carry the day.

It's been about 2 or 3 years since I started defining pigeon shit domains. But now it is time to define the very best domains. The domains that mean something. Domains that can transform a business. Even a 37 year old local candy company in New England.

So now we are talking about lease quality domains. As I have been saying...a very narrow field. A long time domain player has also made the plunge into leasing as have others and by the end of 2013 LEASING will be all the rage with domainers for a simple reason. It takes a $10 a month domain and transforms it into a $1000 a month domain. Domainers will RUN at that opportunity.

Each time a company announces their leasing program it will just reinforce what we do at and why we do it. The difference is the 'How'.

I have poured thru over 30,000 submitted domains and have found 250 that will fit that narrow pipeline. will distinguish ourselves by the deals we do. Of my own domains I have identified 750 out of 6000 that are what I would call good leasing candidates. So just 15% of my own portfolio would qualify after I let 1000 more names drop in the next 12 months.

Folks don't think they can do BIG things. Well I think in 2013 I will demonstrate when you have a big idea and others see the wisdom in that idea then folks will jump on board. Domain leasing IS the way of the future for domainers. Don't take my word for it. WATCH! Watch what happens and what is happening. It is the way today and it was the way in 1995. How do you vault over all those years?

People talk about branding. I can safely say that in basically 60 days we have branded Maybe not to the world. Not yet. But to the domain community. We have branded ourselves and it cost pocket change to do. It was the idea and the domain and the track record. A record that is about to be broken each and every time a new domain company announces their leasing plan.

Leasing has come of age. It is acceptable. It will become more and more acceptable. And it will change lives in a very dramatic way if used wisely.

So congrats and cheers my friends in Turkey and to each and every domain leasing company to come to market! In business the key is staying one step ahead.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

It’s Noon and I am Already on Page 3 on!

High Noon Folks!!

The traffic for headlines on is gaining steam. Seems like in January there were a wave of New Year's Resolutions and blogs and blogging. The result, here it is noon and there are already bloggers poised to fall to the dreaded page 3 and 4 and maybe even 5 or 6 before it is all over. What does it look like this time next year?

The clutter is not just here and it is not just in domaining. If the Internet were physical you would be seeing more crains than you have ever seen on the net at one time. It's gonna get damn crowded and those folks will now be competeing more and more to the same folks. That's a potential problem that will likely benefit us before the ad war ends and the casulaties are declared.

The one I am looking at is the war between Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Sears, Pennys, etc. One or more of these companies are ether going to suffer a large setback and somebody is going bye-bye! I don't know which one. The weaker ones I think are about to get much weaker.

We are in a different period. The audience is growing online but not in the way or the form of the past even if more numbers are coming online. Much is because of the buying power the last BILLION folks getting online have as compared to the other billions. Hint. It will be less. Each billion before them had greater and wider buying power. That does not mean the first billion had the most buying power. That's a different equation. Could be further down the line.

The pool of searches may not grow as in the past. But the pool of folks trying to sell to those searchers are going to get to the ridiculous point. Millions all trying to be #1 on Google. 1st page on Google. That leaves 99.99% LOSERS.

Meanwhile back to and the countdown to burial on page 3 starts right now. :-)

All eyes on 1800 new gTLD's and the epicenter could turn out to be right here.

We are all such whores for whatever we are whoring. is the front line in our little pond. The whorehouse for domainers. (Francois, that's a compliment) My mind sees things just a little differently than normal folks!! lol

Point is, this space is heating up and this is just the start. Add 1800 gTLD's and we'll be on Page 3 before 6AM. It's coming folks!!!

I think we may have to write a song about it next! 'The way we were'?

Rick Schwartz

btw, ads on the left looks good and will draw more attention to the advertisers.

I Have Personal Reasons For This Post. Captains Log.

Morning Folks!!

When I post I post for 2 of us. You and me. Mostly I focus on you but it is also a diary for me. A public statement by me with a time stamp that may become more valuable in the future than now or in the past. It is easy to bend with the wind and blow whichever direction it blows that day. Not so easy to stay true to your course with the pressures and temptations nagging at you along the way.

I use this space to plot my future and look at where I have been. I use it to demonstrate all types of different things and it is always on the record. It becomes my public list of goals. And since my goals occur over years not minutes it is important for me to leave a trail of crumbs for those that follow behind you and me. There will be more to read these past posts in the future than actually occurred in the past. That would be my biggest personal goal of all. I think that is what drives me to write this stuff.

I once had a living room and that did not quite work out the way I envisioned. It zapped me of energy instead of the other way around. I guess the difference is I chose to go on stage instead of sitting on the sofa. So I use my little soapbox right here to say whatever, whenever and hope I provoke some deeper thought that leads to deeper answers and circulates to a wider audience.

I know many an end user that will end up here. I know folks that I negotiate with that will end up here. I know folks I never met or heard of will end up here. And I know people that have big ideas will end up here. Here or or TRAFFIC or someday hundreds if not thousands of sites I can point to and say I have a small interest in this one or that one.

I was thinking this morning I have employees working for me that I don't know, never met and may never meet. I don't even know how many. Possibly already in the hundreds. Physical employees. I have partners throughout the world. I have relationships with people in about every country on the globe. The more remote they are the more important the Internet is to them.

This medium is finally coming of age. WE are finally coming of age. Sophistication does not happen overnight and many of us don't have all the talents required to do it ourselves. Especially me. My talents are very limited and since that is the case I must focus very heavily on what I do know. What I saw then and what has unfolded now. The tools we have now that were either not available then or could cost millions to make.

This is the start of getting it right not the end. This was the hardest part to get right and no schmuck coming can change the course that has already proven not only to be the right course, but land is in sight and his outdated thoughts and ideas have little value where we are going.

Most likely those characters have already been washed away. For example. Just think of all the folks you have not heard a peep from. What happened to all the guys with 250,000 name portfolios? Those guys that popped up in about 2005, 2006, 2007 trying to duplicate what Frank did and found they were late to the game.They played it with quantity over quality. Where are they now? Any of the smart ones trimmed it down about 99.9% and then took those dollars and bought gems instead. We may hear from several of them right here. Give me 10 GREAT domains and there is no limit. Give me 250,000 meaningless names and I will show you a lot of recurring bills. $2 million+++/year. With that budget, you can be a real champ!

It takes all these years to see a pattern develop. A picture develop. A future to develop and then to materialize. This is Star Trek. We have gone where no man has gone before and I try to leave my 'Captains Log' right here in full public view. My goals clearly started and met. Maybe not in the time line of others but when you don't quit, you don't get defeated. I would rather do it on the stage with billions watching because it just might be that added pressure that gets me over the hump of failure to the sunny side of success. So I thank everyone for that added energy!

What I know and what I have said for a few years now is we will all start being pulled away from this hub as each of us begins to pursue different goals and different orbits. We have seen it slowly happening for years, but sooner than you think we will be sheared apart because while we may have acted as a wagon train to get from the east to the west, we have reached the point of the destination and soon we will all scatter with new directions. It's inevitable. It's already in motion but it will be greatly accelerated as each of us start to land on long term projects that will change our destiny.

The recession many thought would last 5 months is now 5 YEARS old. And that makes the time ripe for progress. Many will fold but many more will sprout. That's what bad times do and you need challenging times to move folks out of their comfort zone. We've all been moved. lol

So this is all for my satisfaction and my reference and my log. But it can be your treasure and that is what makes me feel the best. I know folks will come down this road for many years into the future, or at least that is my hope. My single biggest goal. The one that will likely take a lifetime to achieve and even then just a few pages of trillions and trillions and even more than that. The domain name is so important because it is one of the few factors that can help you stand out, make you easier to find and then have an endless use of space to do whatever you like and whatever you can dream of.

In the real world a successful business will have the EXPENSE and BURDEN plus all that time involved of moving many times in the course of their success. Not so with the domain name. It's a one time expense whether you are or It can never be out grown, but it could be divided or expanded.

I believe that a willing mind and a willing heart will find something I said over the years to be life changing. So cheers to you! I also know writing for all these years has changed my life too! So cheers to you again for reading this crap I got flying through my mind on any given day.

But I sure as hell LOVE Mondays!! It's the day when all the slackers have to show up and do something and that makes my time more useful as we accelerate into the future. ;-)

Rick Schwartz
Captains Log
Star-date 01-14-2013